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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 22, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

Oct 22nd to 29th 2016

Water Temp 79d

Air Temp 84d

Exposure protection 3mm to rashguard & board shorts

Crew Capt Niall, 1st mate & Masterchef Alan, Engineer Rodel, Instructor Aubri, Steward Latoya, Instructor April.

Guests, Dannette & Greg, Karen, Philip & Joan, Peter & Vicki, John, Morgan, Allen, Michael, Don, Ed, Beth, Jennifer & Jen.

Sunday Our week got off to a great start at the “Ship Reef” Doc Poulson. This coral encrusted tug boat is an old Cayman favorite and rightly so. It is cover is bright sponges and colorful sea fans. It was sunk many years ago near the drop off and so offers a fantastic 2 for 1 deal in the wreck & the wall. We had stingrays feeding in the sand around the wreck and a turtle on the edge of the abyss but star of the morning was an eagle ray that was truly oblivious to divers and spend at least 15 to 20 minutes just hanging out. Our next stop was yet another shipwreck, the Oro Verde and again we had the easy option of wreck and wall. We had turtles again, several lobster, yellow headed jawfish galore, a graceful juvenile spotted drum and on the night dive we even had a visit from a curious nurse shark.

Monday An early start saw us head south to Eagle Ray Rock for our first 2 morning dives. The immense pinnacles here stand high off the sand with deep gullies in between. Wind and weather don’t always allow us to access this site so it is some what of a treat to be able to get here. High light of the dive was certainly a super friendly turtle that just cruised thru our happy group obliging nicely for photo and video. Alan served up a mouth watering Italian lunch as we headed further south and east to Pedros castle. The sea conditions were a little more of a challenge down south but we still had a fantastic afternoon of diving. The topography on the south side is very different to any other part of the island. The drop is almost ghostly and the caverns are a labyrinth of coral encrusted gullues and over hangs and the night dive produced several lobster, a large channel crab and a brief glimpse of a hunting octopus.

Tuesday Our day started on the USS Kittiwake for 2 morning dives. The wind had freshened somewhat but did not dampen any dive spirits. As soon as we were 15ft below water our world was a serene and tranquil place with a majestic shipwreck in the foreground and a bright aqua blue in the back ground. A large school of jacks patrol the stern deck of this once proud US Navy submarine rescue vessel that now spends its days entertaining scuba divers from all over the world. Alan served up a super tasty curry as we made the short journey to Governors Reef. At Governors it was an afternoon of friendly turtles posing for photos. The visibility has to be in excess of 110ft and those that braved the 82degree water for the night dive were greeted by lobsters and a channel crab along with spotted moray eels and a sleeping turtle.

Wednesday Our day started at Neptunes Drop Off for 2 morning dives. The weather gods sent us some very strong winds and low hanging clouds but it did not deter our eager dive group in anyway. Neptunes was a turtle fest, we had about 6 turtles all of whom were truly camera friendly and we even had a free swimming moray eel. The wind calmed some what at lunch time as we made our way to Angelfish Reef for 2 afternoon and a night dive. Nurse sharks and turtles were the order of the afternoon on a reef system that offered up 100ft plus visibility and the night dive produced lobster, channel crabs and yet another free swimming bright green Moray eel.

Thursday Round Rock and Trinity Caves was our first stop of the day for two morning dives and yet again the weather gods sent us white caps and wind but yet again it could not deter our happy gang. Swim thrus , turtles and eagle rays were the highlights along with crystal blue water. Alan served up a Mexican lunch that had everyone going back for seconds and finished everybody off with banaffee pie and while our gang settled in to a food coma we made short hop to Lost Treasure for our afternoon and dusk dive. The wind had calmed down nicely as we descended into 110ft visibility water. We had lobster that were either mating or fighting and the most adorable baby turtle munching on a sponge totally oblivious to the camera shutters snapping around it. A friendly nurse shark joined us for a visit and we again channel crab on the dusk dive with a brief appearance from a reef Octopus.

Friday Our day started at Martys wall for one dive and finally the weather gods had decided to give the wind a rest and even let the sun burn thru the clouds. Martys wall offers a healthy reef with a sheer drop and a delightful cut that starts at about 60ft and comes out over the blue at about 90ft. We had yet another friendly turtle and a drive by from a graceful eagle ray. Our final stop was at the age old Cayman favourite Devils Grotto. The atmospheric swims thrus are home to schools of tarpon and we even had a small nurse shark make appearance.

And so ended another great week of diving aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV, the weather gods tried to dampen our spirits but our happy group were to just too laid back and easy going to let that happen. Special mention goes to Greg for completing his advanced diver course, Beth for becoming a nitrox diver also to Vicki and to Dannette for reaching the milestone of 400 logged dives.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew