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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 08, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV Oct 8th -15-2016

Water Temp: 82-84 F

Vis: 80-110 Ft

Weather: Sunny


Crew: Captain Eddy, First mate/DM, John, Chef Jerry, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Jean, Inst/Dive Master Jerome, Engineer/Inst/DM, Simon


Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday: Long Caye Ridge & Julies Jungle

Monday: Half- Moon Caye Wall & Long Caye Wall

Tuesday: Chain Wall & Light House Reef

Wednesday: Blue Hole & Silver Cave

Thursday: Painted Wall, Grand Bouge, & Front Porch

Friday: Black Beauty

A magnificent week, filled with adventure and laughter, onboard and underwater, enjoyment every second! It all started on Saturday when returning and new friends joined us onboard.

This week we welcome aboard: Dennis, Mike, Bill & Janie, Delaine, Julie, Janis & John, Robert & Gail, Ginna, Jeff, Toby, Greg, Therese, Lisa & Alex: After they got set up in their staterooms and out on the dive deck. We did our safety and orientation briefing followed by a delicious dinner and an incredible dessert.

The first day of diving commenced at Long Caye Ridge, School of Bermuda Chubs & Jacks welcomed the divers, someone discovered a big ray gliding along, it was the perfect place to start the week and get back underwater. For the afternoon dives there were more Sting rays, a few juvenile drum fish, file fish, and two Green Moray out and about on a hunt, Gail & Bob had a special encounter with one of them, face to face, and then we watch as one of them almost feed on a Lion Fish, The night dive was also enjoyed, One octopus was observed and many Lobsters and a couple of Eels, What an incredible first day to start such an amazing week!

The next day started at Half-Moon Caye & Long Caye Wall very enjoyable dive sites, our first shark were discovered and a few Sting Ray in the sand, a Spotted Eagle Ray as it Glided across on the wall, everyone enjoyed swimming through the crevasses that starts at about thirty feet and comes out on the wall 40-50 feet, The Reef at Long Caye was very enjoyable it was beautiful, lushly coral and Sponges of deferent colors and Tunicates on the wall, a complete decoration along with good visibility, the night dive was awesome four Octopus and a few Reef Squids.

Tuesday we attempted to make it to the Great Blue hole with no luck due to weather, so we gave the divers a unique opportunity to explore Site Chain Wall, here we always see a few Sharks but this time we only saw two, but the visibility was great and we had some very friendly Groupers on the wall and some Silver Sides in a craves that give and awesome opportunity for photos and videos, for the rest of the day we move over to Light House Reef, where we saw the biggest Green Moray ever seen, on our night dive we saw a Large eye Toad Fish, Slipper Lobster some amazing Hermit Crabs and a Neck Crab out on a hunt on the sand,

Wednesday Morning we made our move to the great Blue Hole where everyone had a chance to swim down to 130ft with a great excuse, the stalactites start at 110 but the best of the dive is at 125ft, once again we delivered as promise, an awesome dive at one of the most unique sites in the world. For the afternoon we did one of our favorite site’s, Silver Caves, and it was glorious, we swim through the Silver Cave , and yes, it was a Silver Cave, it was pack with Silver sides and about ten big Tarpons that actually lead us in and out, then we saw our little friend See Horse, that was gone on a three week vacation but now is back again, on the wall we saw two Sharks a few big Groupers and a lot of activity going on, Creole wrasses Sergeant Majors, Chubs, Jacks and many more creatures that made this site to be one of the best for the week.

Thursday was a little bleakly weather-wise, but the enthusiasm onboard was hard to beat, we dove at Painted wall and saw a friendly Turtle chumming on the Reef, meanwhile a Green Moray was being photograph by others, this is a very shallow reef dive with a wall, and a lot of Gorgonians, Elephant Sponges, Vase Sponge, friendly Spotted Eagle Ray and Tunicates over the wall, even though it was a little rainy at first but it still ended being a great dive, It was Big John best dive for the week. Crossing over to Turneffe added excitement as rumors started about the Illusive white Spotted Toad Fish, with weather being bleakly possibly made it even better for they come out even more, and so it was The DM on that dive delivered again.

We then move over to Front Porch, a turtle was seen and a Green Moray came face to face with Tobin and Julie got an awesome photo to prove it, someone else saw the same Moray checking them out as they swim on the wall. That night we move over to Black Beauty where we Dove our two last dive for the week, and again saw our elusive Spotted Toad Fish

The entire week was extremely fun on board and underwater, all of our dive buddies, new and returning friends and family made it so incredible. From all of the crew of the Belize Aggressor IV we would like to thank you for joining us, and we look forward to the opportunity to spend time together again. WE LOVEYOU, BE SAFE!!