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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Oct 23, 2016
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    

22-29 October 2016



*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 15-30m



Captain: Tui

Second Captain: Rong

Cruise Director: Clive

Divemaster: Bank

Divemaster: It

Divemaster Saran

Dinghy Driver: Hem

Engineer: Bom

Chef: Pi Phorn

Chef: Pa Phorn

Steward: Jinny



Guests: Mariana,Dominic,Miriam,Mathew,Michel,Brigitte,Hua,Deqiang,Casper,Klaus,Gang,Bing,Juan, Owen, Lei, Guyue.





Sunday – Cocks coombe Island x2 turtle rock, Northern Rocky.

Monday – Zar det ky Northern Rocky x2

Tuesday – Western Rocky, Crayfish Cave Eagles nest.

Wednesday – Frog rock, 3 sisters, Boulder Rock x 3

Thursday – North Flanker, Shark cave, South Flanker, Hassons Rock

Friday – Rocky 1 x2


Saturday 22nd October 2016


The guests arrived to the Thailand Aggressor around 3:00pm. After a welcome drink they set up their dive equipment and gathered in the saloon for the welcome briefing. The guests enjoyed a great three meal course consisting of filet minion , chatted and got to know each other and went to bed after a few drinks.


Sunday 23rd October 2016

We woke up at Cockscombs Island for our check dive the current was splitting In the middle of the island and as we had some big waves around the other side we decided upon 2 drift dives one to the south and starting at the entrance to this fantastic concealed lagoon. Then the next we aimed to finish at the lagoon our guests were very surprised at the landscape at this dive site. Our 3rd dive was at a new dive site we had thought about checking out and as the weather was below average this was the perfect opportunity we had a good dive and saw a couple of stingrays in the sand and also some sea whip pipe fish. As the weather improved we took a trip out to northern rocky and did a sun set dive. After every one returned we sat down to a great Chicken dinner.


Monday 24th October 2016

The still changeable weather kept us close in to the islands for this mornings dive we tried a new spot and had some success tho the visibility was a bit limited it had all the prospects of being a good site with sea hose being found and also many Garden eels swaying in the current. The weather changed for the better and we headed out to Northern Rocky one of our guests found a seahorse and we also saw some peacock mantis shrimps along with some decorator crabs, we decided on doing the sunset dive here also an saw a sleeping turtle, We saw a couple of Cuttlefish and a pair of octopus


Tuesday 25th October 2016

We woke up to much improved weather and headed out to Western Rocky for the day we had much improved visibility and there was lots of fish action going on just after we jumped in we saw a school of hunting barracuda as well as a large school of jacks, On our second dive we headed in the cave this is a very large opening that tunnels its way all through the island and offers 2 exits on the otherside it is always better to take the right hand exit as it is much larger than the left exit.We found quite a lot of lobsters in the cave and also many lionfish hunting on the wall. We upped anchor and headed back to Northern rocky pinnacle for our last dive of the day and had a good dive with Stingrays having been found and also a group of 3 cuttlefish all hanging around, after our dive we headed back towards the large island s nearby, its Steak nite again on Thailand Aggressor and all of our guest tucked in and elected for a early nite

Wednesday 26th October 2016

Mclaoed Island is a good spot to sleep as it offers lots of shelter when we woke we had a bit of a rain shower but nothing was going to dampen this groups enthusiasm, It soon cleared up and we decide on Frog rock for todays first dive this is the location of our resident Pinecone fish, sadly it was not at home this morning but we did find a couple of very nice nudibranchs and a couple of many banded Pipe fish. Our second dive was at 3 sisters rock there was a bit of current running and we descended in the shelter of the South wall there was some huge schools of snapper hanging out in the shallows, we also saw a devils scorpion fish that was creeping across the sand. We upped anchor and headed to Boulder rock this group of Granite boulders are about a quarter of a mile from Ahtet island we planned 3 dives here as the conditions had improved and we had some good diving, all throughout the dive we saw large schools of Rainbow runners and a school of Trevally in hot pursuit, our guests encountered 3 spanish dancers during the night dive and also some huge crabs, after the days diving we all sat about chatting till we arrived at tommorows destination 3 Islets.

Thursday 27th October 2016

We awoke at Great Swinton Island many of these island are named after prominent members of the East India Trading company as this was on the route either from Singapore or from India they were trading spices and cotton throuout the region. This is very close to our next dive site and one of my favorites The 3 Islets. We split groups int 2 and one group dived shark cave and the other dived North Flanker, at shark cave we sometimes find a sleeping Tawnty Nurse Shark in the cave but today it seems a large Blotched Fantailed ray has beaten him or her to it. We also saw many Barracuda at the exit and our group at north Flanker saw a large White tip Shark there was also a seahorse one of our guests found sharp eyes from Dominic, we headed off for our fourth dive to a rock we had explored on a previous trip we decided to name the rock ITT rock as this was the name of the Divemaster that first dived there, we saw a Jenkins ray and a Blue spotted Stingray. We decided on our night dive and headed for Rocky 1 it was a good dive and on the safety stop we were swarmed with non stinging chain jellys it was all rather weird.

Friday 28th October 2016

Just 2 dives today so we decided to start the day at Rocky 1 this is the only divesite we see Shrimp fish or razor fish as they are sometimes called. They all move in perfect sync together and are very difficult to approach as they move so fast. We also searched in vane along the wall for some of our resident Spotfin frog fish and one of our guests thought they had found one but didn’t have a camera. We moved on to high Rock for the final dive of the trip, this proved a good choice as when we dropped in we saw another huge marbeled ray feeding it soon got fed up of us and glided off into the blue. We encountered feeding Trevally also and a couple of great Barracuda off in the distance. After the dive we cleaned all the eqpt and cruised back to Kawthaung for our land tour that involves a temple tour and a visit to the local market. All our guest reboarde Thailand Aggressor and headed back to Thailand for our great last nite BBQ, we had some very nice guests this week and was truly a multi national trip with guests from China Brazil Argentina Australia and Switzerland.

Saturday 29th October 2016

Most of our guests this week are staying at the local hotel but a few got up early for their flights so we all said our goodbyes and farewells with many new friends made and lots of funny storys to remember the trip by