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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 19, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Nov 19th to 26th 2016

Water Temp 81f

Air Temp 84f

Exposure Protection

Crew   Capt Niall, 1st mate & Engineer Alan, Instructors Aubri, April & Justin.

Guests Laura & Steve, kent & Sue, Amanda, Chris, Megan & Paul, Lori & Chuck, Mario, Kevin, Jason & Jennifer, Bill.

Saturday We had all guests on board and safety brief just finished when a fantastic firework show started at the end of the dock in Georgetown. The firework show was to mark the end of the Pirates week festival here in the Cayman Islands but we took it to mark the start of a great week of diving.

Sunday Our week started at the wreck of the Doc Poulson which these days more resembles a ship reef rather than a ship wreck. The visibility was at least 90ft as we descended on this coral adorned structure. It wasn’t too long before we were greeted by a very friendly nurse shark that seemed to want to play with us. We also had sightings of turtle, stingrays and an eagle ray feeding in the sand. Kingsley served up a heart warming pumpkin soup along with delicious sub-way sandwiches and ice cream Sunday dessert as we moved the short hop to Governors reef for our afternoon and night dives. We had turtles and lobsters, lemon rays and moray eels and on the night dive we found a very active octopus feeding on sargent major eggs.

Monday  We headed south to a dive site known as Eagle Ray Rock for 2 morning dives. The site is made up of large pinnacles that are covered in coral and home to lots of small critters and usually home to green sea turtles, in fact the site would be more aptly named if it were called Green Turtle Rock. Kingsley served a very tasty Mexican lunch as we made our way around to the southside of Grand Cayman to a site known as Pedros Castle. Pedros has a very different topography than another site we had visited so far and it was a popular choice with our happy guests. The night dive produced several lobster, a huge channel crab and an even bigger slipper lobster.

Tuesday We awoke to a bright but breezy Grand Cayman morning at a dive site known as Neptunes Drop Off. As we descended down on to the lush coral mounts we came across a fantastic channel under a ledge in a swim thru. We cruised the blue and came upon a turtle that was moving fast and did no more than a drive by but a few minutes later we happened upon another turtle that was in full breakfast mode as he munched and snapped on some sponge with 2 angel fish joining in the feast. Kingsley served up a yummy Italian lunch as we made our way to the wreck of the Oro Verde. These days the wreck is more like wreckage but it is teeming with fish life and is also coral adorned. We had at least 2 green moray eels, several grouper, 3 lobster and a delightful spotted drum.

Wednesday Our day started at Round Rock/Trinity Caves for 2 dives. The topography here offers a sheer drop off with fantastic swim thrus and caverns. We were greeted by a sizeable turtle as we descended down the line and also had a free swimming moray eel along with the most juvenile of juvenile spotted drums. The visibility was easily in the 90ft range and the sun would burn thru from one moment to the next. Kingsley served up mouth watering cheese burgers as we made the short hop to Lost Treasure for our afternoon dives. Again we had a very friendly nurse shark join the group for several minutes along with lobster and channel crab. The night dive offered up 2 huge channel crab and a delightful spotted drum.


Thursday The USS Kittiwake was our first stop today for 2 morning dives and we got going a little earlier just so we could have this magnificent wreck to ourselves. The wreck offers all kinds of features for just about every diver. We explored the inside and the outside, we had a large green moray eel and a passing turtle along with a spotted eagle ray that was feeding in the sand. The Kittiwake, as always, proved to be a very popular site. Kingsley served up a brilliant curry as we headed off to Angel fish reef in search of nurse sharks and we did indeed find nurse sharks and also moray eels, turtles and lobsters.

Friday We headed for an old Cayman favourite, Devils Grotto, and as always it proved to be one of the most popular sites of the week. The atmospheric swim thrus had everybody enthralled and the resident schooling tarpon were in attendance as usual. We saw a delightful juvenile spotted drum and had a drive by from a curious turtle.

And so came to an end yet another fantastic week on board the Cayman Aggressor IV. Special mention to Chuck & Lori whom completed their Wreck & Deep courses on board with us this week and also a very special mention to Chris whom is not only an Aggressor Addict having done 16 trips on Aggressor but he is also a Cayman Aggressor Addict having enjoyed his 7th on board this very vessel.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew