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Fiji Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 22, 2016
Entry By: Captain Johnathan Smith


Log Date: 22nd – 29th Oct 2016

Entry By: Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Air Temp: 85F

Water Temp: 82F

Visibility :100 ft



Captain: Johnathan

Engineer: Vincent

Cook: Peni

Cruise Director Dive Master: Rhys

Crew: Richard T, Richard O

Steward: Talei, Georgie



Vance, Jessica, Brian, Connie, Paolo, Emillio, Dee, Anita, Valerie


Dive Sites

Sunday – Wakaya – Manta Rock, Blue Ridge, Lions Den, Yellow Wall

Monday – Namena

Tuesday –

Wednesday –

Friday –


Saturday 22nd Oct

We departed Suva at 1300 hrs and headed straight for Wakaya Island. Weather was beautiful with 10/15kts South Easterlies and a low / Mod Southerly swell. We had a comfortable ride up and dropped anchor at about 2000 hrs Lullaby Bay.


Sunday 23rd Oct

Beautiful lake calm morning in Lullaby bay at Wakaya Island with the sun trying to climb over the hill and the aroma of fresh ground coffee is what we awoke to. We moved the boat to Manta rock and jumped in at 0730 hrs. These guys were enthusiastic, we didn’t even have to ring the bell twice. We saw to mantas on top of manta rock as we were dropping anchor so that was a good sign. They saw one big black manta while diving so everyone was pretty stoked. We then moved to our Lions Den anchorage and did the second dive at Blue Ridge. Drifiting to the boat we saw a black and green leaf fish, Quite a number of white tip reef sharks laying the sand getting a tan. The wall was beautiful with soft corals and fans. The sunlight just added to the beauty of the reef even though the visibility wasn’t as good but expected on an outgoing currnt. We did the 3rd dive at Yellow Wall but no hammerheads. The 4th dive was at Lions Den and we jumped right on top of a Ghost Pipefish right under the boat. Night dive was at lullaby bay and we had Squid galore with the small bobtail squid and the bigger common squid. We heaved anchor at 2030 hrs and headed for the Marine Reserve Namena.



Monday 24th Oct

We did out first dive at Black Forest at South Save a tack then headed to the North wall where all the schooling trevally, barracuda and sharks were. We found a pygmy seahorse in the sand amongst all the thousand of fish life. We then went to Schoolhouse and back to South Save a Tack to Mushrooms with all the soft coral. We did the night dive at Black Forest II.





Tuesday 25th Oct

Tuesday we’re still at Namena and started off at South Save a tack at Chimneys. Great dive with just enough current and blooming soft corals. We then moved up North to the NSAT shallow wall and Kansas with the pygmy seahorses. Vance found it hard to shoot either wide angle or macro…decisions, decisions..


Wednesday 26th Oct

We made our way down to Gau and did 2 dives at Nigali passage with the sharks and rays and good strong drift incoming current. We then did the 3rd dive at Jims Alley and a village visit after which we had a scrumptious Fijian cooked dinner in the underground earth oven (Lovo)


Thursday 27th Oct

We made our way to Dravuni in Kadavu where we got to see two leopard sharks and tons of soft corals and swim throughs. We darted across the channel to the west Solo wall with it’s endless hard coral gardens and fish life. The 3rd dive was at Seven sisters and later Solo Pass wall with all the huge walls of yellow fans.


Friday 28th Oct

The last dive yesterday was so good the passengers wanted to do it again for the first dive today. Manta and wide yellow fans made the dive. We then moved to Denali wall with all the hard coral gardens and an eagle ray and sharks. This ended the trip beautifully and everyone got what they came for. Mantas, hammerheads, Leopard Sharks, Hard and Soft Corals and a great group of passengers who made the trip even more special. We headed back to Suva and got in at about 1530 hrs and started with the backbreaking task of collecting and packing gear after which we had a cocktail with entertainment followed by dinner.



Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Capt. Johnathan Smith