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Okeanos Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 29, 2016
Entry By: Captain Beto


Okeanos Aggressor Trip Report


October 29 to November 8 - 2016

(Photos by Alberto Muñoz)


Average Water Temperature 76 F (25 Celsius)

Average Air temperature 75 F (25 Celsius)
Average Visibility 40 ft-15 mts
Wetsuits: 5mil, maybe more if you get cold easily.
Crew this week: Capt. Beto, Chefs Douglas and Gerardo, Engineer Fabio, Steward Osayuki, Boat drivers and Divemasters Carlos, Warren and Xavier


This week we had an interesting mix of people, we had a group from Poland, then some Russians and French…

The crossing over to the island was good only a small portion of the crossing was a bit rough but seasick pill were at hand so no problem.

Diving this week was fabulous starting from day one, we had tons of sharks in my old favorite Manuelita, we even had the tiger sharks mingling with the hammerhead sharks, water was a bit cooler this week so the marble rays who don’t like the cold were very active and they were everywhere, we had places like Punta Maria and Dirty rock in our second day full of action, Punta Maria had a cleaning station working really well so there we had the hammerhead sharks and also mingling with the hammers there were several Galapagos sharks, some of this sharks were really big and sometimes they come up to you just to check you out then they keep their cleaning going.

Weather was good for us so on our third day we were able to make it to the south side of the island, we made a dive in Submerged rock where we had some current and the current brought the rock to life stirring up the fish and marble rays, we had nearly ten marble rays in a single little place, they were also going thru the arch we had to do some work as we chased them thru the arch which is always full of fish.

We had the moon affecting the island as we are getting close to full moon, so in some places the current was non existing. But some other had just the right amount so the sharks and fish were happy and ready to perform for us. We did this one dive in Alcyone and as we reached our safety stop three mobula rays went by.

Another dive in Alcyone we had the current and the hammerheads came, we had them just above our heads it was a school of at least 50 hammers, while down at the bottom white tip reef sharks were having their “siesta”, also when we looked closely on the reef we could find octopus this week somehow the octopus were active, we saw them pretty much in every dive sites.

We also made these dives in Dos Amigos, the one with the arch was nice as the arch was full of fish and a couple of marble rays, but the small dos Amigos was amazing as we had Galapagos sharks and hammerheads all in a cleaning station is amazing how they were taking turns to get in the cleaning station.

The night dives were loaded with adrenaline as we had the white tips sharks hunting on the small fish but it got even better this week as the Galapagos sharks are coming to the hunting grounds to pray on the white tips sharks, we had them almost every night this week, and to make it even better they were coming in pairs this week.



Stay tune for more

Thanks to all of our guests; Adam, Aleksandr, Anna, Arkadiusz, Ekaterina, Eligiusz Joanna and Arkadiusz, Katia and Pierre, Malgorzata, Krzystof and Malgorzata, Mariola and Andrej, Mariusz, Piotr and Zbiginiev For a great week of diving.

Cap. Beto,