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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 05, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew



Nov 5th to 12th 2016

Water Temp 82f

Air Temp 86f

Exposure Protection Rashguard or 3mm wetsuit.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st mate Alan, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructor April, Steward Latoya.

Guests   Lori, Jasper, Bob, Eloise, John, Stephen, Sue, Joanne, Beth, Bob, John, Christina, Lori, Dave, Jerry.

Saturday  By 5pm we had all guests on board getting gear set up and cameras put together in anticipation of a great week of Aggressor style diving to come. Chef Kingsley served up a delicious BBQ dinner of baby back ribs and chicken that was finished off with a home made rumcake that put us all in a delightful food coma.

Sunday Our first stop of the week was the ship wreck Doc Poulson, this little is a perfect way to start any week of diving, its shallow and covered in sponges and sea fans plus its sits very close to the drop off that has a great cut and swim thru that puts divers out over the blue at about 85ft. We had a couple of friendly turtles and some sting rays in the sand along with a delightful school of blue chromis sparkling the background. Kingsley served up a hearty sub-way Sunday lunch crowned off with ice cream Sundays for dessert as we made the short hop to Governors Reef for our afternoon and night dives. We again had some turtles and sting rays along with a super camouflaged lemon ray but the star of the afternoon was a friendly nurse shark that paid us an extended visit. The night produced some lobster and banded coral shrimp along with a chain moray eel that was pretty territorial and more than once nipped any fish that got within biting distance and of course we got the star of the show for any night dive, a beautiful little octopus.

Monday Our day started at Neptunes Drop Off for 2 morning dives and the visibility had to be in the 100ft range. We had lobster and turtles and a delightful eagle ray hunting in the sand, just about the entire gang got to see this graceful creature that just did not seem bothered by our presence. Kingsley served up a mouth watering Caribbean Goulash lunch as we made the short run to an old Cayman favorite, the wreck of the Oro Verde. This wreck has been entertaining divers for near 40 years and still can command attention even though these days she is pretty broken up and scattered about. We had spotted drum and huge lobsters along with a whole garden of yellow headed Jawfish but the highlight of the afternoon was a free swimming green moray eel. The night dive was an explosion of colour and life, we had a sleeping turtle and lobster so big we could almost smell the garlic and butter and for 2 nights running we had yet another star player in a hunting Octopus.

Tuesday Saw us head for the USS Kittiwake as the weather gods decided to send us strong winds but also some brilliant sunshine so the Kittiwake was a delight of shadows and light as we explored inside and out. We had yet another eagle ray happy to feed in the sand and not pay a lick of attention to the divers gathered around it and then we had a turtle just cruise on by. Kingsley served up a heaven sent Italian lunch as we made the short hop to Lost Treasure for our afternoon and night dive. Nurse sharks and eagle rays were the order of the afternoon along with good visibility and bright colourful corals. Our night dive produced a plethora of sleeping critters from parrotfish to grouper to turtles and lots of lobster.

Wednesday Our day started we a 2 for 1 dive site option at Round Rock and Trinity Caves. This area can be very popular so we got going just a little earlier than before and had the whole place to ourselves and even when another boat did turn up we were back on deck enjoying Kingsleys delicious apple danishs and when we went back in for another dive the other boats had done their dive and were gone. So we got to explore the swim and thrus and caverns without another divers in sight. We had turtles and a free swimming moray eel and a surprise visit from a Goliath Grouper. The afternoon was spent a very pretty spot known as Bonnies Arch and as the name suggest there is a large naturally formed coral arch that is just festooned in colorful corals. We had super camera friendly turtles on each daylight dive and on the night dive we had squid, lobster, channel crab and the most adorable little octopus that put on a fantastic show for us.

Thursday The weather gods took a break from the high winds that had been a continual theme and took the chance to get to the north wall of Grand Cayman for a morning dive at Hammerhead Hill. Sadly we had no Hammerheads but we did have a very diver friendly moray eel that swam with us for at least 15 minutes. We then made our way to what is reputed to be the best 12ft dive in the world, Sting Ray City. We had bright blue and clear as crystal water with several large female Rays and a few small males. Every one of our eager and easy going gang of divers loved the experience even though for some it was their 2nd and 3rd time to visit this super cool dive site. Kingsley served up a hearty Caribbean curry while we made our to the calmer waters of Angel Fish Reef where we again had a brilliant encounter with a very friendly nurse shark. As is tradition we did a dusk dive and for our final dive and we again had sleeping turtles and some very large lobster.

Friday We headed to the south east corner of Grand Cayman for a dive at Eagle Ray Rock. The pinnacles at Eagle Ray are immense and impressive and are adorned with sea fans and sponges. High point of the dive was certainly a very large loggerhead turtle that did a slow drive by seemingly curious about the bubble producing creatures with the flashing lights. Our final dive was at Devils Grotto and the amazing swim thrus and caverns. The resident tarpon were in attendance as usual seemed to be taking shelter in the grotto from the bright sunlight we had. The afternoon was the usual hustle bustle of guests washing dive gear and of course sipping cocktails and discussing their next Aggressor adventure. Special mention goes to Lori & Christina whom completed their nitrox certification and also to Dave & again Lori for completing their Wreck diver certification. Dave logged his 200 dive and Jerry logged his 600 dive while on his 9th Aggressor sailing, thank you Jerry.

And so ended another fantastic week on board on the Cayman Aggressor IV.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew