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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 13, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter Week 13-20 Aug 2016

Water Temp 30C/85F

No wetsuit required, shorts and rashguard is all you need.

Capt Kiwi, Chef Kingsley, Latoya, Ty, Rodel and April

Guests: Alyson & Alison, Grant & Maria, Darin & Kelly, Tony & Nikki, Kathy & Bill, Rob, Jeff, Young, Gil, Kurt, Scott, Mike & Sandra


Saturday. A hot day, cooled with a few squalls driving over the island, welcomed all 18 Divers on board this week. Great to see Kathy & Bill, Rob, Jeff and the drinking…. Sorry I mean Diving Team again! Folks from all over the US, via Holland for Young and even two Kiwis – Tony and Nikki. Scott abandoned his family leaving them on the island for a week on the Aggressor (or did he escape). Sandra has Mike corralled on the boat, no running 100miles.. we are only 110ft long! We even have Grant (crew from the Turks boat!) and his better half Maria! A wicked group folks, a few drinks, Team Canada looked rather sheepish as they lined up to board with fist fulls of Margarita Mugs. Everyone else is new to the Cayman Aggressor – Welcome! Safety Briefing and Introductions prior to dinner, A BBQ Ribs and Jerk Chicken dinner was thoroughly enjoyed as we pulled off the dock and started the journey over to Little Cayman.   A few bumps on the way, but we arrived in the early hours, flat calm prefect Little Cayman Conditions. then everyone got a good nights sleep – ready for an awesome week of diving.  

Sunday. Good Morning Bloody Bay Wall and Little Cayman. Lots of hungry folks in for breakfast this morning before the first dive of the trip on Randy’s Gazebo. Dropping in off the back of the boat we drifted down to the immaculate wall in clear viz. Exploring the chimneys, meeting the friendly locals – Nassau Groupers, the archway, and delighting in the colours of the shallows. Lettuce Leaf Slugs, a nurse shark, lobsters a great start to what is shaping up to be incredible week of diving Cayman.   Changing location during lunch to the Meadows. The Jackson Bight where the main wall is a playground of swimthroughs and the mini wall a haven for life. A Reef Shark came and checked us out over the wall, a nest of four large lobster, headshield slugs everywhere in the sand! A pipehorse, stingrays feeding and a couple of turtles thrown into the mix. The first night dive of the week was a success with an Octopus right under the boat, channel crabs, plenty of bloodworms feeding.. or sacrificing going on, and a squid right at the ladders. Hot towels and hot chocolate flowed upon divers return.

Monday. A breezy morning as we dived in on Lea Lea’s lookout.   A shallow ledge, a garden of sponges and coral heads led us to the channel down to the magic roundabout. Lucy the Grouper was in fine form cruising along the wall with us. Most divers had a soft spot for her. Cleaning stations everywhere along the wall and shallows, such a healthy display of Caribbean Marine Life, as Mike said..”we could stay here all day”. We spotted Caribbean Spiny Lobsters and Channel Clinging Crabs, a Green Moray, a Drum Fish, Arrow Blennies, a juvenile Hawksbill Turtle, 17 very happy divers and one very excited Nikki! Lunch in the sun on the top deck, followed by a snooze before diving in on world famous Mixing Bowl/Three Fathom Wall. Macro Heaven in the rubble, as a Yellow Head Jawfish with Eggs was found, Sandra found two Mantis Shrimp, four Southern Stingrays Sleeping, a lobster fending off Tony’s Camera. Kurt was spotted chasing fish around the reef, lucky for him they just turn around and regroup for another take! The day was topped off with a fantastic dive on Cayman Brac’s wreck, giant crabs and two Octopus. Ty got a great shot of an octopus hunting, fanning out, reaching out, even almost wrapping an arm around his camera!

Tuesday.   We spent the morning diving in, on and around the Russian Koni Class Frigate- Keith Tibbetts. It was an eye opener for everyone, after seeing it the previous night. Young ticked of the Advanced Wreck Dive, Rob missed his blennie, silly photos on the guns and lots of fun.    We had a lunch cruise back to Little Cayman, Soup on the Sundeck, combined with a rogue wave…. Led to a special combination of Hot Tub Soup! “More Soup Please”! First dive of the afternoon was Donna’s Delight. A breathtaking wall, take your time and go slow!   Nudibranchs, even a Sea Goddess! Turtles posing and feeding, a nurse shark and Gaudy Clown Crabs!  The last afternoon and dusk dive, the spectacular Bus Stop!   As always the local friendly Grouper were out following the divers along the wall and it wasn’t long until our resident sharks turned up to see what was going on. One reef shark kept coming closer and closer! In the rubble right under the boat in the sand – a whole host of activity, with Sailfin Blennies, Yellow Headed Jaw Fish, Stingrays, Flounder and a Large Green Moray. A late dinner, a few drinks and early to bed for most as tomorrow we splash at dawn!

Wednesday. Waking up for 6am Dawn dive at Nancy’s Cup of Tea, the divers jumped in going shark hunting. Being graced with a large female Reef Sharks presence, she followed the divers along the wall to the point of the first swim through. On the inside of the main wall we have ancient anchors, all embedded in the reef and left 100’s of years ago, now home to corals and reef life. We saw a free swimming Green Moray Eel, Lobsters out in the open crawling back to their shelter as the day began anew. Moving over to the dive site named Joy’s Joy, up on the shallows two patches of Pillar Coral, just beautiful and home to a Shy Hamlet. Traveling through several canyon ways making their way out to the wall, they were greeted by a Nassau Grouper, Lobsters, and a large Channel Crab munching away on his morning breakfast without a care as to his observers. And who in their right mind would not go see Freddy the grouper on our final dive site to say our goodbyes to Little Cayman. Traveling along The Great Wall divers checked out a small ‘cave’ home to a Spotted Moray Eel, 2 Lobster as well as a Channel Crab!   A full house! Saying good bye to our fishy friends in Little Cayman we started our trek back to Grand Cayman for some more wonderful diving.

Thursday. Good Morning Grand Cayman – Scott was up early taking some fantastic shots with his Drone!   Wow.   After some eggs and bacon we splashed in on Babylon. Eagle Ray upon entry! Corkscrewing around the pinnacle discovering neck and decorator crabs all trying to act inconspicuous! A free swimming moray was hunting and giant snapper patrolled under the boat!   Moving along the North Side to the Capt’s Fav, Hammerhead Hill. Woohoo, a tremendous deep wall, knarly shapes and formations home to Lionfish, Eels, Snapper, Giant Crabs and rivers of Chromis and Wrasse! Unfortunately only a short dive because of the depth… but not to worry, up next is Stingray City! This magic 12ft of fun dive site was going off today, we were mobbed by 8 large stingrays, swooping in to play the game.   Everyone enjoyed this must do experience, Jeff even got himself an extra souvenir! To top the day off we dived on the Wreck of the USS Kittiwake. Being to open she is a great wreck to truly explore!   Today’s highlight being the 1000’s of silversides schooling inside the wreck… when dusk ended, we watched how the tiny silver fish poured out of the wreck like a river and swirled around the superstructure!   Amazing!   Turkey Dinner, Ty’s video of the week and a slideshow await, along with a few glasses of wine.

Friday. Only two dives this morning.. with the first stop being at the Oro Verde. A wreck of the wreck but an aquarium of life. Schooling Jacks, a large pregnant Nurse Shark, Young doing a couple of Navigation Exercise, and Bill trying his hand at extreme underwater mountain biking! Devil’s Grotto was our final stop of the week. A fun fun dive. Tarpon, nudibranchs, a scorpion fish, drum fish all living in amongst a swiss cheese designed reef system. Long tunnels, all the way under the shallow reef, lots of sunlight and nursery fish dancing atop of the corals.   Already it is that time of the week, the back deck becomes a hive of gear cleaning! Lunch on the way to the dock, with Happy Hour looming and for some that started at 10am!   Dinner and a few drinks to end the week. Congrats this week to Alison and Kurt for clocking 300dives! Tony, Sandra, Mike and Young for completing their Nitrox, and Young for doing a little extra and getting his Advanced Certification. This week was a great week, super people, everyone got along really well, safe diving, lots of laughs, and Tiramisu for breakfast!  Thanks to all for making it the amazing week that it was.   We can’t do it without you.

Safe travels and diving, we hope to see you all again


Capt and Crew

Cayman Aggressor IV