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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Nov 20, 2016
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter November 20-28 2016

Water Temp: 80-89 deg F

Air Temp: 85-90 deg F

Crew: Dan, Beau, Hector, Ernan, Ronnie, Joe, Herence


This exciting week at aggressor we were blessed with the opportunity to treat 18 divers, a full boat, to a week of incredible and unforgettable diving her in Palau. We had 14 Americans, 2 from the Czech Republic, 1 German, and 1 fellow from France. They arrived on the boat as afternoon rainbows stretched across the skies. Everyone seemed nothing less than stoked to be here. After getting their gear sorted and set up with a helping hand from the lovely crew, the guests were then treated to a stellar meal prepared by the illustrious Chef Ronnie. After supper, the captain briefed the guests on the safety procedures and other protocols on the boat.

The second day of the charter, we started off by doing a couple wreck dives, Hafa a’ Dai, and the Iro. These impressive wrecks are not only loaded with coral growth and other marine life, they are absolutely dripping with history. Throughout the week the water temperature hovered around 84 degrees and we enjoyed visibility of about 80-120 feet.

Day 3 started at Turtle cove where the current was mild and the marine life was active. With over 100 feet of visibility we saw a great number of hawks bill turtles, schooling barracuda and an assortment of colorful reef fish. The soft corals were also stunning here and the hard corals are pristine and teeming with life. Dive 2 was at the Ngedebus Cove which had a very mild current and a couple of black tip reef sharks. We also saw schools of oriental sweetlips along with a few octopi and a lone eagle ray cruising the plateau. The third and fourth dive were at West wall and back at turtle cove and included a number of highlights such as turtles, schooling bumphead parrot fish, snappers and soldier fish. Both sites had excellent soft corals and sea fan growth and well over 100 foot of visibility in 83 degree water. Our night dive was along Ngedebus Coral Garden which was super exiting for the guests because of the variety of marine life as well as a gentle current which breezed us along the reef.

Day 4 had us in Peleliu region. We dove Peleliu Express in the morning, which once again managed to live up to its name. We saw as many as a dozen black tips as well as a few bull sharks whish were circling beneath us as we did our safety stop. Afterwards, most of the guests opted to join us on a land tour of the island to explore the WWII battle site. Purple Beach, West Wall, Barracks Point, Ngedebus Coral Garden followed the land tour and certainly did not disappoint us. Highlight included pristine hard coral gardens, colorful soft corals and sea fans, turtles, bumphead parrot fish, schools of barracuda, flame angelfish and a couple of enormous giant clams.

The fifth day was absolutely action packed with a star studded line up of our favorite dive sites. We started the day strong with a hook in dive at the world renowned Blue Corner. The guests were able to see dozens of black tips, the females with fresh bite marks on their backs from the males attempting to mate. Next was the blue hole, we felt almost transported to another world as we dropped into its cavernous depths. The guests were able to see dart fish along the floor of the hole as well as a circling giant barracuda. Next was German Channel, we quietly swam in a tight group and took up positions around the cleaning station and then watched in awe as four mantas soared into our view. They made pass after pass over the cleaning station while we kneeled below them, almost afraid to look away as if we might not get another chance to witness them in their glory. New drop off afterward got our blood pumping again as we hooked into the reef and spied the sharks effortlessly gliding past us.

On the 6th day was Ulong Island area. Dive sites included Siaes Tunnel, Sandy Paradise, Ulong Channel and Ulong Coral Garden. With this being one of the most popular dive areas in Palau as well as the place where “Survivor” was filmed; multi-colored hard and soft corals and sea fans along the walls, more sharks then anyone could count at Siaes Corner, schooling jacks at Siaes Tunnel along with oriental sweetlips. In addition we saw schools of glasseye soldier fish in Ulong channel and Sandy Paradise, dart fish, leaf fish, lion fish, as well as a manta blessed us with their presence on this dive. and colorful tropical’s throughout the whole day of diving. With the water temperature hovering in the low 80’s and visibility between 50-100 feet, the group found it to be a very enjoyable day of diving.

Our final day was spent diving Sandy Paradise again and Chandelier Cave. At Sandy paradise we watched a rare event unfold. We went out at 0600 for an early dive to watch the bump head parrot fish spawn. Thousands circled us mid-water column as we marveled as they schooled around us, it was a truly magical morning. The chandelier caves, as always, were terrific. The wonderful guides were able spot a mandarin fish and a couple scorpion fish. Both of these unique experiences were enjoyed by all and a great way to wrap up an excellent week of diving here in Palau.


The crew of the Palau Aggressor II would like to thank all the guests and hope to see you all again on another dive adventure.