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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 15, 2016
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log 15th -22nd October 2016


Air Temp.  77-84+ F

Water Temp. 79-81 F

Visibility 20-100+ft



Captain David Patterson

Engineer David M.

Instructor AQ

Instructor James

Chef Robert



Cindy, Thomas, Al, Marion, Lulu, Cedric, Manon, Diete, Claudia & Steve (Spiv)



Sunday – Lobster No Lobster, Barracuda Shoals

Monday – Monolith, Tunnel Rock, The Barge

Tuesday – Cobia Cage, Hole in the Wall, Cave Rock 

Wednesday – Cut N Run, Split Coral

Thursday – Cut Thru City, Jewfish Wall, Madison Avenue

Friday – Blue Hole, Periwinkle


Saturday October 15th 2016

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 10 diver onboard for a week of live aboard diving around the Exuma Islands. Once everyone was onboard we set off toward the night anchorage at Ships Channel. Dinner was taken en route and a little before midnight we dropped the anchor to rest for the night.


Sunday October 16th 

Due to the high winds we were only able to fit in two dives. First up we did Lobster no Lobster. this underwater jewel always throughs something at us that perhaps we havent seen before. guests saw nudibranchs of all shapes and sizes, crabs, lobsters and huge Barracudas hanging out below the boat. 

Next up was Barracuda Shoals. Similar in topography to Lobster no Lobster we enjoy one dive here before we decided to head over the Exuma Sound to Eleuthera. 

We had no takers for the night dive so we all got an early nights rest. 


Monday October 17th

First up for us was Monolith, this wonderful wall dive affords us the chance to go deep if we wish to. the wall is abuzz with life of all shapes and sizes. sharks are sighted perusing the blue and turtles are spotted munching on the sponges. This would whet the appetite of what was to come 

After two dives on Monolith we head over Tunnel Rock where we completed a couple of dives. This shallow site is laden with fish and it never fails to amaze us how many different species we see here. 

The night dive was taken on the barge wreck where some guests spotted the ever elusive octopus. What  find indeed!!


Tuesday October 18th 

We started of the day at the ever popular Cobia Cage. This unique dive site features a suspended cage that used to house Cobia inside for breeding and research purposes. The programs to house fish have long since gone, but the cage remains. 

Sitting in 90 feet of water and topping out at 15 feet this is quite the structure to see when you are underwater. 

Guests saw schooling Jacks, Spadefish, Barracudas, Crabs and much more. 

We then dived Hole in the wall for two dives which everybody enjoyed followed by ending up the day in the shallows at Cave Rock.  


Wednesday October 19th 

We started the day off at Cut N Run where our divers got to explore the wreckage of an old airplane and a hug ships anchor and Chain. 

We completed two dives here where we explored the wall, the halos and of course the wreck. We saw fish off al different species going about their daily business scurrying around the reef. 

We then moved the yacht south and spent the rest of the day at Split Coral where we were surrounded by up to 17 Reef Sharks at one time. This amazing experience was one of the highlights of the trip. Getting up close and personal to so many sharks is simply awe inspiring. 

After the night dive here at Split coral we decided to move the yacht to our next dive site - Cut Thru City where we tied up in preparation for the mornings adventure. 


Thursday October 20th 

We hopped in for two dives here at Cut Thru City where everyone explored the cuts and canyon ways that make this such a wonderful site to behold. We saw Sharks, Rays, Moray Eels, Turtles and numerous different species of reef fish. Every one had a blast on Cut Thru City. 

After the second dive we made the crossing back toward the Exumas and before long we were tied up at Jewfish Wall. This fantastic wall site has a myriad of swim throughs and canyon ways. We spotted man many reef sharks cruising by us in the blue as well as the usual suspects such as parrotfish, Groupers, Squirrel Fish and Grunts. 

We then moved to madison Avenue for our afternoon and night dive. The divers were amazed at the sheer volume of fish seen here for such a compact site. The tops of the reef were awash with blue and grey chromis as well as huge schools of fish that adorned the reef itself. 

We then enjoyed dinner after the night dive as well as the weekly video which Dave Millard had prepared all week. 


Friday October 21st

The crew awoke early to move the yacht back toward Nassau and our first dive site of the day - The Blue Hole. The Majestic site is always a favorite dive on the charter. Here we saw lots of Reef Sharks, the huge resident loggerhead turtle, Stingrays, Eels and much much more. 

We then completed our week of diving on the shallow dive site Periwinkle. I believe that this site has one of the densest fish populations of any of the dives we do on this itinerary. Its absolutley astound the amount of life here, it has to be seen to be believed. 


Alas it was time to head for home and for our intrepid travellers to dream up more destinations to discover with the Aggressor Fleet.

Huge Happy Birthdays to Marion, Lulu and Spiv.. Spit we were all very impressed at your dessert eating prowess!

Happy honeymoon also goes out to Cedric and Manon, we wish you many years of happiness ahead.

The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!

Until The Next Time Safe Travels…


Best Fishes,

Bahamas Aggressor Crew