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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 20, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor

Capts Log

Aug 20th to 30th

On a sunny Saturday afternoon we started our first 10 day charter of the year and with the weather looking so good for the first 3 to 4 days for sure we left the dock and headed directly for Little Cayman and all that Bloody Bay has to offer.

Sunday: After a very easy and smooth crossing from Grand Cayman we awoke to a breath taking sunset at Randys Gazebo on Bloody bay wall. The vis was easily in the 90 to 100ft range as we drop out over the wall and into the blue. The resident Groupers were out in number and as friendly as ever. Kingsley offered a very tasty subway Sunday treat for Lunch as we made the short hop to Meadows for our afternoon and nightdives. Sharks, turtles and groupers were the order of the afternoon and the night dive produced lionfish, channel crabs, flamed scallops and of course the star of any night dive but not just one we had 3 reef octopus.

Monday: To start the day we made the short to the other end of Bloody Bay wall for our first 2 dives of the day at Leah Leahs Lookout. The swim thrus here are just majestic and the drop off so blue and inviting as floated out over the wall. We had turtles and an eagle ray along with the most delightfully coloured filefish. Kingsley served up a mouth watering Italian lunch as we made our way to Bus stop for the afternoon. We again had sharks and turtles and the groupers here were in total play mode as our fun loving group weaved in and out of the numerous swim thrus that Bus Stop has to offer. To end the day of diving we made the run to Cayman Brac for a night dive on the MV Keith Tibbets which was formerly a Russian Destroyer which has now become a must see for all Cayman underwater enthusiasts and is by far one of the best night dives to be had, we had at least 3 Octopi and some very big channel crab, a slipper lobster and an appearance from Oscar the Goliath grouper.  

Tuesday: Our day started were it left off with 2 daylight dives on the MV Keith Tibbets and after a fantastic night dive the night before all were excited and expectant of what this old Russian Destroyer would offer up in daylight. Oscar the Goliath Grouper made a very brief appearance but we did have a very cool turtle ride along. Kingsley served up a delicious mixed salad lunch that something for everyone as we made our made back to Bloody Bay for some more world class wall diving. Joys Joy was our spot for 2 afternoon dives and a lovely afternoon of diving was had by all. We had turtles and barracuda, sail fin Blennys and even a tiny sea horse. For our night dive we move to the shelter of Jackson bite and Bus stop was our chosen spot and a great choice it was, we had turtles, squid, grouper, channel crab and again our Octopus luck very good as we had another 3 Octopi to entertain us.

Wednesday: Our first stop on this bright and breezy morning was Black Hole on the south side of Little Cayman. The wall here is more comparable to the North Wall of Grand Cayman. The wall starts at 65ft with delightful cuts and gullys that shoot down and out into the Blue. We had Eagle Rays and Sting Rays, Turtles and moray eels. The day end with us getting under way for Grand Cayman in a smooth and easy following sea.

Thursday: We awoke to a truly regal sunrise over the east end of Grand Cayman and as our happy guests enjoy eggs benedict and eggs florentine in anticipation of yet another fantastic day of diving on the way. First stop was Tunnel of Love and Hammerhead came the call from Debbie & Bob as they sighted a 10 to 12 foot Hammerhead Shark cruise over the reef and out into the blue. Kingsley served up cheese burgers in Paradise while we made our way to Kellys Caverns for 2 afternoon and a night dive. We had spotted drum and photo friendly angel fish along with several lionfish and a curious nurse shark to end another glorious day of Cayman diving.

Friday: We were under way just before 5.30am heading further along the south side of Grand Cayman aiming to start our day at Bullwinkle dive site. Yet again Hammerhead came the call as both crew member April and guest Diane came within 3 to 4ft of a Hammerhead that was guessed to be about 10ft long. We saw all kinds of other little critters on the dive, Tarpon, Lionfish, Moray eel and Angel Fish but the Hammerhead stole the show. Kingsley served up a smile inducing Caribbean curry as we moved to Pedros for the afternoon and night dive. We had a nurse shark on both afternoon dives but still all talk was of the Hammerhead. Lobsters, turtles, channels crabs and yet another Octopus enthralled our night divers for braving the 82 degree flat calm Caribbean waters.

Saturday: We awoke to a very well behaved ocean and a dynamic sunrise. Our first stop this morning was at Round Rock on the north west point of Grand Cayman. We explored the caverns and swim thrus and were kept in close company by a friendly green turtle. Next Stop was world famous Sting Ray City and we had at least a dozen rays that played with us and even seemed to follow us to the back deck in the hope we would not leave, but leave we did as we had more diving to do at Babylon on the far north east corner of Grand Cayman. We had more turtles, an eagle ray and a free swimming moray eel to entertain us. The night dive produced another free swimming eel along with several lobster and this time an octopus swimming at least 20ft off the ocean floor.

Sunday: We the north wall of Grand Cayman as flat as ice we headed for Hammerhead Hill which is most certainly front and centre on that magnificent drop. We had turtles and a grey reef shark along with twin eagle rays cruising the wall. While Kingsley served up coconut buttered shrimp for lunch we made our way round to the west side of Grand Cayman to the wreck of the USS Kittiwake. The ocean was calm with the occasional rain squall but nothing that could dampen the mood of our happy dive gang. The vis had to be in the 80 to 90ft range as we cruise in and out of the Kittiwake and we even had a nurse shark encounter on the reef right by the wreck.

Monday: Our final day started on the Doc Poulson “Ship Reef”, a glorious little tug boat wreck that is adorned with coral life that sits very close to the drop known as Martys Wall, so the first dive was very much the best of both worlds. To end our week we headed to the old Cayman favourite, Devils Grotto. We had the resident tarpon posing nicely for photo, the long atmospheric swim thrus and to cap the dive in a very nice way we got to spend some time with a couple of nurse sharks.

At the Capt’s cocktail party all talk turned to which Aggressor destination was next on the list but all agreed that a return to Cayman was certainly on the list. We had a fantastic 10 day charter with a good, fun and very easy going group of divers, we got to see all that is great about Cayman diving and made some new friends along the way.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew