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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 03, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log- September 3rd to September 10th 2016



Air Temp: 88 Fahrenheit / 31 Celsius

Water Temp: 85 Fahrenheit / 29 Celsius

Visibility: 50-65ft



Captain: Chris

2nd Captain: Matt

Engineer: Fermin

Instructor: Andre

Chef: Anna

Stewardess: Vanessa


15 Guests: Brian & Stacey, Mary & Hans, Charles, Kirk, Bryce, Justin, Spencer, Mike, Sandy, Christina, Candice, Jody & Chad


Dive Sites:

Sunday – Nurse Shark Ridge & Julie’s Jungle

Monday- Long Caye Ridge & Silver Caves

Tuesday- “Blue Hole” & Long Caye Wall

Wednesday – Tarpon caves & Half Moon Caye Wall

Thursday- Lighthouse Wall & Grand Bogue

Friday- Sandy Slope



Saturday September 3rd

All the guests boarded in the afternoon via Water Taxi.

Refreshments on arrival, passenger safety briefing and evening dinner served onboard. Staying at the dock until late evening. Aggressor III leaves at 10pm for sailing overnight.


Sunday September 4th

Passage east. Winds from South –East for the crossing to the Lighthouse reef atoll. Divers awoke already at the first dive site. The initial equipment check dives were made at Julie’s Jungle. All the divers were happy with their own dive equipment. The afternoon and night dives were completed at Nurse Shark Ridge. Divers found groupers, lobsters and eels. On the first dive, squid was found along with crabs, lobsters and sea urchins. Aggressor III stayed at Nurse Shark Ridge dive site overnight.


Monday September 5th

A short journey north, along the reef that surrounds the western side of Long Cay, to the next dive site of Long Cay Ridge. There were two morning dives here. Interesting fish life including schools of big eyed jacks and tarpon.

After the second dive. Divers enjoyed lunch and then Aggressor ventured north along the same reef wall to Silver Caves dive site. Divers enjoyed visits from Nurse shark, Carribbean reef sharks, spotted scorpion fish and many also found the long snout seahorse. The caves were full of silver side fish.


Tuesday September 6th


With wind from the East, Aggressor III travelled northwards meandering through the lagoon of lighthouse reef to the dive site “Blue Hole”. A unique dive site with it’s own fascinating stalagmite structures and natural circular form.

Those diving wishing not to dive into the blue hole were guided to shallow fringing reefs surrounding the Blue Hole.

After the dive, Aggressor III retraced its path southwards to Long Caye. Long Caye Wall dive site for diving both before and after lunch and also for a night dive. This wall dive had sharks which met the divers plus interesting animals such as Neck Crabs, schools of Bermuda chubb and hundreds of schooling horse eyed jacks.

After the night dive, Aggressor III moved to its’ night mooring, situated in the atoll lagoon, north of half moon caye.

A late evening rafting alongside Aggressor IV. Our pirate guests relinquishing Aggressor IV’s flag only to return it to their Captain just before departure. Overnight stay at Aggressor III night mooring.


Wednesday September 7th


Leaving the night mooring and heading to the south of Half moon cay. A North –East breeze at Tuesday mornings’ dive site of tarpon Caves. The boobie’s and frigate birds flying overhead from the nearby Cay.

Great visibility, calm seas and lots of marine life was seen. Caribbean reef sharks swimming along the top of the reef wall. Schools of creole wrasse, large barracudas, Eagle rays and southern sting rays.

At lunchtime, Aggressor III moved slightly West along the same reef wall system and dives completed at Half Moon Caye Wall. Eagle Rays, Hawksbill Turtles, Thousands of garden eels, razorfish and conch. Night divers found octopii and lobsters.


Thursday September 8th

Aggressor III travel from it’s night mooring to Lighthouse Wall. A wall dive on the South of half Moon Caye. Calm conditions and great visibility allowed the divers to find lots of aquatic life. Eagle rays, turtles, Scorpion fish. Guests made two dives here and enjoyed swimming near the Caye. After lunch onboard, Aggressor III headed West across from Lighthouse Atoll to Turneffe Atoll islands.

In the afternoon, Dives were made on the Eastern side of Turneffe atoll at the dive site called Grand Bogue. Divers searched for the endemic spotted toadfish. Divers found a large green turtle. Hawksbill Turtle & Remora fish, Barracudas and swimming moray eels. Afternoon and night divers located the spotted toadfish, lobsters, squid and various octopi. After the night dive, Aggressor III headed south and then around to Turneffe Island Western reefs. Night mooring at Sandy slope dive site



Turneffe Islands Atoll. The Aggressor III last dives of the trip were completed at Sandy Slope dive site. An early 06:30 dawn dive where divers founds eels, electric rays and schools of creole wrasse, electric rays and pipefish.

After the first dive and then breakfast. Guests viewed the weeks underwater video filmed by Instructor Andre.



After Friday’s morning dives, Aggressor III headed back to port. The evening Barbecue, wine and cheese preceded the evening’s entertainment a photography slideshow of all the guests. Following that show reel of great underwater photos collated throughout the week was an Award presentation to the following divers


Enriched Air Divers- Mike, Hans & Mary

Iron Diver Awards- Charles, Candice, Christina, Mike, Spencer, Justin, Bryce & Kirk


…Well that’s the week over and at 8:00AM on Saturday, the crew said their farewells to the guests departing the Beautiful Belize Aggressor III.




Captains Chris Taylor & Matt Rutledge