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Fiji Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 15, 2016
Entry By: Captain Johnathan Smith


Log Date: 15th – 22 Oct 2016

Entry By: Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Air Temp: 85F

Water Temp: 82F

Visibility :100 ft



Captain: Johnathan

Engineer: Vincent

Cook: Peni

Cruise Director Dive Master: Joji

Crew: Richard T, Richard O, Mo

Steward: Eddie



Patrick, Christine, Eli, Diane, Douglas, Fabio, Barry, Sharon, Mary


Dive Sites

Sunday – Namena Isl. – Chimneys, Mushrooms, NSAT Wall

Monday – Wakaya Island – Gau – Herald Bay

Tuesday – Gau – Jims Alley, Nigali wall, Nigali Pass, Village Visit – Somosomo Village

Wednesday – Gau – Anthias Avenue, Gau E wall, Nigali Pass, Nigali Wall

Thursday –

Friday –


Saturday 15th Oct

We departed Suva at 1345 hrs and headed straight for Namena Marine Reserve. Weather was beautiful with 10/15kts easterlies and a low Southerly swell. We had a comfortable ride up and dropped anchor at about 2409 hrs.


Sunday 16th Oct

Daybreak on the horizon at 0500 hrs and a beautiful sunrise to the start of a beautiful dive day. By 0600 hrs we had a line of eager divers at the coffee machine patiently waiting for their turn for that caffeine hit to jump start the day. First dive was a checkout dive at Chimneys with an incoming current which was just right to have a comfortable dive with all the soft corals out and at the same time get weights organized and new BC’s tested and fitted right. An Octopus and a turtle being attacked by anthias for feeding too close to their anemone was the highlight of the dive. Second dive at Mushrooms had a bit more incoming current but was still a comfortable dive with great visibility and all the soft coral and fans out showing off all their color and beauty. We hove anchor and moved to North Save a Tack to do Grand Central Station named because of all the congregation of different schooling fish. From trevally to Chevron Barracudas, Sharks, Ocean triggerfish and all the colors of the little guys darting in and out of the corals.


Monday 17th Oct

First dive at Wakaya was at Manta Rock. Visibility wasn’t too good with an outgoing current and no mantas but it was a nice coral garden dive. I never get tired of watching little rock mover wrasses throwing around and rearranging coral twice their size and the other fishes darting in for a meal underneath the cleared area. Second dive we did Blue Corner and had four mantas and a hammerhead. Third dive was at Lions Den and was beautiful as always with all the fans and soft corals. Fourth dive we did Yellow Wall and that was exciting with a Hammerhead patrolling up and down the wall. We departed for Gau straight after the fourth dive to beat the approaching bad weather. We did a crepuscular dive at Herald Bay in Gau with the usual shrimps and night critters coming out to play.




Tuesday 18th Oct

We heaved anchor at 0600 hrs and moved to Jims Alley where we did our first dive on an incoming current with all the soft corals out and the Clown fishes busy on the top of the reef keeping the Tomato Anemone under guard. We then moved to Nigali Pass where we did the outer wall and then the passage itself which had a ripping incoming current. In all of the mayhem of the current a pretty good size tiger shark came cruising through getting escorted by all the grey reef sharks which was a surprise because we’ve never seen one in the passage before. We then moved to Somosomo Village to do the village visit and bury our dinner in the underground earth oven (Lovo). After all the site seeing, singing and dancing we retired to the Fiji Aggressor to a scrumptious Fijian cooked meal cooked in the earth oven.


Wednesday 19th Oct

We stayed in Gau an extra day because of Bad weather but where we were at was flat calm. We did Anthias Avenue for the first dive which had a raging incoming current but beautiful soft corals covering from wall to wall or where ever you drifted to. We then moved to the Gau East outer wall which was more hard coral and pinnacles. After which we did Nigali Pass again with all the sharks and current. And then the outer wall on the opposite side of the passage. We then departed straight after dinner for Kadavu.


Thursday 20th Oct

We dropped anchor at Solo Lighthouse reef at about 0300 hrs in the morning. At 0630 hrs we heaved anchor and did Drodrolagi (rainbow) wall. Drift dive with a slight current. Sharks Turtles and Soft corals covered the wall. We then Moved across to Dravuni Pass Wall which everyone reckons was the best dive of the trip with Leopard sharks and just great underwater scenery of soft and hard corals and swim throughs. We did Dravuni Pass point but because the current was strong with a lot of eddies the dive was short and we moved to Solo Pass where we finished off for the day and did a night dive there. Sharks, Nudibranch’s and fans was the talk of the night.


Friday 21st Oct

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise after the last couple of days of rain and moved the boat to Denali reefs. Hard and soft corals and wall and pinnacle diving all in one. Mantas, sharks and tons of fish was a great finish to a great trip apart from a couple of days of bad weather. We made our way back to port and was tied up to the pier by 1500 hrs after which we had a cocktail and presented Eli, Fabio and Diana with their Iron diver medals and certificates. The divers then ended up at Maya Daba for an Indian dinner and back to the boat for a last rest before travelling again. Great group with lots of fun is what made the trip.

***Photo Credit to Passenger George Ehrengruber (Fabio)***


Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Capt. Johnathan Smith