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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 22, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log 23rd- 29th October, 2016



Air Temp: 88 fahrenheit / 31 celsius

Water Temp: 85 fahrenheit / 29 celsius

Visibility: 35-70ft



Captain: Chris

2nd Captain: Matt

Engineer: Fermin

Instructor: Daniel

Chef: Anna

Steward: Vanessa


12 Guests: Sandy & Jeff, Koko & Scott, Ken, Dave, Simon, Netanel, Kuty, Kari, Kirsten, Gundi


Dive Sites:

Sunday- Black Beauty & Johnny’s Wrench

Monday- Half Moon Cay Wall & Long Caye Ridge

Tuesday- Chain Wall & Long Caye Wall

Wednesday- Lighthouse Wall & Painted Wall

Thursday- Two of a kind & Grand Bogue

Friday- Front Porch



Saturday 22nd

All guests boarded and were shown to their cabins. Safety briefing. Refreshments on arrival and dinner served onboard.


Sunday 23rd

An early morning departure from Belize City. Good sea conditions made for a calm passage eastward from the Belize mainland across to the Atoll reefs, south of the Turneffe Island. The initial check dive was made at the Black Beauty Dive site. Plenty to see and all the divers were happy with their own dive equipment.

After lunch, Aggressor III travelled northwards. A further two dives plus a night dive completed at Johnny’s Wrench dive site, situated on the East of Turneffe island. Endemic Toadfish plus squid, lobsters, moray eels and much more seen by the divers.

After the night dive, Aggressor III travelled eastward again, across to another set of reefs at Lighthouse atoll. A comfortable night’s sleep taken at the sheltered night mooring, situated in the middle of the atoll lagoon at lighthouse reef.


Monday 24th

After breakfast, a short journey made from the night mooring in Lighthouse lagoon to Long Caye Ridge dive site. After lunch, Aggressor III travelled east to Half Moon Caye. Two excellent dives completed at Half Moon Caye Wall dive site. Stingrays. Large groupers, schools of wrasse and a large moray Eel swam passed the divers, while hunting. Other fish life found included a huge stingray and thousands of garden eels among the sand banks.




Tuesday 25th

In the morning, two dives were completed at Chain Wall. A dive site on the South of Half Moon Caye. A steep wall dive and excellent for sighting large pelagic fish. Many divers interacted with Caribbean reef sharks and a pair of eagle rays. Lunch was taken onboard while still located at the dive site. In the afternoon, Aggressor III moved westward to Long Caye. A further two dives were completed at Long Caye Wall dive site. Pipe fish plus a pair of Purple crowned sea Goddesses were a favourite find for the macro photographers on these dives. A night dive was also completed at the same dive site for familiarity. Divers found sea urchins, hundreds of feeding basket stars plus a large porcupine fish. Other aquatic life encountered were Tarpon, arrow and decorator crabs plus schools of squid feeding in the dark. After the night dive, Aggressor III moved north-east to it’s night mooring. Guests enjoyed the Jacuzzi on the top deck.



Wednesday 26th

In the morning after breakfast, Aggressor III moved from the sheltered night mooring to Half Moon Caye. Two dives completed at Lighthouse Wall dive site. Caribbean reef sharks encountered by divers swimming along this wall dive. Eagle rays and Southern rays found crossing the turtle grass beds, extending back from the reef wall. The afternoon dives were made on Painted wall dive site. Searching for painted tunicates which bear the dive sites’ name.

Large Eagle Rays swam across painted wall. Other encounters include a huge crabs, schools of creole wrasse, Bermuda chubb and schooling scissortail sergeant major fish. This was found to be an excellent location for guests to also snorkel. Many corals located into shallower water.

Before dinner, Aggressor III moved to nearby Long Caye Wall for the evening night dive. Divers found Octopii, SharpTail Eel, Lobsters and squid. After the dive, Aggressor III moved back to the night mooring. Guests enjoyed the Jacuzzi hut tub on the top deck.


Thursday 27th

Wind direction from the North West allowed dives to be completed on the South of Long Caye. Two morning dives were completed at ‘Two of a kind’ dive site. This steep wall dive had ocean trigger fish, friendly groupers, schooling creole wrasse and visibility up to 50m. After lunch Aggressor III headed back westward towards the East of Turneffe Island. Two dives plus a night dive at Grand Bogue dive site. Divers heard the sounds from the Toadfish on the reef. Stingrays, Triton snails, Lettuce sea slugs were among the many animals discovered. After the night dive, Aggressor III headed to the South of Turneffe Island and spent the night at the next days dive site.


Friday 28th

Divers woke early for a dawn dive on Front Porch dive site. Converging waters at the site provide lots of under water life to see. After the second dive, Aggressor III headed back West to Belize City. On approaching the dock, five Bottlenose dolphins with young calf played only metres from the boat. Entertainment with the showing of the charter’s dive video, compiled by Instructor Daniel.

A relaxing afternoon spent with refreshments onboard. Massages were enjoyed by some of the guests on the top deck.

In the evening guests enjoyed an additional sunset BBQ on deck plus entertainment with the showing of the weeks’ photo slideshow compiled by both crew and guests.

Award presentations for the following divers:


Iron Diver Awards- Scott, Simon, Kari & Kirsten

Aggressor Addict awards- Scott & Koko





…Well that’s the week over and at 7:45AM on Saturday, the crew said their farewells to the guests departing the Beautiful Belize Aggressor III.




Captain Matt Rutledge