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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 12, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Nov 12th to 19th


Water temp 79 to 82d

Air Temp 82 to 87d

Exposure Protection 3mm wetsuit or Rashguard and Board Shorts.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st Mate Alan, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructors Aubri & April.

Guests Brad & Lynn, Bill, Dave, Jeff, Carter, Brian & Kim, Terri, Jay & Rosie, Jim, Jimmy, Luke & Mike.

Saturday The winds had been blowing hard for almost a week and a lull was forecast so we took the opportunity made got all guests on board and made directly for Little Cayman. The crossing was bumpy but we expected to be knowing the prize would be Little Cayman diving.

Sunday We awoke to a much calmer sea with just a little swell but we were here in Little Cayman were we wanted to be. Our first stop was Black Hole on the south wall and with clear blue water what a dive it was. A massive Barracuda was hanging out right under the boat and as we descended thru one of the gully’s it wasn’t long before we were swimming along with a friendly turtle. While Kingsley served up a fabulous sub-way Sunday lunch with heart warming pumpkin soup we made the short hop to Grundys reef were we found a couple of beautiful spotted drum, a huge lobster and yet another friendly turtle. The night dive produced more lobster and a channel crab. We also had a visit from a nurse shark and a delightful display of hunting and feeding from an octopus.

Monday The wind had laid done some more so we got under way and made for Bloody Bay and the dive sites known as Meadows and Bus stop. Sharks and turtles, groupers and eagle rays were the order of the day. The swim thrus that wind through the reef and out over the blue had everyone giggling with excitement and with the weather having been heavy of late the groupers seemed extra friendly as if they missed our company. The night dive was an explosion of colour and critters, we had a sleeping turtle , a grey reef shark on the prowl, squid, lobster and for 2 nights running we had a hunting octopus.

Tuesday Our day started at Randys Gazebo for 2 morning dives. Randys is front and certain Bloody Bay Wall and it lived up to all the hype. The wall at Randys starts at 30ft and the blue descends away seemingly forever. The coral life is lush and abundant and we had several turtle and grouper keeping us company. One of the added benefits of diving Bloody Bay is we could keep diving while doing our safety stop. A school of painted file fish had the camera shutters snapping and a baby trumpet fish appeared to melt our hearts. Kingsley served up an Italian lunch that any Italian grandmother would have been proud of and it was finished off with a delightful dessert. We then moved to The Great Wall of afternoon dive on the shallowest and steepest part of Bloody Bay. Freddie the Grouper was certainly the star of the show as he entertained the entire gang with selfies and poses. The weather gods were sending some high north winds our way so did the smart thing and got out of its path as we put the glass on 270d and headed for Grand Cayman.

Wednesday We woke up after a smooth crossing in the exact spot we needed to be in, moored over the Ship Wreck Doc Poulson protected by the west side of Grand Cayman with several choices in dive sites. The Doc Poulson looked real nice as we descended down the line and cruised right thru the belly of the boat. The wall is only a short swim away with a really cool cut that leads out into the blue and we even had a drive by from a good sized spotted eagle ray right at the end. We then headed to Sting Ray City for what is arguably the best 12ft dive in the world. The water was clear and blue and Sting Rays were active aswell as friendly and had everyone just buzzing with excitement after the dive. Kingsley served up the cheese burgers in paradise as we made our way back around to the west side of Grand Cayman for a dive at Angelfish reef and the Wreck of the Oro Verde. Free swimming moray eels and giant parrot fish, spotted drum and lobster were the order of the afternoon and the night dive on the Oro Verde was active and colourful, a sleeping turtle, yet another huge parrotfish that seemed to be fast asleep and several large lobster, so large in fact our happy gang thought they could smell garlic and butter.

Thursday Today the winds had picked up considerably but the sun was shining brightly as we headed to Round Rock/Trinity Caves for our first 2 morning dives. A large spotted eagle ray greeted us at the bottom of the mooring line and a hungry turtle entertained us as he munched on breakfast quite oblivious to the divers and cameras around him. The swim thrus and caverns had everyone enthralled and eager to just dive right back……after a tasty apple Danish that of course. Kingsley served up sweet & sour crispy chicken with noodles and fried rice as we moved to the USS Kittiwake for the afternoon and twilight dives. The Kittiwake as always proved to be a major hit, we had turtles and moray eels along with schools of jacks that seemed to be patrolling the upper decks of this once proud US Navy submarine Rescue vessel.

Friday The wind was still a blowing but it didn’t bother us as we headed for Neptunes Drop Off for our first dive of the last day. The visibility was in the 90ft mark at least as we descended down the reef and out over the wall. It wasn’t too long before we were greeted by a friendly turtle. For our final dive of the week we headed to the old cayman favourite, Devils Grotto. The swim thrus here are truly atmospheric and home to a large school of Tarpon that seem to stand guard over the grotto as if they know there is a secret to be kept.

The afternoon was the usual hustle and bustle of guests washing gear and starting the packing up while we made ready for the Captains cocktail party. Special mention goes to Brian for completing 600 logged dives and Kim for logging her 300th dive. A great week was had by all and yet another mention to Brian and Kim for bring such an easy going and fun loving group of divers to the Cayman Aggressor IV.

Until next week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew