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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 06, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew



Captain’s Log

6 – 16 August 2016

Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

6 – 16 August 2016

Water Temp: 82 - 85 f

Visibility: 80 – 120 Ft



Anita, Blaise, Linda, Leslie, Nick, Cindy, Dale, Fransico, Kelley, Stephen, Lee, Nancy, Mary, Brandon, Louisa, Jim, and John



Captain – Amanda

2nd Captain - Christy

Engineer - Rob

Chef – Ailsa

Video Pro – Matt


Dive Sites

Sunday –Pinnacles - Grace Bay, The Dome - NWPT

Monday – Amphitheatre – NWPT, Boat Cove – West Caicos

Tuesday – Gullies, Brandywine – West Caicos

Wednesday - The Anchor – West Caicos, G-Spot – French Cay

Thursday – G-Spot – French Cay, Arches - South Caicos

Friday – Fish Pond, McDonalds – Grand Turk

Saturday – Turtle Eclipse of the Shark – South Caicos, Rock N Roll – French Cay

Sunday – Elephant Ear Canyon – West Caicos, Eel Garden – North West Point

Monday – Stairway – North West Point



Another week aboard the luxurious Turks and Caicos Aggressor II is leading us to new and different places for this ten day charter. Anita, Blaise, Linda, Leslie, Nick, Cindy, Dale, Fransico, Kelley, Stephen, Lee, Nancy, Mary, Brandon, Louisa, Jim, and John boarded on Saturday and were greeted with a lovely snack prepared by our Chef Ailsa. People began to kick back and relax as they unpacked their dive gear and got to know their private yacht for the week. Captain Amanda welcomed everyone and filled the divers in on all of the details of the boat, in a welcome briefing. The briefing was followed by a wonderful three course meal by Ailsa which left everyone stuffed and satisfied. We made our way to a dive site off of Grace Bay and everyone slept soundly and eagerly dreamed about the adventures to come.


Early Sunday morning 17 anxious and excited divers jumped in on their first dive of the trip, Pinnacles. A plethora of coral channels intermixed with sand channels make for very lovely large canyon like swim throughs that led divers to the reef edge. As everyone entered and got all of their kinks worked out divers were greeted with just how magnificent the reef here in the Turks and Caicos are.


During another fantastic meal we moved the boat over to North West Point where we moored up to a wonderful dive site the called The Dome for the afternoon and night dives. A large number of Flamingo Tongues were seen attached to purple sea fans as well as one finger print cyphoma. Always a fantastic night dive The Dome creates a sanctuary for many nocturnal animals which were seen out and about on this particular dive.


Monday brought around some more great diving. We started our day on Amphitheatre off of North West Point. The dive enthusiasts were treated to a wide variety of sea life here including garden eels, horse eyed jacks, great barracuda, and a large green moray. After the morning dives we moved furthers west to West Caicos where we arrived at a dive site called Boat Cove. Many different types of shrimp were found including coral banded shrimp, pedersons cleaning shrimp, and squat anemone shrimp. The night divers had a marvelous night dive where the divers were witness to the great lobster migration, octopus and sharks. The day ended with a steamy cup of hot chocolate with a little Jamaican rum cream.


Tuesday brought a long more fantastic dive sites off of West Caicos. We started our day on Gullies, the dive site gets its name from a large swim through at the base of the wall. Lots of fun was had by all of the divers who all made the journey down the gulley. The rest of the dive brought around many tiny sights great for our macro photographers including slender file fish and yellow headed jawfish.   We ended our day on Brandywine, known for its huge barrel sponges that resemble barrels that brandy or wine would be kept in. A friendly hawksbill turtle hung around for the afternoon dives. The night dive was full of new finds, black jacks were darting around hunting in divers lights, nurse sharks were trying to wrestle or kiss divers we are not sure which and huge channel cleaning crabs were in abundance. A perfect ending to a perfect day!


Perhaps one of the most famous dive sites in West Caicos is the Anchor. Another large swim through at the edge of the wall but this one is graced with a fully encrusted anchor from back in the day. If you are not looking carefully you are sure to miss it. All of our divers have a keen eye and spotted the anchor immediately.   After the swim through a giant hawksbill turtle hung out with all the divers as he munched on some sponges and made 17 new diver friends. He swam with the group for the majority of the dive and it was nothing short of incredible. The afternoon took us on a journey to French Cay, to a dive site called G-Spot. The divers upon entering the water were greeted by one of our three amigos (three local nurse shark that call French Cay home), he was being his usual frisky self and all the divers commented on how friendly he was. The night dive brought out the other two amigos and they hunted like a pack in divers’ lights getting very up close and personal.


We started Thursday off with a dive! The divers had a little change of schedule and started our diving early so we could make it to South Caicos by the afternoon. The divers had a lovely transition dive in the morning at G-Spot and then came back famished. Good thing Ailsa had a huge breakfast waiting for the divers. We then pulled up the ladders and got underway for our next adventures to South Caicos. The crossing was beautiful and we opened up Macy’s of the open ocean and let divers go shopping. Many of the divers got new treasure and garb. When we got to South Caicos we tied to a beautiful dive site called Arches. The dive site is scattered with several arches that make for great swim throughs for divers. Everyone enjoyed being in a different area and reported seeing a multitude of squid even before the sun set. The night dive brought more squid and a couple of turtles.


We got underway early on Friday and started heading for Grand Turk. Several of the divers watched the sunrise as we motored along with a nice following sea. We made it to Grand Turk just after breakfast and divers were eager to explore the area. We started our day on Fish Pond, a beautiful dive site full of fish and dolphin!! While divers were in a pod of 40 common dolphin surrounded the boat and some lucky divers got to hear and see them from below. All the divers commented on how pristine the reef was and were anxious to do another dive at the site. After lunch we moved to McDonalds named for its golden arches. The dive site was teaming with healthy beautiful coral and some of our favorites were spotted including a huge green moray. During the night dive the green moray did not want to come out and play but the divers did see him hiding. A great day of diving on Grand Turk!


Saturday we started on our way back to South Caicos. We had an awesome dive on a new dive site that divers are now calling Turtle Eclipse of the Shark. A turtle and a couple of stingrays hung around for the dive. We then started heading for French Cay we arrived in the afternoon and had to lovely dives and a night dive on Rock N Roll. All sorts of great critters were seen including the elusive spotted eagle ray, others saw burr fish, porcupine puffers, neck crabs, and cleaning shrimp. The night dive again brought out our trio which has now grown into a group of five nurse sharks which loved to hunt in divers lights. One large nurse shark even got stuck under a rock divers were concerned until the shark finally freed himself. A great night dive at French Cay! The vessel then ventured back to West Caicos and the following seas rocked all the tired divers to sleep.


Sunday morning started with an exciting two dives at Elephant Ear Canyon. The divers marveled at the number of sharks and stingrays and not to mention the flapping ding bats. Divers had some lovely lunch and we started the venture back to North West Point. The afternoon and night dive were done at Eel Garden. There were a plethora of critters out and about including fingerprint cyphomas, burr fish, scorpion fish and of course garden eels. The night dive showed divers longhorn nudibranchs, basket stars, and planktonic nudibranchs. A great last dive for the trip.


Monday morning started on Stairway a little earlier than usual. The divers got a little taste of a transition dive and watched as the underwater world came to life in the morning. There were a few sharks cruising the wall early as well as filefish and parrot fish galore. The first ten day charter of 2016 went fantastic and could not have ended more perfectly with everyone enjoying wine, cheese, conversation and memories as a group. Until next time, happy diving!!