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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 01, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV Captains Log Oct 1-8-2016

Air Temp. 88 F

Water Temp: 83 – 84 F

Vis: 80-100 Ft


Captain Eddy, First Mate John, , Chef Carlos, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Jean, Inst/DM Jerome and Engineer Simon!

Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday: Long Caye Wall & Julies Jungle

Monday: Long Caye Ridge & Light House Wall

Tuesday: Blue Hole & Silver Cave

Wednesday: Chain Wall & Painted Wall

Thursday: Half Moon Caye & Turneffe, Grand Bouge & Front Porch

Friday: Black Beauty

Such an incredible week, meeting new dive buddies, and having wonderful underwater adventurers.

On Saturday we welcomed onboard: Robert & Gail who stayed with us for two weeks, Cassie & Scott, Joel, Patrick, Jerry & Lisa, Marc, Jim, Jen, Jason, Chuck, Gary, Krist, Inna, Amanda & Eric after introducing them to their staterooms and helped get everyone set up on the dive deck, the group was excited and ready to go diving! After the safety briefing and introductions a delicious dinner was served and we headed out to Lighthouse Reef where we will begin our diving adventure.

After our first Breakfast officially out to sea, we started the morning with an extended deck briefing sharing the knowledge of safety and fun, follow by our first dive into the beautiful waters of Belize. The very first dive at Long Caye Wall it was a great start, green morays, schools of Barracudas and a Turtle! Not to mention the beautiful Reef! For the afternoon dive site Julies Jungle. There were also big Schools of fish hanging out on the Wall and a few tarpons on this site, after dinner we did our night dive which was very enjoyable and a great way to end a full day of diving, for a first day of diving it was truly spectacular!

Monday. Dive site Long Caye Ridge was wonderful with all the Creole Wrasses on the wall and the beautiful Coral formation that made a deferent type of topography, a Turtle was also seeing feeding on some special type of sponge, a few sting Ray’s and a large Puffer Fish and Groupers on the wall. We then move over to Light House Wall for the Afternoon and our night dive, here we had two Fantastic wall Dives with Spotted Eagles Ray two Reef Sharks along with many friendly Groupers that give some awesome opportunity for photos and video and a few Sting Rays in the sand.

Tuesday Morning.

We Dove into the famous and exotic Blue Hole which is one of the most wanted Dive around the world, swimming around and under the stalactites some describes as breath taking, over all it was a fascinating Dive or as some will say a dream accomplish, followed by an Island tour at Half-moon Caye where Cool discovery’s was made on the Island, Iguanas, Hermit Crabs and the famous Red foot Bobbies.

After a great Lunch was serve at the Sun Deck our underwater Adventure continued at Silver Caves, we saw a bunch of cool spiny lobsters, giant hermit crabs, blue shrimp and a large swimming Green Moray and a Nurse Shark inside the cavern that had at least a few Million Silversides, many big Groupers on the wall and Horse Eye Jacks, This site was truly enjoy by all, on the night dive Tarpons, Crabs, Neck Crabs and an Octopus was enjoy.

Wednesday we did Chain Wall & Painted Wall, on the first dive we saw at least four Sharks on the Wall a few Lobsters Parading in the sand, and some very friendly Groupers again on the wall, Painted Wall was next, one of our favorite dive sites, here again we had a Turtle that allow divers to swim side by side taking all the photos that was wished then sit on the bottom along with a French Engel Fish and feed on a Sponge together, this wall is really decorated with tons of deferent sponges and beautiful colors and lots of Black coral and painted Tunicates, the top of the wall is only about Twenty five feet, and it all look like a garden whit so many soft coral.

Thursday. Chain Wall was so good we decided to go over to Half-Moon Caye Wall which is close to Chain Wall, and again we had two great dives I think the most exciting was a few Groupers going head to head for a good ten fifteen minutes, and two of them move away and stop in a cleaning station and I was there so I got some amazing video for the week as they let the little cleaners in and out their mouth,

We finish the week diving at Turneffe Island site Grand Gouge, Front Porch and Black Beauty it was here where we saw the famous and Illusive Spotted Toad Fish on our night dive/

We had a great week! You better Belize it, it was an awesome week, and we highly appreciate all our guest for joining us this week, we love you!! And to all you Bubble makers out there we invite you to join us on our next underwater adventure, until then SAFE DIVING!! And best wishes From the BAIV. Captain & Crew!!