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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 24, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV Sep 24-Oct 1st-2016

Air Temp. 84 F

Water Temp: 82 – 83 F

Vis: 80-100 Ft

Crew: Captain Eddy, Second Captain Alex, Engineer Simon, DM John, Chef Carlos, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Jean

Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday: Julies Jungle & Long Caye Ridge

Monday: Eagle Ray Wall & Long Caye Wall

Tuesday; Half Moon Caye Wall & Painted Wall

Wednesday: The Blue Hole & Site X

Thursday: Chain Wall & Silver Caves

Friday: Sandy Slope

This week we welcome aboard: Weng, Ed, Anna, Stephen & Stephanie, Connie, Wayne, Jay & Valerie, Andy, David, and it was also nice to welcome back again Doug & Donna, Don & Rita, Brent, Fred & Phyllis, and Cindy:  

Another great adventure week aboard the Aggressor IV in Belize. much fun was had thru the week! And new friends were made, Many photos and videos were done, and beautiful memories to have, light House Reef atolls  is where you will discover the most amazing reef in Belize and some of the best diving in the Caribbean.

As soon as everyone was onboard they got situated in their Cabins and on the dive deck followed by a safety briefing and a big welcome dinner prepared by the galley staff, shortly after we departed to Light House Reef:

Sunday Morning we Started up, and move over to Julies Jungle, here we did what we call a check out dive, basically just making sure that everything work great and weighed properly, having all the assisting one will need by two DM in the water & two on deck, it was a (FINTASTIC) startup everyone enjoyed the dive and was ready to move up to the next level, for the afternoon we dove at Long Caye Ridge, there we were greeted by a big School of Horse Eye Jacks and Chubs that actually hang out with us at the hang bar, and a few Tarpon waiting for the night dive, for they know that divers will have bright lights and they can feed right over their shoulders.

Monday morning we saw our first Eagle Ray and Turtle, and on the afternoon dives we saw a big Green Moray out and about on the Reef checking out all the divers out.

The rest of the week was awesome we dove at Half Moon Caye area and had some of the best diving ever, on one dive we had Sharks Turtle, Sting Rays, Pipe Sea Horse, Spotted Eagle Ray, and many friendly Groupers,

One of the best dive was at site Chain Wall, here we had a few very friendly Sharks, a Turtle that give away a few poses, and a Very big Spotted Eagle Ray making circles on the wall.

Wednesday we ventured to the Great Blue Hole and had an amazing dive, diving into what at some point of life was a massive cave on land, and now sits at the bottom of the ocean with all these beautiful stalactite’s hanging over the wall, for many it was a dream long awaited, now accomplish! Smile and more smiles as we motor away to explore the island of Half Moon Caye where we saw the Iguanas, red footed Bobbies and Hermit Crabs! 

Thursday we dove at Silver Caves, thousands of creole wrasses on the wall, There was seven Spotted Eagle Ray seen on the first dive many big Groupers on the wall and of course a few Sharks as well, we had and awesome day of diving! We finish the week at Turneffe Island Sandy Slope with stingrays and many other beautiful creatures and great visibility leaving everyone with great memories and a desire to stay for another week! We thank you we love you, and sure hope to have you with us in near future, from your crew on the Belize Aggressor IV!

Be safe!!