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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 15, 2016
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    

15 – 22 October 2016



*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 15-30m



Captain: Tui

Second Captain: Rong

Cruise Director: Clive

Divemaster: Bank

Divemaster: It

Divemaster Saran

Dinghy Driver: Hem

Engineer: Bom

Chef: Pi Phorn

Chef: Pa Phorn

Steward: Jinny



Guests: Aleksei,Natalia,Aleksandr,Irina,Inn, Regula,Alfred.





Sunday – Northern Rocky, Eagles nest , Crayfish Cave, Eagle’s Nest, Crayfish cave.

Monday – Jagged edge . Frog Rock, East point, West Point.

Tuesday – Fan Forest

Wednesday – Frog Rock, Three Sisters, Boulder Rock, West Tip

Thursday – Fan Forest Pinnacle, Fan Forest Pinnacle, Western Rocky

Friday – Cockscoombe Island x2


Saturday 15th October 2016


The guests arrived to the Thailand Aggressor around 1:00pm. After a welcome drink they set up their dive equipment and gathered in the saloon for the welcome briefing. The guests enjoyed a great three meal course, chatted and got to know each other and went to bed after a few drinks.


Sunday 16th October 2016

Our day sterted out with a short cruise to the dive sites around the western rocky group, Our first dive and our check dive we did on the northern most tip, This dive site is a sloping coral reef and is a perfect place to refresh ones skill. We had a good dive seeing a nice Sea horse and an Octopus out feeding. Our second dive at Crayfish cave was also great we saw 10 Crayfish and 3 more Octopus, I think the full moon has some effect on this. Our third and fourth dive were at the divesite named Eagles nest this rock used to have a resident Eagle living on it but he doesn’t seem to be around today, we saw a huge school of Jack fish patrolling and hunting along the reef, Only a couple of our guests wanted a night dive so off they went and found many more lobsters and some cool nudibranchs. After a good days diving we all had an early night looking forward to tommorows diving

Monday 17th October 2016

We slept the night at McLeod Island, this is the only island in the south Mergui with a very small resort on it. Our first dive was at jagged edge the current was fairly stong but we found shelter in the east part of the dive site, a couple of our guests had a nice video with 2 mating Octopus. We then headed to Frog rock the snapper were in abundance here and we also saw mantis shrimp and Boxer shrimp. For our fourth and fifth dive we heade back to McLeod island to dive east and west point they were good dives and we saw White tip Shark and also a couple of Jenkins ray decided on giving us a great cruise by, our guests opted not to do the night dive and we all settled for the night with a great Steak dinner .  

Tuesday 18th October 2016

We moved the boat during the night due to changing weather conditions, and changed our first dive site, We had a good dive and spotted many Rainbow runners feeding on glassfish also found was a rare type of Nudibranch for our region. Our second dive was a drift dive at Parsons rock we found many species of moray and also a hunting Octopus. For our third dive we decided to move the boat further north to avoid a rainstorm that was heading our way so after a long surface interval and a great Thai lunch with the theme from the northeast of Thailand we arrived at Rocky one we had the dive around sunset and finished the dive when it was dark, we went looking for frogfish on the wall but wwere not luck or they were all hiding, Our guests decided on no night dive tonight so we all had an early night

Wednesday 19th October 2016

We had a cloudy start today, with just glimpses of sunlight, We dived again on the north of Rocky 1 and found a huge Stonefish right out on the sand our customers hd a great photo opportunity here as when we normally find them they are half buried in the sand. There is also many shrimpfish that seem to dart all over the reef at this site, We were super fortunate when a huge marbled Stingray cruised past. It even had a Cobia following it. Only one of our groups saw the ray so afterwards they all wanted to dive the same spot again in the hope the Ray turned up again, Wow just after we jumped in the big Ray decided to check us out once again, you could hear the customers shouting to their buddies. The great advantage of Rocky One is it has so many Ridges and pinnacles around it we dived a southerly ridge for our next dive and had a few big Barracuda come check us out also found was a Turtle, Steak night on Thailand Aggressor tonight this is always a favorite, We spent the evening checking our videos and still Photos and foun a couple of great clips of the Stingray.


Thursday 20th October 2016

We slept at an Island called Kyun pi lar this translates as Island that goes other way, the English name of the island is Great Swinton Island, this is the closest point to the Three islets. Our first dive was at shark cave there was lots of swell and made for a good ride through the canyon, we saw a Stingray sleeping and found cuttlefish mating as usual. Our next dive we returned to Great Swinton to   dive a nearby pinnacle our guest were entertained by a sea snake that was following for most of the dive, one of our guides found a nice tiger tailed Sea horse. We returned to the 3 islets for the remainder of the day and were lucky to see a school of Barracuda and a school of Jacks hunting also found were a couple of nudibranchs and a school of squid on the safety stop. We upped anchor and headed for our night dive back at Great Swinton island. Once we arrived our couple of night divers opted for a beer and a movie so we headed back south to Cockscoombe Island for the night.

Friday 21st October 2016

We woke up at Horseshoe Island which is the closest point to our divesite, this dive is always a favorite and is very unique that there is a huge heart shaped lagoon in the other side of the wall we divem We try to surprise the guests as you cannot see the entrance at high tide so a very stage safety stop is done in the lagoon then we descend a couple of meters to exit the lagoon, most of our guests this week will fly tmmrw early so just one dive for those guests, but 2 of our guests decided to do a drift dive along the south wall at the island, this is a great spot to look for seahorses and our guide found 2 during the dive, so smiles all round to end this trip. We headed back to Myanmar immigration for our clearance to re enter Thailand whilst our guests enjoyed a land tour. We re boarded Thailand Aggressor and anchored up for our last night BBQ.

Saturday 22nd 2016

Our guests all departed early this morning as they had connecting flights to their next destinations, What a great mix of customers this week we had some good times and some good experiences under and above water….