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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 27, 2016
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Log Date: 27th Aug – 3rd Sept 2016

Entry By: Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Air Temp: 77F

Water Temp: 76F

Visibility : 60 – 100 ft



Captain: Johnathan

Engineer: Sam

Cook: Peni

Cruise Director Dive Master: Rhys

Crew: Richard, Charlie,

Steward: Talei



Glenn, Soe, Yot, Adam, Mike, James, Graham, Andrew, Philippe, Petri


Dive Sites

Sunday – Namara Isl, Drue Pass, Solo Pass, Solo West Wall

Monday – Solo East Wall

Tuesday – Solo 7 Sisters, Alacrity

Wednesday –

Thursday –

Friday –


Saturday 27th Aug

This week we have a great bunch of fun loving guys from all over the world with Rainbow Tours in Thailand. The plan was to depart Suva and head straight down to Solo lighthouse but the swells were still a bit lumpy so we opted to head down to Namara Isl to start the trip off. Was a bit of a bumpy crossing but everyone handled it well. These guys definitely had their sea legs on. Had a peaceful dinner in a calm anchorage at Namara Isl and everyone enjoyed their wine and good ole yarn.


Sunday 28th Aug

We did the checkout dive off the back of the boat at Namara Island. Visibility was great and everybody got their weights and buoyancy in order. We then munched down a quick breakfast before we were back in the water at the Dravuni Pass wall. We then made our way up to Solo Lighthouse hoping to see some whales on the way but unfortunately they must have been sleeping deep. We did the 3rd dive at the Solo Passage wall which was beautiful as usual with the fans and hard corals. We later did a live drop dive off the solo west wall because the winds hadn’t dropped as quick as it should have. We later anchored at the Solo Lighthouse Anchorage


Monday 29th Aug

Monday morning wasn’t as bright but the clouds are starting to burn away. We spent the whole day at the Solo east wall called Denali. Jim spotted a whale after they were out of the water and dried up but it just did a deep dive and was gone. The visibility was great and the corals were out in their colors. The sun later came out which warmed everyone up and lit up the corals even more


Tuesday 30th Aug

We did one dive at Solo reef on the seven sisters which was beautiful in a rising sun. The usual hard and soft corals and fans were bright. Visibility was a good 100 feet or more.

We then made our way down to Alacrity with it’s usual walls of soft corals and great visibility then ended up at the Drue beacon anchorage for a late afternoon / Night dive. The resident turtle was there and all the usual critters and Nudi’s and soft corals with black coral bushes and Halimeda sea grass.


Wednesday 31st Aug

A very dreary day today and cold with rain and strong winds. We did two dives today at Daydreamers and Fantasea. Beautiful visibility, unfortunately the sun wasn’t out to light up the soft corals. We then headed back into our Drue beacon anchorage for the third dive after the winds started whipping up to about 30 knots with heavy rain. Luckily there’s still plenty good protected diving even in these conditions. After the third dive we headed to the island for our village visit. Every one had fun at the village with the dancing and singing and cooking our underground oven (Lovo) Dinner by the villagers.


Thursday 1st Sep

Today was still windy but at least the rain had cleared. We left our Drue village anchorage and headed to the wreck dive up near Papagino Resort. Beautiful visibility and lots of fish later everyone came up happy. We then moved on to the Ono pass bommies which was the best protection we could get in the strong winds. I like to call it quality rubble. The few soft corals were out and the hard corals stretched all around. We then went further up to Namara Pass or “Yot’s” reef as they renamed it and did two dives there. Beautiful hard coral gardens with soft corals and lots of fish but a bit cold by the end of the day.


Friday 2nd Sep


We did a live drop off the west wall of Solo with light current and beautiful walls of soft coral. Visibility was very good and it was a last peaceful dive before heading back to Suva. The trip home was a little bumpy but not as bad as when we came down. Now we have following seas and a relaxing trip home. We did cocktails and dinner and everyone departed Saturday morning looking all bright eyed and bushy



Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Capt. Johnathan Smith