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Raja Ampat Aggressor :


Log Date: Sunday, Sep 04, 2016
Entry By: Raja Ampat Aggressor Crew


Raja Ampat Aggressor Captain’s log *04 – 16 September 2016

*Air Temp. 28 - 35 C

*Water Temp. 29 C - 30 C



Captain: Burhan

Cruise Director: Urik

Chief Officer: Ferdi

Chief Engineer: Yuli

2nd Engineer: Maxi

Oiler: Rahmad

Chef: Jemly

Chef Assistant: Destri

Housekeeping: Betty

Waitress: Dian

Dive master: Herry

Dive master: Jemy

Dive master: Anis

Tender Driver: Carly

Tender Driver: Ody

Deck Hand: Jasman



Mo: Fonotaba, Island Corner, Fonokabai

Tu: Bagans, Bagans, Bagans, Kwatisore Sea Mount

We: Bagans, Bagans, Bagans, Kwatisore Sea Mount

Th: Spag Point, Marks Treasure, Wild Fish Ridge, Wild Fish Ridge

Fr: Sewandeh Sea Mount, Nw Corner, East Point, East Point

Sa: Sungei Omi, Sungei Omi

Su: Junkyard

Mo: End Reef, Blue Magic, Cape Kri, Yanbuba

Tu: Manta Sandy, Manta Ridge, Arborek Jetty, Arborek Jetty

We: Yanbuba, Cape Kri, Sardines, Friwinbonda, Friwinbonda

Th: Mioskon, Blue Magic


GUESTS: Bernhard, Erwin, Luk, Marc, John, Teresa, Gisela, Rolf, James, Jane, Ann-Cathrin, Lhana, Theresa, Volker, Hendrik, Alex, Oly, Harald




Sunday September 4th

Everybody arrive to Sorong on time. Early afternoon we had all our guests on board. We accommodated everybody in staterooms and had a lunch. After lunch we had a welcome briefing and we departure to Yapen. After dinner we briefed our guests about diving procedures and went for sleep. In the early morning we arrived to our first diving location: Fonotaba.



Monday September 05th

We wake up at Miosnum were we will pass our first diving day before head to our final destination: Sorong

The check dive was at Fonotaba, all went good with a gentle current...easy for the divers. We got many Reef fish and black tips. At the corners fusiliers and barracudas were waiting for us.

Second and Third dive we got Medium current so we drift along the reef. Many fish and beautiful reef were waiting for us. After that we start our first crossing to meet the Whale Sharks at Kwatisore…. Happy divers!!!

Our Cruise Director Urik had introduced after dinner a nice presentation about the Whale sharks.

Tuesday 06th and Wednesday 7th September

In the morning we arrived to Kwatisore and arranged all the details with the owner of the Bagan. We will pass two days here diving under the Bagan together with the whale sharks.

The guest wake up very happy and excited with the idea of diving with the whale sharks. Our first dive was at 8:00 and didn’t let us down… 4 whale sharks showed up and stay all the dive with us… just great!!!

After a nice breakfast we jumped again in the water, this time the current was slightly stronger but still manageable and didn’t stop us from diving with 7 whale sharks more…. They were very friendly and calm and our guest had great time.

The Second day the current was smaller and the visibility was still great but we got less Whale Sharks, a total of 4. Still a Good number!!!!

We did our night dives at Kwatisore Sea Mount, special place where we can see Epaulette Sharks, and as we bring many hope underwater we were rewarded with 2!!!! Great Night dive.

We had two fantastic days in Kwatisore together with the whale sharks and we will not forget easily this encounter, but it is time to move on and continue our trip….we will come back!!!!

We finish the day with a presentation of Epaulette sharks.

Thursday September 08th

In the morning we arrived to the Atolls. We jumped to the water and went down to the steep sloping reef. Current was slow and visibility was reaching 30 m. / 90 ft. during all the day. We went down the reef and spotted group of barracudas, Rainbow runners and surgeons. We also saw white tip shark patrolling the reef and turtles swimming around. During this dives we also saw macro creatures. Mark’s Treasure and Wild Fish Ridge where also two amazing dives, full of coral and fish: white tips, Rainbow Runners, Blue Fusiliers, huge school of Silver Fish, with fantastic visibility. The sun was out all the day and makes all looks more beautiful.

For a night dive we went to Wild Fish Ridge. The current was very slow and let us move freely around the ridge. Bobtail squid, Decorate crabs, spider crab, flat worms, moray eel was some of the marine life we found it.

Friday September 9th

The night was calm and a shining day wake up us at Miosnum. The first dive happened at a huge sea mount on the south part before to arrive to the island. We enter on the south part of the sea mount and a huge Coral Garden where waiting for us on the split point. As we move to the north part together with the current we could also spot reef sharks, Nudibranchs and a school of Barracudas. Even if the fish action was not great was a lovely dive.

We moved a bit south to a small island complex called Sewandeh, and dived at the eastern slope, where we could find fantastic hard coral on the shallow part, school of small barracudas and many macro life. Visibility was fantastic and the current very mild.

Our third dive of the day was at NW Corner, here a slope ridge becomes into a fantastic wall whit many soft coral and beautiful life, today the current was small and didn’t bring many fish to the corner but still was very nice dive. At the end of the wall we move into a shallow part full of white sand and incredible coral. Leaf fish and Crocodile fish were spotted here

We had come back to the Slope to have our night dive. Pleurobrancus, bobtail squid, marble shrimp and decorated crab were some of the creatures we founded.

After dinner our Cruise Director Urik introduced us a presentation about Pygmy Seahorse and was a great success!!!


Saturday September 10th

We arrived to Sangai Omi, our pit stop before start our crossing to Pulau Amsterdam.

We did two muck dives here on a black sandy slope and they didn’t were disappointing us at all… Ghost pipe fish, Sea Horse, Cattle fish, Nudibranchs, Flat Worms, Frog fish, Spider Crabs and Morey eels had entertain us during this dives.

Some nice encounters also here had result in happy divers again. Now is time to travel, 23 hours before arrive to our next destination, Pulau Amsterdam… after that, Raja Ampat!!!

Sunday September 11th

After 140 miles and 23 hours we arrive at our first pit stop: Pulau Amsterdam. Here we will have a dive before continuing our journey.

The chosen dive site is Junkyard, a Bare Boat from the II World War. A mix of metal and soft coral makes it a fantastic coral garden full of fish. Mackerels, yellow tail fusiliers, sweet lips, yellow tail snappers, octopus, nudibranchs and flat worms are some of the inhabitants of this dive site. After that we will departure to our final destination...Raja Ampat. During the Night we had reproduced a diving video from our guest Bernhard.

Monday September 12th  

Again Big crossing, 15 hours, but we are already in Raja Ampat, the Heart of the Coral Triangle!!!

We started on Ends Reef were we got no current and lots of Nudibranchs, also a nice Crocodile Fish.

Blue Magic was the second dive of the day… lots of Jacks, two Wobbegongs, Lobster and lots of reef fish. It was a fantastic dive and he divers came up from the water very happy.

We finish the day with Cape Kri: lots of Sharks and barracudas but the current was a little bit too much strong, and the night dive at Yanbuba… lots of Shrimps, Nudis, and a Walking Shark

Tuesday September 13th

In the morning we arrived to the beautiful island of Arborek were we will pass the day in search of Mantas.

The guest wake up very happy and excited with the idea of diving with the Mantas. Our first dive was at 7:00 at Manta Sandy and didn’t let us down even if we could not found Mantas, we had fount Pegasus Seamount, Pygmy Sea Horse Pontocho, Wobbegongs and some great Nudibranchs as Halgerda Batangas… just great!!!

After a nice breakfast we jumped again in the water, this time the current was slightly stronger but still manageable and didn’t stop us from diving at Manta Ridge, still no Mantas but a nice and enjoyable dive.

The rest of the day we had passed close to Arborek Jetty: Giant Clams, millions of Yellow Stripped Scads, Morey eels, Scorpion fishes, Frog Fish... Not bad at all!!!!

Some of our guest went to the village on the afternoon for a relax walk… they say was great and fun.

After Dinner we congratulated Luk (200), Jane (1000) and Bernhard (1700)!!! Well done guys!!!

Cruise Director Urik introduced us a fantastic presentation about Raja Ampat. Lots of fun.

Wednesday September 14th

We came back to Dampier Strait to dive again Yanbuba and Cape Kri. They were two fantastic drift dives along very nice walls. Sharks, Barracudas, Jacks, Bump head Parrot Fish…. Super cool!!!

On the way to Friwinbonda we stopped at Sardines, a very nice Sea Mount on the middle of the strait. Lots of fish and some Wobbegongs were spotted here.

We had made two dives at Friwinbonda, and we were rewarded with Bargibanty and Denise Pygmy Sea Horses. Very nice dives on small current

After dinner we pass a Cruise Director Urik Photo Slide Show and we had also a nice presentation about the Papuan Cannibals!!!! Just incredible.


Thursday September 15th

For our last 2 dives we went to Mioskon and Blue Magic. At Mioskon our divers saw a lot of fish action and had good conditions without current. At Blue Magic   current was a little bit stronger but there was good visibility and a lot of fish: Jacks, Barracudas, Wobbegongs and many Fusiliers.

After 2nd dive we rinsed gear, had a lunch and boutique sale.

After dinner we showed video from our trip, view a photo slideshow and started farewell party. We prepared some awards for our guests. During our trip Volker, Hendrik, Jim, Jane, Lahana and Harald didn’t skip any dive and had become Iron Divers!!! Also congratulated Luk, Jane and Bernhard for reach them milestones.

Friday September 16th

In the morning we said our farewells to our guests and send them to the airport. It was a great 12 day trip and we made new friends and had a very good time. We hope to see them all again!