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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 29, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Oct 29th to Nov 5th

Air temp 84

Water temp 80

Exposure Protection 3mm or Rashguard and board shorts.

Crew   Capt Niall, 1st mate & Chef Alan, Engineer Rodel, Instructor April, Steward Latoya.

Guests, Daniel & Cathy, Jim & Yvonne, Dave & Pam, Tonya, Simon & Amanda, Art & Karen, George & Maria, Jason, Mark, John & Milena.

Saturday We had all guests aboard and with a small weather window opening for us we made straight for Little Cayman. Our safety brief was done by the time we rounded Northwest Point and put the glass on course for Bloody Bay. The crossing was okay, it bumped and rock a little to start with but then settled out nicely.

Sunday We awoke at Randys Gazebo to a flat calm sea and bright ball of sunshine. After a breakfast of eggs your way, home style fried potatoes & sausage we headed off for the blue water of Bloody bay. We had several turtles, dozens of groupers and even a nurse shark swimming about. We then headed up to Jackson bite and a dive site known as Meadows for our afternoon and night dive. Here we just about got everything, we had sharks in the blue and on the reef top. Again we had several turtles and even a large green turtle that had a huge jack swimming right under him. We had several more grouper and stingray in the sand and even a huge school of horse eye jacks using the boat for shadow and protection. The night dive produce lobster and channel crabs and the group had good fun feed the blood worms to the coral polyps but the star of the show was most definitely an octopus that was out hunting and feeding.

Monday Another dynamic Little Cayman sunrise greeted us as we made the short hop to 3 Fathom Wall. The ocean was like glass and blue as could be as we headed off for the first dive of the day. A delightful swim thru at 3 fathom starts at about 40ft and winds its way down thru the wall and pops you out at 90ft. We had school jack and chubb along with several schools of snappers that just seemed to paint the place a bright yellow. Alan served up a mouth watering Mexican lunch as we made our way Joys Joy. The pinnacles and gullies here are a divers dream, coral encrusted and room enough to drive a car thru. We knew our weather window was going to close but it was still very much worth the 100 mile crossing from George Town and so with 6ft foot seas and 40 mile an hour winds forecast for Little Cayman we said our sad farewell and made for Grand Cayman.

Tuesday After a smooth crossing back to Grand Cayman we awoke to a bright but gusty morning on the USS Kittiwake. This once proud US Navy Submarine Rescue vessel now sits in 50ft of water right by the west wall drop off and spends her days entertaining visits of divers from all over the world. We explored inside and out and got photo and video galore. A passing eagle ray had camera shutters snapping along with a small but very curious turtle and a sizeable nurse shark sleeping in a gully. While Alan served up a delicious Italian lunch we made our to the Governors reef for our afternoon and night dives. Lobsters, turtles and nurse sharks were the order of the afternoon and for the night dive we were graced with channel crab, lemon ray and a sleeping turtle.

Wednesday The weather gods sent us even stronger winds today but a bright ball of sunshine in the sky made it easy to tolerate. Our day started at the Doc Poulson for 2 dives on this beautiful ship reef. The old Japanese tugboat is festooned in coral life and seems to be guarded by several stingray with all with a jack perched on its back. The Doc Poulson also sits right by the drop off with Martys wall being only a couple of minutes swim away. Cheese burgers in paradise was the fine fare served up by Alan as we made our way to the wreck of the Oro Verde and not only did we get a classic old Cayman ship wreck and a very cool drop off just nearby but we were highly entertained by visits from 2 super friendly nurse sharks that just seemed to want to play. Our night dive produced a big green moray eel, dozens of banded coral shrimp, a huge puffer fish and a heavenly cute juvenile spotted drum.

Thursday Our day started with a 2 for 1 at dive sites known as Round Rock & Trinity Caves. The wall here is steep and sheer with fantastic cuts and caverns that go back deep into the coral formations. We had eagle rays feeding in the sand and turtles so curious one seemed to be kissing his reflection of camera dome. Alan served up a 10 out of 10 curry as we made our way to another 2 for 1 dive site Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor. Here we again had friendly turtles and a hunting and feeding stingray vacuuming up all in its path. The dusk/night dive was a huge hit with squid and lobster, sleeping turtles and channel crab and yet again an octopus that seemed oblivious to the dive lights hovering around to get a closer look.

Friday Our day started at Neptunes Drop Off for one dive and what a dive it was, free swimming moray eels, 2 eagle rays and about 4 or 5 turtles all to the background of a steep drop off in the blue. We then made our south just past George Town harbor to Devils Grotto for our last and final dive. The gullies and swim thrus were a huge hit with a happy gang of divers and as just about always we had a large school of Tarpon seemingly standing guard at the entrance to the Grotto but easily gave way as divers approached.

And so another fantastic week of diving came to an end here on the Cayman Aggressor. Special mention goes to Amanda for completing her 50th logged dive, same goes for Maria for racking up 40 logged dives. Also hats tip to Art & Karen whom celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary on board this week.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew.