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Fiji Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 24, 2016
Entry By: Captain Johnathan Smith


Log Date: 24th Sep – 1st Oct 2016

Entry By: Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Air Temp: 85F / 29c

Water Temp: 78F / 25.6

Visibility : 60 – 100 ft



Captain: Johnathan

Engineer: Vincent

Cook: Peni

Cruise Director Dive Master: Rhys

Crew: Jona, Charlie,

Steward: Mo



John, Tess, Ana, Joaquin, Matt, Neil


Dive Sites

Sunday – Wakaya Island – Manta Rock, Blue Corner, Lions Den.

Monday – Namena Isl – South Save a Tack - Chimneys, North Save a Tack – Grand Central Station, Wall

Tuesday – Blackforest 1, Mushrooms, School House, Vatu I Cake Island

Wednesday – Mount Mutiny, High 8

Thursday – Gau Island – Nigali Pass, Jims Alley, Village Visit – Somosomo Vil Gau

Friday – Anthias Avenue, Gau Wall

Saturday 24st Sep

We departed Suva about 1325 hrs and made our way towards Wakaya Isl. Beautiful sailing weather with 5/10 kts Northerlies after weeks of 20/25 knots winds and constant bad weather. We anchored in Homestead Bay at Wakaya at about 2115 hrs.

Sunday 25th Sep

We moved at 0630 hrs to Manta Rock where we did our checkout dive and everyone got their buoyancy sorted. We then did Blue corner, Lions Den and Yellow wall with all the different hard and soft corals and fish life. Only a couple of hammerheads today, no mantas but still lots of fish life. We left straight after the fourth dive since the weather was really good and made our way up to Namena Marine Reserve. We anchored at South Save a Tack at about 2340 hrs.

Monday 26th Sep

Beautiful sunrise and seas as flat as a lake is how we like it. We did out first dive at Chimneys and it was stunning as usual with all the soft coral and fans. The hoards of anthias together with good visibility and incoming current made for a perfect dream dive in Fiji. We moved to North Save a tack to Grand Central Station where the big schooling fish lived, Schools of Jacks, Chevron Barracuda and sharks patrolling the wall. The third dive was at the North save a Tack shallow wall and there we saw our hammerhead. We then moved back to SSAT and did Blackforest 2 which as always never disappoints for those who love soft coral and color.

Tuesday 27th Sep

Beautiful morning “again” still flat as a lake with visible ripping incoming current at the South Save a Tack Namena Marine Reserve. First dive was at Blackforest #1. The current wasn’t as strong as it looked and we could actually swim around the bommie. Soft corals and forest of black coral bushes were showing good recovery. The fish life was teaming as usual with the Jacks charging the anthias and the coral trouts waiting to ambush the fleeing Anthias from behind a fan. You could just sit and watch this all day and not get tired of the different tricks by the Jacks. We then moved on to Mushrooms then School House where the big fish were playing. Hammerhead, grey reefs, Dogtooth tuna. We upped anchor after the third dive and headed to Vatu I Cake island to do the fourth dive. Vatu I Cake island had an interesting mx of critters from a flathead to a good sized painted lobster together with the crepuscular fish.

Wednesday 28th Sep

We started up our main engines at 0500 hrs and headed Northwest to High Eight. We did a live drop on the southeastern corner. Tuna, White tip shark but no silver tips. We then made our way to Mellow yellow

Thursday 29th Sep

First dive was outside Nigali Pass wall. Great vis and lots of hard coral and fish. We then waited for the incoming current at Nigali Pass and finally got to jump in with about 20 sharks. Mainly grey reef, black and white tips. Schooling Chevron Barracuda, Trevally and the vampire looking Red Bass. Great dive with not so strong a current and good visibility. We then moved over to Jims Alley and did one dive there before moving to the Village where we spent the afternoon with the villagers at Somosomo I Gau perform meke’s and singing and the ladies joining in to learn some Fijian dance moves. We then retired to the boat to some Fijian cooked Lovo (underground earth oven) dinner.

Friday 30th Sep

We did an early morning 0600 hrs dive at Anthias Avenue with good incoming current and clear visibility. Schooling Anthias and walls of livened up soft corals made the dive with a rising sun. We then moved to the outside Gau west wall where we did the final dive and headed home. We reached port about 1600 hrs. By 1800 hrs we were having a cocktail and kava with guitars and a sing along.

Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew

Capt. Johnathan Smith