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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 29, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew

photo credit to Colleen Cuca

photo credit to Colleen Cuca

photo credit to Colleen Cuca


Belize Aggressor III Capt. Log

Oct 29 – Nov 5, 2016



Avg. Sea State:

Avg. Winds:

Avg. Water Temp:

Avg. Air Temp:

Avg. Visibility:



Capt. Chris

2nd Capt. - Matt

Chef Anna

Stewardess – Vanessa

Engineer – Fermin

Instructor – Daniel

Deck Asst. - Jason


Sat Oct 29, 2016:

Guests boarded at 16:30. Welcome Aboard Brug, Howie, Rebecca, Sarah, Colleen, Peter, John, Barry, David, Anita, Steve, Milos, Mike, Chris, Ed, Kristine, Gary, & Hilda!


Sun Oct 30, 2016:

Dive Sites: Front Porch & Black Beauty

The week started with some fantastic dives on the Southern end of Turneffe Atoll. After everyone did their check out dives and got properly weighted, we spent the day diving the beautiful reefs at Front Porch and Black Beauty. The first day set the bar high with sightings of a huge loggerhead turtle, free-swimming green morays, spotted morays, scorpionfish, lettuce sea slugs, channel clinging crab, a pair of Eagle Rays, several white spotted toadfish, an octopus hanging out by the mooring, barracuda, and lots of different parrotfish and different reef fish, and schools of snappers and jacks.

On the night dive we saw dozens of squid, 4 different species…the Caribbean Reef squid, arrow squid, giant eye squid, and grass squid…one was a tiny juvenile. We also found octopus, nudibranch, eels, crabs, a toadfish that was all the way out of his hole, and a sleeping hawksbill turtle…who later woke up and went up for a breath of air.


Mon Oct 31, 2016:

Dive Sites: Johnny’s Wrench & Grand Bogue

Monday we continued our dives at Turneffe Atoll on Johnny’s Wrench and Grand Bogue. For the morning dives at Johnny’s Wrench, we had nice visibility and some easy diving. One of the first things we saw was a scorpionfish hiding in plain sight. As we went over the wall, we saw a pair of goliath groupers courting, a green moray tucked in a hole, several cero mackerel were running the wall, and we were surrounded by a school of Creole wrasse. On the top of the reef, we found another green moray and a spotted moray, an adult and a juvenile spotted drum, some lobster, a Southern Stingray, and right before our safety stop we found 2 more scorpionfish.

In the afternoon we could hear the song of the toadfish everywhere…but could not find them. Luckily, we had an Eagle ray to distract us. We also saw several green morays, Southern stingrays, several groupers, rainbow parrotfish, barracuda, a juvenile trunkfish, and tons of fish.

On the night dive we finally found the elusive toadfish that was taunting us all day with its croaking. We also found an octopus, several squid, some pufferfish, and a Southern stingray. Colleen also found a very rare slug…the leather-back platydoris.


Tues Nov 1, 2016

Tuesday was the first dives at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, where we jumped in at Chain Wall for the morning dives and Half Moon Caye Wall for the afternoon dives. At Chain Wall, we came face to face with a huge Loggerhead turtle that had several large remoras attached to its shell. We also spent some time with several friendly Nassau groupers, and watched a stingray graze around in the sand. Off the wall an Eagle ray buzzed past the group. On the top of the wall we found a rare harlequin pipefish.

Later that day we hopped in at Half Moon Caye wall and had some more groupers hang out with us…we also saw another Eagle ray and another “rare” harlequin pipefish. Tarpon and schools of jacks came out in the evening, and in the sand and grass we found a lot of macro subjects. We watched a juvenile Atlantic longarm octopus, a flounder about the size of a quarter, some minute shrimp that were on the grass, and lots of garden eels.


Wed Nov 2, 2016

Dive Sites: Lighthouse Wall & Long Caye Ridge

Today the Eagle rays came out to play…first we saw one solo ray, then, there was a pair gliding over the sandy flats. Later in the day we saw 2 more during our afternoon dives. We also saw 3 African Pompanos, several tarpon, some more friendly grouper, peacock flounder, neck crabs, scorpionfish, and lots of horse-eye jacks. We also watched as the fish took turns at the cleaning stations.


Thurs Nov 3, 2016

Dive Sites: Blue Hole, Silver Caves, & Eel Town

Thursday was another exciting day of diving starting with a much anticipated dive at the Great Blue Hole…we dropped down, saw the massive stalactite formations, everyone made it back…GREAT DIVE! Next we spent the afternoon at Silver Caves for 2 really amazing dives. We were visited by 2 Caribbean Reef sharks, saw a bunch of barracuda, had an Eagle swoop by, found a very lazy green moray, saw a cluster of black grouper, and watched schools of Creole wrasse, Bermuda chubs, horse-eye jacks, and Sergeant Majors. It was also one of the best macro and critter dives of the week. We found skeleton shrimp, wire coral shrimp, arrow blennies, spiny head blennies, a sea spider, lots of arrow crabs, neck crabs, 2 well camouflaged scorpion fish, and a large seahorse.


Friday Nov 4, 2016

Dive Site: Julie’s Jungle

Hardly awake, we jumped in to Julie’s Jungle for our pre-breakfast dive and then again after breakfast. If the water didn’t wake you up, the underwater scenery surely did. We had 2 great dives to finish off a wonderful week of diving around Turneffe and Lighthouse Reef Atolls. Our sightings today included…Caribbean Reef sharks, an Eagle Ray, green moray eels, and just a variety of reef fish that inhabit the waters, such as different species of Angelfish, triggerfish, parrotfish, damselfish, hamlets, basslets, blennies, gobies, butterfly fish, wrasses, snappers, grunts, trumpetfish, groupers, barracuda, and the list goes on.


Congrats to Sarah and Milos on getting Nitrox certified.

Congrats to Milos, Chris, & David on becoming the newest Iron Divers on the Belize Aggressor III.

Thank you all for visiting the Belize Aggressor III. Hope to see you again soon.