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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 12, 2016
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    

12-19 November 2016

North Andaman Sea


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Pom

Second Captain: Rong

Deck hand: Hem

Chef: Pa Phorn

Chef: Pee Phorn

Dive instructor: Bank

Steward: Jinny


Guests: David, Fiona, Graeme, Ashley, Kathy, Sam, Robynne, Isabelle, Morgan, Eric, Jarrett, Jay, Eric, Jay.


Sunday – West of Eden, Anitas Reef , Deep Six, Hideaway bay, Honeymoon bay.

Monday – Elephant head rock, Elephant Head rock,3Trees,North point, Turtle Rock

Tuesday – Breakfast Bend Christmas Point, Koh Bon Pinnacle Koh Bon Ridge x2, Koh Bon Bay.

Wednesday – Koh Tachai Pinnacle 1 and 2, Richelieu Rock x2

Thursday - Richelieu Rock x2 Koh Tachai pinnacle x2 Koh Tachai Reef

Friday – Koh Bon Pinnacle, Koh Bon Ridge




Our guests arrived at around 17:00, we showed them to their cabins, set the gear up and enjoy the chef’s special of local Thai cuisine, We all had our briefing and started chatting and getting to know one another.


Sunday 13th November 2016

What a lovely sunrise to wake up to the weather looks like its going to be amazing today, After our dive safety briefing we headed to island number 7 for our check dive at West of Eden. All our guests got there buoyancy checked and we began the dive, Our resident mantis shrimp was down deep in his hole and must have just speared his breakfast. We proceeded north and saw a school of jacks patrolling the reef and also a couple of Octopus,Our guests were amazed at the size of the seafans at this site. We next headed to Anitas reef and the famous one roll of film Bommie the viz was good at around 25m or 85ft we saw the big field of Garden eels and also a sleeping stingray. After a good lunch we set off Deep six there were big schools of jacks hunting and we found a giant Moray being cleaned by a Cleaner wrasse. Hideaway bay was the choice for our afternoon dives this is a sloping coral reef with some large sand patches in between again we saw a Stingray and lots of gobies in the sand one of our guests found a Jaw fish. For our night dive we headed to Honeymoon bay our guests were all keen and enjoyed seeing a moray out hunting and one of our keen videographers filmed a moray feeding on a Surgeon fish.After the dive we had hot chocolate mixed with Kaluia.


Monday 14th November 2016

Elephant head was looking great this morning and not much current we descended on the south side and entered the swim thrus that dot this site there were some huge red snapper in the large swim thru, One of our guides also found a Octopus out feeding this made for some great video. Our guests enjoyed the dive so much that they requested to do the second dive here also. The current had picked up a bit so we chose to do a drift dive on the north side of this large divesite. We saw many unicorn fish and some huge boxfish feeding on algae growing on the rock also found was a Flabalina Nudibranch. For our afternoons diving we headed north to # trres on the east side of Island 9 this was a drift dive heading north we saw a few yellowtail Barracuda out in the blue our guests took the opportunity to pose around the huge Sea Sponge that tops one of the rocks here. Our fourth dive was at the adjacent dive site called North Point, we had a big school of Fusiliers at the surface upon reaching the bottom our guests saw 2 Stingrays feeding and also a juvenile Napoleon wrasse swimming off in the blue, For the night dive we went to turtle rock our guest really enjoyed the caverns that are formed at this site and saw lobster and some big red crabs, After a steak dinner we had a small ceremony of launching some small rafts with candles in these are made for the trunk of banana trees and this event coincides with full moon and is a time to wash away any ones bad luck at the time.

Tuesday 15th November 2016

We headed for Christmas point for our first dive but the current looked a bit strong so we went to Breakfast bend for a drift dive this site is so long you can just relax the whole dive getting pushed along only by the current, We found Stingrays and many garden eels out in the sand and we had the pleasure of a small green sea Turtle for our safety stop. As the current had slacked off a bit we headed back to Christmas point there we saw many jackfish in the shallows and a couple of mantis shrimps along with a Juvenile Ribbon Eel. Off to Koh Bon next, we hadn’t heard on the radio if Manta rays had been seen here but we thought we would give it a shot anyway as there is always a lot of marine life here anyway. Nice dives at Koh Bon we saw the resident Napoleon and also a Juvenile, on our night dive here we had a Black Tip shark come super close within 1 meter then as we moved off to the north side we found 3 Octopus all mating our guests got some great video, After the dive we headed to Koh Tachai all set for our first 2 dives.


Wednesday 16th November 2016

We all awoke to a fantastic sunset, the current was mild today at Koh Tachai pinnacle but we still descended down the south mooring line and as soon as we entered the water we saw hundreds of Barracuda also near to the end of the dive we found a sea snake out hunting, on our second dive the current had almost disappeared, we headed down the north mooring line and again were greeted by the school of Barracuda and almost straight away another school turned up this was a bit smaller in size at about 100 in number, we also saw hundreds of Fusiliers in the mid water one guest she found an Octopus and a stone fish, We decided to head for Richelieu Rock after lunch and planned to do our 2 afternoon dives here, the conditions are great today and the viz is around 60ft. We arrived at Richelieu rock after lunch and by a stroke of luck there was only one boat at Thailands premier divesite, we decided as it was the third dive of the day to explore the middle part of this horseshoe shaped island, upon descending we dropped almost on top of one of the resident cuttlefish and got some great shots, the visibility was not quite so good as our earlier dives but at Richelieu this seems to bring the fish closer to the rock, we had a couple of great Barracuda encounters and also saw a school of Jacks, on our second dive here we saw so many fish and the action was really picking up with both Trevally and Barracuda hunting we also saw 3 cuttlefish mating and a mantis shrimp came out and was posing for our photographers, after the dive we cruised to the Surin Islands for the night and had a great Japanese themed dinner.


Thursday 17th November 2016.

We planned to stay at Richelieu for a minimum of 2 dives today, there was action almost as soon as we descended with a school of big eyed trevally still cruising the reef, we had another great photo session with the cuttlefish and one of the guides found a beautiful Nudibranch that was on a hydroid, for our second dive we headed for the deeper north side as we still hadn’t found a seahorse that is normally in the same seafan, not sure what has happened to this little guy as he was nowhere to be found, We found a few tassled scorpion fish in a very nice position for our photographers. On the way to the safety stop we saw a school of 5 lined snapper these were in their hundreds and all moving together in the current. After the dives at Richelieu we headed back to Koh Tachai we descended and the current was a bit above average so we hooked on to the top of one of the rocks and were amazed at the huge school of Barracuda hanging out in the current our guests got some great video, for our fourth and night dive we elected to head to the reef for a slow drift dive we saw a very friendly Turtle that was super interested in one of our guides, we also saw a sea snake and many spawning starfish. On the night dive we saw Octopus and a hunting moray eel.


Friday 18th November 2016

Just 2 dives today and we set out early from Koh Tachai to head for Koh Bon Pinnacle this is one of the deeper sites and we saw a Leopard Shark cruising in the deep, this was great as one of our guests had requested a leopard shark on the first day, there was also a few nudibranchs on the rock, for our second dive we headed for the ridge one of our favorite dive sites there was lots of action and we saw the resident Napoleon wrasse and also a very friendly pufferfish. After the dive we made our way back to our home port of Thaplamu, We enjoyed a great nite with many storys and memories from the trip, we had some funny moments and a few giggles, After the cruise back we enjoyed a very nice filet mignion meal.


Saturday 19th November 2015

All our guests today were departing to the airport or to the hotel nearby for their transfers and onwards journeys, we had a great week of diving eating and sleeping, lots of new friends made and some real good laughs this week and the weather couldn’t have treated us better.