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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 26, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log 26th Nov. to 3rd Dec, 2016


Air Temp: 88 Fahrenheit / 31 Celsius

Water Temp: 85 Fahrenheit / 29 Celsius

Visibility: 30-100ft


Captain: Matt

Engineer: Fermin

1st Mate: John

Instructor: Ken

Chef: Anna

Steward: Vanessa


12 Guests: Christian & Eva, Jim & Tamyra, Hywel, Mel, Jeanette,

Zach, Luis, Dave, Kevin & Sally.


Dive Sites:

Sunday- Black Beauty & Grand Bogue

Monday- Half Moon Caye Wall & Eagle Ray Pass

Tuesday- Blue Hole, Long Caye Ridge

Wednesday- Painted Wall & Silver Caves




Saturday 19th

Guests boarded and were shown to their cabins. Guest and crew introductions plus a vessel safety briefing. Refreshments for guests on arrival and dinner served onboard. A late evening departure from Belize City. Travel eastward. Calm conditions for a passage to the southern tip of Turneffe atoll. Arrival into the Caye Bokel conservation area.


Sunday 27th

Divers awoke with Belize Aggressor already at the first dive site. Atoll fringing reefs, situated at the south of Turneffe Atoll. The initial check dive was made at Black Beauty dive site. Plenty to see and all the divers were happy with their dive equipment. Over two dives in the morning, divers found several endemic bearded toadfish, Moray eels and southern stingrays.

After lunch, Aggressor III travelled northwards. A further two dives completed at Grand Bogue dive site, situated on the eastern side of Turneffe Island. The endemic Toadfish was also found plus squid, lobsters, planktonic comb jellies feeding on the nutrient rich water flowing from nearby central lagoon.

The night dive was also completed at the same site with divers finding lobsters, squid, toadfish and southern rays. After guests had dinner onboard, Aggressor III headed East to the Lighthouse reef system. Night mooring within the central lagoon at Lighthouse reef atoll.


Monday 28th

After breakfast, a short journey was made from the night mooring in the lagoon to Half Moon Caye Wall dive. A reef wall fringing south of Half Moon Caye. Two dives completed here and divers found large midnight parrotfish, large yellow fin groupers, friendly Nassau groupers, several Caribbean reef sharks, eagle rays, southern stingrays, hundreds of garden eels and conch. During lunch and with calm conditions, Belize Aggressor III travelled to Eagle Ray Pass dive site, positioned on the furthest North West tip of Long Island. This shallow mooring dive site has a steep wall drop off. Divers found Caribbean reef sharks, large numbers of parrotfish, wrasse and Nassau groupers. A night dive was also completed at this site and divers found slipper lobsters, squid, solitary gorgonian hydroids, basket stars and feather stars. After the night dive, Belize Aggressor headed north to its’ night mooring situated in the lagoon of lighthouse atoll.


Tuesday 29th

While guests enjoyed breakfast, the Belize Aggressor travelled north, meandering through lighthouse atoll inner reefs, to the ‘Blue Hole’ dive site. Calm conditions and an East breeze for this single dive. The divers viewed its natural circular form and dived between the underwater stalactites.

After the dive, Belize Aggressor traveled south to Half Moon Caye, where guests departed for an island excursion. Frigate birds were seen swooping and the red-breasted boobie birds were also viewed at this marine island sanctuary. Guests wandered along the beach and relaxed in the shade of the palm trees.

Guests returned onboard from the island for lunch onboard.

After lunch, Belize Aggressor III headed to Long Caye Ridge. Two afternoon dives here.

Divers located schools of creole wrasse, numerous barracuda, a large number of horse eyed jacks and groups of spiny lobsters. The night dive was completed at the same site. Divers found many basket stars, feather stars, sea butterflies, flamingo tongue cowries, urchins, brittle stars, reef octopus, reef shrimp and red spotted siphonophores. Macro photographers enjoyed locating bright pink and yellow neck crabs.

After the night dive, Belize Aggressor headed to its night mooring in Lighthouse reef lagoon.


Wednesday 30th

In the morning after breakfast, Belize Aggressor moved from the sheltered night mooring to the North West tip of Long Island. Two dives at Painted Wall dive site. Hawksbill turtles, stingrays, and schools of Chubb and scissortail sergeant major fish met divers. During lunch, Belize Aggressor travelled to the nearby dive site of Silver Caves, a site to the North west of Long Caye. Two afternoon dives, where divers enjoyed the swim through reef wall which was full of silverside fish. On the wall, divers met a pair of eagle rays, schooling horse eyed jacks and Bermuda Chubb. Divers met a hawksbill turtle and a nurse shark. Macro photographers were happy to find a large seahorse on the wall.

The night dive was completed at the same site and the aquatic life that was found included toadfish, many octopus and scorpion fish.

After the night dive, Belize Aggressor headed to its night mooring in Lighthouse atoll lagoon.


Thursday 1st

After breakfast, Belize Aggressor moved from its Night mooring to the reefs south of Half Moon Caye. Two morning dives were completed at Chain Wall. The main highlights were when the divers were met by numerous Caribbean reef sharks, which revisited the diver group at many times throughout the dive. Photographers were able to take close photographs of these inquisitive resident reef sharks. Eagle rays, a hawksbill turtle and southern sting rays were also seen. During lunch, Belize Aggressor moved West to the Western side of Long Caye. Two dives at Long Caye Wall dive site. Divers saw reef sharks, moray eels, octopus and lettuce sea slugs.

Evening entertainment was the showing of the charter video filmed by Instructor Ken.

A night dive was also completed at this site. Divers found squid, octopus, hundreds of basket stars and large numbers of Bermuda Chubb and Tarpon. After the night dive, the Belize Aggressor travelled West to the South of Turneffe Atoll. An overnight stay at Front Porch dive site.


Friday 2nd

Divers awaken with the Belize Aggressor already at the dive site. An early morning dawn dive at Front porch dive site, situated in the Caye Bokel conservation area of Turneffe atoll. Divers found several endemic bearded toadfish, spiny lobsters, moray eels and a hawksbill turtle. After two morning dives at this site, Belize Aggressor III headed west and back to Belize city.


In the evening, guests enjoyed drinks and appetizers while enjoying the photo slideshow compiled by both Instructor Ken and guests.

Award presentations for the following divers:


Iron Diver Awards: Jim & Tamyra


…Well that’s the week over and at 09:00 AM on Saturday, the crew said their farewells to the guests departing the Beautiful Belize Aggressor III.



Captain Matt Rutledge