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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 15, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Oct 15th to 22nd 2016

Water Temp 82 Air Temp 86

Exposure Protection 3mm wetsuit, rashguard.

Crew Capt Niall, 2nd Capt Alan, Engineer Rodel, Instructors Aubri & April, Steward Latoya.

Guests Leo & Barbara, JP & Mari, Tyler & Caitlin, Brenda & Richard, Debbie & Brett, Mark & Kevin, Nina & Amo, Eric Neil & Megan.

Our guests this week came from all over the United States of America. Some had been on this very both several times before some had been on other Aggressors before and for some it was their first on the deck of any Aggressor. One and all were welcome with a cold drink and safety briefing as we planned out our Cayman Adventure.

Saturday Oct 15th Our very first call to action was right at the dock in Georgetown harbor as JP got started on his certification so with pool like conditions JP life as a diver got going and completed all the required skills.

Sunday Oct 16th Our week started at the Wreck of the Doc Poulson and he weather gods were certainly smiling down upon us as we did our giant strides in a flat calm ocean. The visibility had to be in the hundred foot mark and as we descended an eagle ray was sighted heading over the wall. Next stop was world famous Sting Ray City as we made our way round to north side of Grand Cayman making ready for our run to Little Cayman. The water was blue as could be and the sting rays were as curious and friendly as ever and we even found a small sea horse in the turtle grass under the boat. As Chef Alan served up a mouth watering Subway lunch we headed out east to Babylon for a couple of afternoon dives. The wall at Babylon is always seen as a taste of things to come as next stop would be Bloody bay wall.

Monday Oct 17th The crossing from Grand Cayman was smooth and uneventful and we awoke to a beautiful morning in Little Cayman. Our first stop was Randys Gazebo. The water was clear and blue and the ocean was still behaving nicely as we descended down over Bloody Bay wall and a nurse shark did a drive by that was a sign of things the come. The famous friendly grouper of Blood Bay were well in attendance and as we cruised the wall top that same nurse shark came back for a 2nd look and then a 3rd and even a 4th as her curiosity seemed to get the better of her and she just had to keep checking us out and to cap the dice a big eagle ray drifted past us. For the afternoon and night dive we headed up to Meadows. The swim thrus and cuts in the wall were a huge hit with our happy and easy going divers. A nurse shark and eagle ray were again sighted carrying the theme of the morning at Randys. The nightdive was a huge hit with again a visit from a nurse shark, several lobster, a channel and a very playful octopus.

Tuesday Oct 18th Our first stop on this bright and sunny Tuesday morning was Leah Leahs lookout for 2 dives. Leah Leahs is always a big hit with anyone who dives Bloody Bay and today was no different. It was a little gloomy up on the reef top but the edge of the wall and into the blue was nice a clear. We cruised the wall and headed for the Great Room which is a majestic cut that goes from 90ft thru the wall and out on the reef at 30ft. Alan served up a delicious Italian lunch as we motored up the bay to Bus Stop for the afternoon and night dive. We had shark and turtle action at Bus Stop and several super friendly grouper that joined us for just about all the dives and to top the day off we had yet another Octopus to entertain us at night.

Wednesday Oct 19th We awoke to a windy but bright blue day so we headed to the south side of Little Cayman for our first 2 morning dives at Black Hole. The sites on the south of the sister island start a little deeper than bloody bay but are just as coral adorned. We had lobster and a friendly turtle and a large eagle ray that did slow drive by. As Alan served up cheese burgers in paradise we head the short distance to Grundys reef for some shallow easy and lazy diving and we were reward with 2 scorpion fish, a large spiny lobster and a turtle that was just truly oblivious to divers. With all the gang safely back on board we made ready for our crossing back to Grand Cayman and shortly into the passage we had a pod of dolphin come and play on the bow wave, a perfect way to say our goodbyes to Little Cayman.

Thrusday Oct 20th First stop in back in Grand Cayman was the USS Kittiwake on a bright and beautiful morning. The visibility had to be in the 100ft mark as we descended down on this once proud US Navy submarine rescue vessel. We explored inside and out and were kept company by a school of horse eye jacks. Just toward the end of the first dive an eagle ray did a drive by right between Kevin and Mark for what can only be described as a “money shot”. Aland served up a tasteful curry as we made our way to Governors Reef. We had an afternoon with turtles, lobsters, sting rays and moray eels and all the dives produced Nurse sharks even on the night dive.

Friday Oct 21st First stop on our final morning was a 2 for 1 deal as we head to Round Rock & Trinity Caves. The vis was clear and the water blue as we explored the numerous swim thrus, a large turtle was sighted out in the blue and an eagle was sighted in the distance but chose not to come close enough for cameras. Our last stop was at Devils Grotto for another dive filled with atmospheric swims thru and caverns. The afternoon was a hive of activity with us getting ready to go back out and do it all again and the guests started the washing, drying and packing of dive gear. At the Captains cocktail party all talk turn with Aggressor destination next and it is our cherished hope that one and all will join us back in the Cayman Islands. Special mention to JP whom got his open water certification and then his nitrox cert. Tyler, Caitlin and Mari also got their nitrox certs and to Amo & Nina whom both completed their 500 dives on board but not only that, they did each and every one of those 500 dives together.

All in all it was yet another fantastic week here in Cayman.

Until next week.

Your Cayman Aggressor IV Crew