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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 05, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

Captain’s Log

5-12 November 2016


Air temperature: 85° - 89° F

Water temperature: 81° - 84° F

Visibility: 50 – 80 feet



Captain: Christy Weaver

2nd Captain: Andy

Instructor: Conor Ferrin

Photo Pro: Troy Sandy

Video Pro: Jess Polk

Chef: Matt Crawford



Dick, Peggy, Randy, Susan, Alan, Steve S., Rich, Kate, Steve H., Cindy, Margaret, Steve F., Maggie, John, Garner, Scott, Sherry


Sunday             – Eel Garden & the Dome – North West Point

Monday             – Amphitheatre – NWP / Gullies - W. Caicos

Tuesday            – Eagle Ray Canyon & Boat Cove – NW Point

Wednesday            – Elephant Ear & Spanish Anchor – W. Caicos

Thursday             – BrandyWine – W. Caicos / Stairwell – NW Point

Friday             – Shark Hotel – North West Point



Saturday afternoon seventeen guest came aboard the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II. With introductions done and the safety briefing underway the yacht moved out to North West Point in preparation for the first of many great dives this week. After dinner guest finished setting up all their gear and cameras before heading to grab some shut eye before the first day of diving in Turks & Caicos.


With breakfast served guest gathered around the dive table to listen in on the general dive briefing, get tanks analyzed and gear set up before jumping into the water for our first two dives at Eel Garden. This site has a large sandy bottom where garden eel are abound as well as flounder, lobster. For the second half of the day we moved to Chimneys / The Dome, two dive sites for the price of one. Chimneys is along the wall, a cool swim through with great coral life. The Dome sits in shallower water around 35’ left-overs from a “Mad Max” like came show that now makes for an interesting “wreck” dive.

Monday we did two more dive off of North West Point at a site known as the Amphitheatre, for the large cut taken out of the wall giving the appearance of a concert amphitheater. Then during lunch the T&C Aggressor II moved over to West Caicos spending the remainder of the day at Gullies. Here there is an excellent partially covered swim through allowing ambient light to come through and make for some cool lighting affects as well as stuffed with multiple lobsters. On the night guest enjoyed watching a very active young octopus scouring over the hunting for food.


Tuesday, we move to Boat Cove and have a couple of splendid dives here. A large green moray was being cleaned in his hole by cleaner gobies, coral banded shrimp and Pederson cleaning shrimp, a permit cruised by off the wall and the men in grey suits were of course hanging around. Matt served us a fantastic Asian inspired meal as we motored to our next site, Spanish Anchor. The anchor is fully incrusted into the wall but it is a good thing that this weeks divers have a keen set of eyes and it was spotted by all or well most. A green turtle was kind enough to hang out with us for a while as we cruised the wall as well as a cero mackerel which came out from the blue to swim around the divers. We had an incredible night dive with tons of activity as well as some awesome orange ball coralamorphs and basket stars peeking out until we put our lights on them and they quickly sucked in.  


We started our Thursday at Elephant Ear Canyon with two incredible dives, the visibility was out of this world and we saw tons of critters including peacock flounders, spotted anemone shrimp, flapping ding bats, and tons of sharks circle under the boat. After our dives we had a delicious lunch and made the journey to North West Point. We arrived right out two and immediately got busy diving. The Dome and the Chimney did not disappoint slender filefish, secretary blennies, and flamingo tongues were some of the marco life reported on the dive. Everyone in enjoyed the vertical swim thru the chimney had to offer and counted down the minutes to the night dive. We had beautiful Thanksgiving feast for dinner and then excitedly moved to the back deck to get ready for the night dive. Most of the divers spent the entire night dive at the dome which brought out tons of night life for the divers to marvel at. A massive green moray and an octopus stole the show for the night. The divers tired from the day retired for a good night sleep excited for what the next days adventures were going to hold.


Friday due to the tides the T&C Aggressor had to leave early in the morning but not before making one last dawn dive getting in the water while it was still dark and then transition of night to day surfacing with a beautiful sunrise .Once everyone was safely accounted for back on the boat it came time to head back to Turtle Cove Marina and have another of Matt’s fantastic pizza lunches. We settle in for a quiet afternoon and then it’s time for the Sunset Wine and Cheese party.


All and all another amazing week on the Turks and Caicos Aggressor II!!!!!!