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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 15, 2016
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II Captain’s Log


October 15 - October 22, 2016

Air Temp. 78-88 F

Water Temp. 80-82 F

Visibility 45-70+ft


Captain/Engineer: Cliff Muse

Instructor: Jeremy Dick

Instructor: Brent Goudreau

Divemaster: Ashley Sheree

Dive master: Cam Smay

Chef: Kevin Bennett


GUESTS: Elisabeth Sykes, Vick Thomas, Robert Woodhead, Natsumi Ueki, Katherine Lansdale, Gary Landsdale, Samuel Foy, Jacob Weyland, Christine Weyland, and Shannon Weyland,




Sunday – Kalokos Arches, Garden Eel Cove

Monday – Aquarium, The Dome,

Tuesday – Paradise Pinnacle, The Hive

Wednesday – Pele’s Playground, Never Never Land, Au Au Crater

Thursday – Lion’s Den, Driftwood, Ampitheater, and Pelagic Night Dive

Friday – Turtle Pinnacle


Saturday October 15th– The Kona Aggressor II would like to welcome aboard our guests for this week,

Elisabeth, Vick, Robert, Natsumi, Katherine, Gary, Samuel, Jacob, Christine, and Shannon. We are all

eagerly awaiting getting back in the water as we spent last week on a down week (due to the Iron Man

being held in Kona Hawaii last week). We used our week to make beautiful additions to our salon and

cabin areas, along with new amenities on the sun deck. Our ship was spic and span and ready for guests

promptly at 5pm at which time we welcomed our guests aboard with a big Aloha and smiles. All our

guests were excited about the week’s coming diving adventures, of which we discussed over another

beautiful BBQ dinner supplied by Chef Kevin.



            Sunday October 16th – We left our mooring bright and early from Kona Harbor and headed North

            towards our first dive location, Kalokos Arches. Kalokos Arches was magnificicent again with very

            clear and warm water. Visibility was at 70 feet and water temperatures were right around 82 degrees.

            We were certainly not disappointed by the variety of sea creatures we found on our first two dives.

Divers reported seeing quite large Fried Egg Nudibranchs, and Titan Scorpion Fish out in the sand patch. Our special treat was to find two huge Turtles, one a Green Turtle and the other a Hawksbill

turtle. What beautiful creatures to behold. Unfortunately the Hawksbill Turtle had fishing line wrapped

around the front flippers. We were able to approach the Turtle pretty close and try to remove the

fishing line, but he dove out of sight before we could begin work. Of all the environmental hazards we find along the coast, the most prevalent hazard we find is old fishing line. Please do your part to remove

this line when you encounter it underwater. Divers were excited to also find a juvenile Dragon Wrasse,

a large Porcupine Puffer Fish, and a Day Octopus. What a terrific start to a dive trip. Just when we thought we saw all of the highlights underwater, we discovered a large Yellow Frog Fish that really

made our day. On our way out from Kalokos to our next destination of Garden Eel Cove (North)

we were visited by a pod of Spinner Dolphins that jumped out of the water to greet us as we

passed by. Great fun was had by all.


            Garden Eel Cove was our next dive sight location, and again we were not disappointed. Visibility to 100

            feet plus and 82 degree water awaited us. We dove in after another spectacular lunch of Asian food

            from Chef Kevin, and found the boat’s unofficial mascot the Hawaiian Monk Seal waiting for us.

            What a playful Seal! We had so much fun while observing him from a safe distance. He would swim

            and dive around us, curious to see what we were up to. We also spotted a few large Manta Rays ,

            that we would see later tonight at the Manta Mayhem dive. Chef Kevin served a wonderful meal

            Grilled Fresh Mahi, Mashed Potatoes and roasted carrots, followed by a fabulous New York Style

            Cheese Cake. We next prepared for our evening Manta Dive. We encountered Manta Rays even before

            we reached the dive site. We were so excited about this dive. We dove to the campfire ring underwater

            where the other dive boats place their underwater lights and were immediately surrounded by five larg

            Manta Rays. We spent 45 minutes enjoying the Manta Ray acrobatics as they swam, turn, looped, and

            pivoted around the dive lights to eat the plentiful plankton in the water. What a pure joy it was to see

            these graceful sea creatures maneuver underwater. Good Night to All and Happy Dreams of Manta


Monday October17h - Aloha! We pulled up the mooring line early in the morning while watching the

the pink sunrise come up over Mana Kea Volcano. Our next dive site was scheduled for the Aquarium,

to the South. We arrived to beautiful calm clear waters and GREAT visibility. 70 feet plus. We dove in

right away at 8:00 AM and found two Green Sea Turtles right off the bat. On the second morning dive

we found a large Green Moray Eel, a Flowery Flounder, and even a White Tip Reef Shark. A

spectacular day of diving and it just began! We had a fantastic lunch of Grilled Tri-Tip from Chef

Kevin, and made our way further South to our next dive location of the Dome. The Dome is a great

spot to dive early in the afternoon as the sun is high enough in the sky to light up the underwater

skylight of the Dome. Super clear waters and warm temperatures was the order of the day as we dove

in and found our way around the Dome dive site. We first dove to 60 feet to see if the White Tip

Reef Sharks were in the cave, and sure enough they were. Our divers were able to get some great

pictures of them swimming in the cave. We next made our way back to the shallows and found a Leaf

Scorpion Fish, a Gold Lace Nudi, and large Yellow Frog Fish, and many Spotted Moray Eels. Our guest

Sam even spotted a Magnificent Snake Eel along the way, a very rare creature to see here along the

Kona Coast, but endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. After a full day of diving and a wonderful meal of

Grilled Pork Tenderloins with Grilled Vegetables and Rice from Chef Kevin, the guests elected to not

do the night dive and instead we spent a wonderful evening stargazing on the top sun deck, as the skies

were cloudless, dark, and perfect for stargazing. We found many Constellations and the Milky Way,

and even several satellites. What a perfect ending to a perfect day.


Tuesday October 18th – Good Morning and Aloha! What a big day of diving we have prepared for

today. Our first destination is scheduled for Paradise Pinnacle. Paradise Pinnacle begins at a depth of

30 feet and extends down to 85 feet of depth, with many sea creatures making it a permanent home. We

dove into sapphire blue waters and began our dive surrounded by Pyramid Butterfly fish. Our target

was to dive down to the cave area of the Pinnacle and look for the rare Long Nose Hawkfish, which we

found in short order. Other creatures we found along the way were Slipper Lobsters, White Mouth Eels,

two Flagtail Tile Fish, many Spotted Box Fish, and a Crab Starfish. On our second dive on Paradise

Pinnacle we found Cleaner Shrimp, Crown of Thorns, Dwarf Eels, Ringtail Wrasse, Rock Fish, and

even the endemic Hawaiian Lionfish. We next pulled up the mooring and move south towards

the crew’s favorite dive site The Hive. Our main focus was to find the famed Goliath Frog Fish,

usually located right outside of the cave in the sandy patch of the Hive. And find him we did! Everyone

was so happy to have made this discovery. We also encountered Stocky Hawkfish, Blackside Hawkfish,

many Parrot Fish, and Fried Egg Nudibranchs. On our late afternoon dive we were visited by a large

Spotted Eagle Ray and a very curious Manta Ray out in the blue along the shelf of The Hive. Another

great day of diving was had by all.


Wednesday October 19th – A pink sunrise was up over the calm waters surrounding our boat

as we pulled up our mooring bright and early, and headed for our first dive site of the morning,

Pele’s Playground. Pele’s Playground is a phenomenal structure of jagged edges, steep walls, and

dramatic drop offs. We were again graced by perfect visibility (100 feet + ) and calm warm (82 degree)

waters. We dove in promptly at 8am and were so happy to find a Hawksbill Turtle waiting for us. The

Hawksbill turtle was soon followed by Flame Angelfish, a White Mouth Eel, and even a Titan Scorpion

Fish. We next directed the bow of our ship towards Never Never Land in hopes of seeing a

Hammerhead Shark. Never Never Land is marked by a volcanic rock pillar that sits out of the water

about 30 feet with its base about 35 feet below the surface of the water. On the pillar can be found many

different types of Cowerys, Slipper Lobsters, and Eels of all sorts. It is a must see attraction when in this

area. We were able to find Yellow Phase Trumpet Fish, a Cusk Eel, Rock Fish, and even a Lobster.

We came back on board after the dive to have lunch and Chef Kevin had made a great lunch of

Roasted Lamb Sandwiches, Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, and assorted salads and chips.

We all had a great lunch and focused on our next dive scheduled for Au Au Crater, another crew

favorite location. Au Au Crater did not disappoint us as we were able to see the famed Dragon Wrasse,

many Undulated Moray Eels, Lizard Fish, Moorish Idol, Yellow Tang, and Parrot fish. We were really

ready for dinner after two dives on Au Au Crater, and were able to feast on Fresh, Grilled Salmon,

Roasted Vegetables, and Twice Stuffed Potatoes. Our night divers were given an extra surprise as they

were able to find two large Frog Fish, one yellow, and one red, along with a Conger Eel, Green Moray

Eels, Decorator Crabs, and Hawaiian Lionfish. Much excited talk was overheard on the deck after the

night dive in regards to all the sea creatures and underwater locations that had been seen today. Our

divers relaxed comfortably in our hot tub and gazed out upon the calm ocean before turning in for the


Thursday October 20th– We left our mooring bright and early as we had a full day of exciting

diving ahead of us. We first pointed the bow North and headed towards Lion’s Den, known to

have many endemic Hawaiian Lion Fish, hence the name of the location. We were greeted by calm,

warm waters at Lion’s Den and found many Lion Fish, along with Long Nose Butterfly Fish both Yellow and Black, and a Zebra Moray. On our second dive at this site we were able to see Spinner

Dolphins Pass overhead as we same through the many cave systems that abound here at Lion’s Den.

Next, we headed further North towards DriftWood, known for its steep drop off and many canyons.

We spotted a White Tip Reef Shark right off the bat, and also a Spotted Eagle Ray. A Green Sea

Turtle floated by and an Oceanic Trigger Fish too. All before lunch! We had a fantastic lunch and

and everyone talked about the early morning dives with much excitement. We next headed to

the Ampitheater and found several Titan Scorpion Fish, Cusk Eels, a Tritan Trumpet and

many Crown of Thorns. The Ampitheater is a great spot to go diving in the late afternoon, as the

sunlight is just right for adding color to the shallow reef areas for taking fantastic photos of

the Hawaiian Big Island sea life. We feasted on a banquet of Grilled Salmon, Roasted Vegetables,

and Mashed Sweet Potatoes and talked about the upcoming Pelagic Black Water Dive scheduled for

tonight. We dove in right after dinner and were able to see many of the deep sea creatures near the surface as they came up to feed for the night. We were also able to see a large pod of schooling

squid come by the boat. What another great day of diving!



Friday October 21st – Good Morning and Aloha! After a restful night at our mooring site inside the

protective harbor of Kona, we headed North towards Turtle Pinnacle, our last dive site scheduled for this

charter. After securing the boat at 60 feet of depth and perfect visibility we dove in and were greeted by

a large pod of Bottle Nose Dolphins, and even a Manta Ray. In addition, we were able to see Red Day

Octopus, Potter’s Angelfish, a Titan Scorpion Fish, and many Flame Angelfish. We were very

satisfied with our two dives today, and although we are sad to say farewell to our guests we are sure

that everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed themselves. A special congratulations to Robert for

successfully completing his Enriched Diver and Advanced Open Water Courses taught by Instructor Jeremy. Nice Job!


Thank you to all of our guests who made this such a wonderful and enjoyable charter.


         Until then,




The Kona Aggressor II Captain and crew