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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 13, 2016
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log

August 13th - 20th 2016

Crew - Capt. / Engineer David Patterson, Chef Rob, Dive Instructors James, Angelo & Gabi

Guests -Allanah, Stephen, Pagani, Keara, Scot & Tyronza, Ed, Paula, Tina & Gary, Amy, Jo & Iris.


Air Temp - 90F, Water temp 83/84 Deg F

Exposure Suit - Shorty Wetsuit or Rash Guard and Board Shorts


Saturday 13th August 2016

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 13 divers for a week long tiger shark extravaganza!

Guests boarded the yacht at 4PM and quickly set about setting up their dive equipment. Once this was completed they were shown to their staterooms where they unpacked and settled in.

Capt David Patterson then welcomed everybody onboard after which he delivered the safety presentation to the group.

We then left the marina to head toward our overnight anchorage.

Chef Rob served up a wonderful dinner for our hungry group which was enjoyed by all.

Many of our guests had decided to turn in early for the night to recharge the batteries for a full week of diving to come!


Sunday 14th August

We Kicked the week off by diving the ever popular Sugar Wreck. This Shallow wreck is a have of life and we see fish of different species. The shallowness of this dive site is carefully chosen to accommodate some of the divers on our group who havent been diving in some time. It is always great to welcome people back into the diving world after a sometimes enforced sabbatical.

Our divers reported seeing Groupers, Eels, Sharks, Rays, Turtles, Puffers, Tile Fish, Cow Fish and many parrotfish and squirrel fish. This was a fantastic first dive and it only served to whet the appetite of our now fearless intrepid underwater warriors!

We spent the next 3 dives at Shark Paradise. We dropped the Fish attraction triangle off the bow and crossed our fingers that something big would come in. Over the course of the 3 dives here we saw many many Lemon Sharks, Reef Sharks nd quite possibly one of the biggest Tigers we have seen all season. This thing was enormous! It cruised around our group and got very very close so we could get some amazing shots.

Due to incliment weather we were not able to do a night dive so we dropped anchor behind a huge sandbar and grabbed a well earned nights sleep.


Monday 15th August

We started the day off at El Capitaan where we completed 2 dives. This dive site never disappoints! We saw the wonderful Gorgonians and gigantic sea fans that adorn the reef. We also saw a couple of Lemon Sharks, Stingrays, and a whole bunch of smaller reef dwellers which made for a wonderful experience.

For our third dive we decided to dive Hogfish Reef where we also saw another Tiger Shark. The guests got up close and personal with this apex predator.

For our fourth dive we done a drift dive as the current had picked up considerably followed by a wonderful night dive on the Sugar Wreck.


Tuesday 16th August

We began the day at El Dorado where we completed two dives. Here we see Eagle Rays, Turtles, Sharks, Horse Eye jack, Black Jacks and much much more. The group even saw a Dolphin underwater which is very very uncommon! Great spot guys! This site is a very popular dive as it gives us shallow reef with some deep spots too.

We then moved the yacht to Mini wall where spent the reminder of the day exploring the wonderful nooks and crannies of this beautiful reef. The group saw so many Lemon Sharks that they stopped counting! These gorgeous sharks are a favorite for the photographers in our group as they tend to get very close indeed.

After a wonderful day of diving we dropped the anchor at our anchorage where we slept for the night.


Wednesday 17th August

We started out with a beautiful dive on Mount Olympus where we explored the nooks and crannies of the wall system. Here we saw Eagle Rays, Sharks and a whole host of reef critters that our guests could feast their eyes on. We then moved to Reds ledge where we completed one dive on this stupendous Coral Finger. We then spent the rest of the day frolicking with the sharks at Shark paradise.


Thursday 18th August

First up was Hogfish reef where we did two dives. Here as well as seeing sharks we saw Shrimps, Octopus, Crabs, Spotted Morays, Parrotfish and grouper. After a wonderful two dives we headed back to Mini Wall where we did our afternoon and night dives. Mini Wall proved to be a ht with our guests the second time round too. This dive site just never ceases to amaze us with its beauty!


Friday 19th August

We completed a pre breakfast dive on the Sugar Wreck where our guests immersed themselves in the kaleidoscope of color that adorns this fabulous wreck. After everyone had ascended and showered off we motored back into to Old Bahama Bay and to civilization.


We enjoyed a cocktail party upon the sundeck where we ended our trip in style. Alas it was time to bid farewell to new found dive buddies. Until we see you all again….. Safe diving always!


The Bahamas Aggressor Crew