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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 03, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

3 - 10 September 2016

Water Temp: 82 - 85 f

Visibility: 80 – 120 Ft



Jack, Beth, Kevin, Lori, Christie, Duane, Kat, Dave, Neil, Stephen, Peter, David, Denise, Eric, Heather, Duane, Tracy, Mike.



Captain – Christy

2nd Captain - Andy

Chef – Matt

Photographer – Troy

Instructor – Grant

Instructor - Jess


Dive Sites:

Sunday – Pinnacles – Grace Bay, Eel Garden - NWPT

Monday - Amphitheatre, The Dome NWPT,

Tuesday – Stairways -northwest point, Gullies – West Caicos

Wednesday - Anchor, Boat Cove – West Caicos

Thursday – Elephant Ear Canyon, West Caicos - Shark Hotel - Northwest Point

Friday –   Two Step – Northwest Point


Its a lovely Saturday afternoon on Provedenciales, everyone is aboard, where introductions are made over snacks and cocktails, once all the safety briefings are complete we have a wonderful 3 course Beef Tenderloin dinner prepared by our awesome Chef, before settling in for the night ready to head out to Pinnacles in Grace Bay in the morning whilst we have breakfast.


We moor up at pinnacles and the conditions are just right for diving here, we all get in and test out our equipment, once everything is all good we go for a bit of exploration accompanied by the local reef sharks and a couple of bottle nosed dolphins that join our group for a while. Whilst we have a magnificent lunch we head over to eel garden at northwest point, a lovely site very near its neighbor the crack. We have 3 dives here including the night dive and we find several spotted moray eels along with the hundreds of garden eels, after the dives it hot chocolate laced with cream rum.


In the morning there is fresh coffee and cooked breakfast prepared for us, after eating our fill we set out to amphitheatre, this site is named for a curved out section of rock in the wall witch has landed in front of the hollow, creating an amphitheatre effect, it has a spectacular wall and an abundance of aquatic life such as the wonderful yellow Frogfish we found along the wall the previous week and is still there. Often the larger and less seen creatures can be seen coming in from the deep here, a great site. In the afternoon we move to the dome, an iconic dive site in Turks and Caicos, home to a large number of French grunts, there is plenty to find here including a resident green moray eel and nurse sharks in the shallows. We also get to dive the next site over, The Chimney a lovely vertical swim through in the wall an easy swim from the dome, so both can easily be achieved on a single dive, the night dive is always spectacular here.


In the morning we dive stairways we have lots of spotted drums on this dive, this is a brilliant site with the local sharks following the group and lots of nooks and crannies for creatures to hide in, we find a massive green moray eel off the edge of the wall and some squid near the boat. In the afternoon we head over to gullies, named so due to having a number of gullies the major one being a very good swim through, we also have a large resident reef shark we call Sully that normally has up to 5 males with her. The wall here is stunning with plenty of aquatic life moving around their natural surroundings to be viewed and photographed, during the night dive there are plenty of crabs and lobsters to be found.


Wednesday morning we move down to Spanish anchor, there is a lovely sandy swim through channel here and loads of vibrant corals and sponges, porcupine fish, giant anemones, sea fans, plenty of amazing photo opportunities. After this we have lunch and head to boat cove, we have some great dives here with the resident reef sharks, lionfish, spotted drums, plenty of jacks and snappers, the reef is looking extremely healthy.


After lunch we move over to Brandywine and we have 2 afternoon dives and an amazing night dive here, a beautiful section of wall with the reef shark escort you see at west Caicos, we also have a very friendly nurse shark here. There is some abandoned machinery on the shore that helps to find the dive site.


In the morning, we move during lunch to driveway, a site that has only recently had a mooring ball re-attached, a beautiful site with beautiful deep vistas and plenty to see for the night dive.


Thursday we move up west Caicos to elephant ear canyon, a slightly deeper site than most but with amazing vistas off the wall, this is also a great site for juveniles. We were rewarded on these dives with sharks, flapping dingbats and a Pipe horse, a rare find here. Whilst having an excellent lunch we move to northwest point and have a fantastic lunch whilst pulling into shark hotel. Here we have 3 superb dives, we swim across the top of the hotel which is to the side of a deep swim through, we have some great sharks keeping us company and find a voraciously hungry turtle near the boat that posed for loads of photographs.


Friday morning and as the sun rises we are ready for our first dive at two step on northwest point, in between the dives we have a great cooked breakfast and watch the video made by our pro of the week, then its time for the last dive of the charter. Once we have completed this we head back into turtle cove and then out into the island for some shopping. In the evening we have a wine and cheese party with lots of fun and laughter and celebrate the wonderful week.


A superb week has been had by all, we look forward to seeing you on the TCI Aggressor II soon.