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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Oct 09, 2016
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew



October 9th to 16th, 2016


Water Temp: 82-84 Degrees

Air Temp: 85 to 90 Degrees

Weather Conditions: SW winds 15kts Monday & Tuesday 8-10 KTS Wednesday and on.

Recommended Wet Suit: 3mm full suit

Crew: Dan, Scott, Hector, Shea, Joe, Ernan, & Editha


Sunday afternoon we boarded 18 guests from all corners of the USA. They are part of an organization called REEF. So this week was all about counting fish. After the guests boarded we did the captains briefing then got everyone’s gear set up and settled into their cabins. After we enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by Chef Shea. After all the guests went to sleep to get some rest for their first day of diving.


Monday morning we began our diving in Malakal Harbor at St. Cardinal’s Reef. We decided on a shallow check out dive with plenty of fish to discover on the interior reef. The guests did really well with their fish Id mission spotting lots of species we can only observe on the interior reef.   After the first dive the vessel got under way to Wonder Channel where we did the second dive of the day. This dive site is our best macro critter dive. It also offers a great variety of juvenile fish. Our third and final dive was on Clam city where there are numerous giant clams some reaching over 3 foot in length. After our final dive we did the reef hook briefing to prepare for our dives on the exterior reef the next day.


Tuesday we dove Dengese Pass and Ngerchong outside in the morning. We spotted a few eagle rays and crocodile fish during the dives. In the afternoon we dove German Channel and Barnums Wall. We had plenty of sharks in the channel as well as 2 manta’s which we spent about 30 minutes diving with around the cleaning station. We also encountered a beautiful cuttlefish during the dive.


Wednesday we began our day on Alexis coral garden and Big Drop Off. We saw a whiptail ray and an eagle ray on the dive as well as at least 6 turtles. In the afternoon we did a second dive in German channel. We had at least 10 grey reef sharks circling the cleaning station getting cleaned. We also found a leaf scorpion fish and a few napoleon wrasse during the dives. Our final dive was a night dive at Helmet Wreck Coral Garden where we spotted two large stone fish which are pretty rare to find here.


Thursday we dove Helmet wreck and Short Drop off in the morning. Down deeper we found a few decorated dart fish. As well as 2 stone fish and 2 crocodile fish. Our afternoon dives were in Light House Channel and Mandarin Fish Lake. We were lucky enough to see some of the mandarin fish mating.


Friday we went to Ulong Island. Our first 2 dives were on Siaes Tunnel and Sandy Paradise. Here we found the very rare helfritch dartfish as well as a few turtles and grey reef sharks. Then we saw 4 leaf scorpion fish and 2 mantis shrimp. One of them is a little baby mantis shrimp. In the afternoon we dove the famous Ulong channel and Ulong coral garden. The channel was beautiful as always. With some grey reef sharks at the entrance and, a few turtles and beautiful magnificent sea anemones.

Saturday we dove Siaes Tunnel one more time before heading to Chandelier Caves for our final dive. The guests specially requested we dive Siaes Tunnel again since they were finding rare fish uncommonly seen inside the tunnel. Chandelier caves was beautiful as always and the guests enjoyed seeing the mandarin fish outside the caves.