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Log Date: Monday, Aug 15, 2016
Entry By: Raja Ampat Aggressor Crew


8/15 - 8/22
Air temp 28C
Water temp 30C


 Our guest have arrived with little delay but all ok. After the welcome and diving briefing we started our way to Kwatisore where we will pass two fantastic days diving with the Whale Sharks.
First day of diving we got 4 Whale Sharks in the morning and 5 in the afternoon, also a Walking Sharks visited us on the Night dive. The next morning the water as still calm as a pool and we enjoyed 4 Whale sharks around the Bagan.
We had wake up at Tg Mangguar where we got 2 fantastic dives and we spotted the first Pygmy Sea Horse of the trip, was a Denise pygmy Sea Horse. Also a Crocodile Fish and a Randal Frogfish had come up to say hello.
The morning on the Atolls was little bit choppy but the dives where great… a lot of fish on the ridge and the walls including Oceanic Triggerfish, Barracudas, Jacks, Turtles and some Dough Tuna. Current was perfect!!!
The next Morning at Yapen we had strong currents but we could manage perfectly and we were regarded with tons of fish on the reef, Scorpion leaf fish and Sharks were some of our catch today. Here the soft Coral and the hard coral are very healthy. At the night dive We had spotted some Bob Tail Squid, Spider crabs and fantastic Flat Worms.

We waked up at Biak for the 2 last dives of the trip, Catalina Wreck and Harry Wall. After the 2 great dives is time to congratulate with Teresa for had been reached 100 dives!!!
After lunch we watched the video the Cruise Director Urik had been doing during the trip and Open the boutique to take some souvenirs Home.
During Our farewell party we congratulated our Iron Divers: Claire, Peter, Susan, Alan and Seiko. We got also a special mention for Nobu and Teresa for them 600 and 100 dives respectively and to Salomon to had been completed the Nitrox Course.
Great dinner and fantastic slide show with the photos of our is time to make the luggage and rest… tomorrow our guest have a long journey before arrive back to home.

Thank you very much in the name of all the crew for this fantastic week!!!!

What Special Occasions were celebrated during the charter?
 Teresa 100 dives and Nobu 600 dives