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Log Date: Saturday, Dec 03, 2016
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


RSA Captains Log

3rd – 9th December 2016


The Southern Itinerary: Daedalus Reef, St. Johns & Sataya reef,


Highlights: Hammerhead sharks, Manta Ray, White tip oceanic shark, White tip reef shark, Frogfish, Turtle.


GUESTS: Lee Anna, Michael, Andreas & Raina, Heribert, Clement, Stephen, Mary, Charlotte, Harsh, Ken, Enrico Alexander


Air Temp: 23c / 73 c

Water Temp: 26c - 27c / 75 f - 77f

Visibility: 20 – 35 m / 70 – 149 feet

Weather: High temperatures, Clear skies, intense winds



Captain: Abdullah

Cruise Director: Roberto

Instructors/Guides: Rashad & Katerina

Chef: Husein & Sherif

Steward(s): Mohamed Hagazy & Ali

Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Said & Islam



Sunday – Marsa Shoona, Shaab Abu Dabab

Monday – Daedalus Reef

Tuesday – Paradise Reef, St. Johns Caves

Wednesday - Sataya Reef, The Dolphin House & Shaab Claudia

Thursday – Shaab Sharm, Shaab Marsa Alam

Friday – Shaab Abu Dabab


Welcome Aboard!

This week we happily & eagerly greeted our new family members from USA and Germany. A total of 13 guests on board. After a welcome drink and being showed to their cabins everyone gathered in the dining area for the general boat briefing and introduction of the crew, while munching on our chefs exquisite mini pizzas and assortment of seasonal fruit. After setting up equipment and finishing some paperwork, they were free to visit the very mystical Port Ghalib at sunset hours. After our steak dinner it was time for a glass of local wine & off to bed.


Sunday 4th of December

Day 1 started in Port Ghalib and continued in Marsa Shoona and Shaab Abu Dabab. Ring bells at 7 am. Sun shines in Port Ghalib. At 9 am we leave the harbour and start the Southern itinerary trip. Marsa shoona is the first destination of our diving cruise. We plan to spend 2 dives here.. Boat to boat dives to check buoyancy and diving equipment. We enjoy a large garden of fire corals, lion and pipe fishes, glassfish and goat fishes, masked butterfly fishes, blue spotted stingrays and puffer fishes but most of all the amazing spot of the Frog Fish. After the dive we sail to Abu Dabab. We scored 3 dives today including a night dive.


Monday 5th of December

Day 2 started in Daedalus Reef. We sail all night to reach the offshore reef of Daedalus reef 90 miles away from the coastline of Marsa alam. Sky is crystal clear, wind blows at approximately 15 nods. The early morning and late morning dive are located at the North Plateau. Zodiac to zodiac dive. We descent along the wall and dive with 2 hammerhead sharks and a manta ray. They swim wildly below and above us. We then reach the colorful wall and dive with black snapper and red sea groupers. At 1pm we splash the water again. 2 White tips oceanic sharks swim just below our yacht. The late afternoon dive is located at the south plateau. We scored 4 dives today including a late afternoon dive at the south plateau.


Tuesday 6th of December

Day 3 started in Paradise Reef. We sail all night to reach the offshore reefs of St. Johns. The first diving location of the day is Paradise Reef. A beautiful and colorful dive around tall pinnacles of corals, a large coral garden, a breath-taking swim trough and a garden of anemones and clown fishes. A boat-to-boat dive to explore the drop off walls of the reef with large formations of black and fan coral and colorful soft corals. Time to reach the reef of St. Johns Cave, which offers one of the most beautiful dive of the entire itinerary. We dive around the colorful swim-through filled with fan and orange soft corals. Time for lunch and we anchor in Paradise reef. We score 4 dives today including a night dive in Paradise reef with a special encounter with a murein swallowing a surgeonfish.


Wednesday 7th of December

Day 4 started in Sataya Reef and continued in Shaab Claudia. We sail 5 hours at night to reach the offshore reef of Sataya also called the Dolphine House. It is one of the largest reef of the Red Sea and it host a large pod of white stripes dolphins.The early morning dive is located at the southend of the reef. We visit the drop off wall and then abscent into a beautiful coral carden. time for a hot breakfast and we entered the tinder with mask and snorkel and we spent a memorable hour swimming with the dolphins. The 2nd dive of the day is located in Shaab Claudia also called “The cathedral of light”. School of burgundy soldier fishes, golden glass fishes, blue spotted stingrays and the incredible scenario of cave diving and the beams of light.We also encounter the local Napoleon wrasse which offers to our underwater photographer great close up shots... We score 4 dives today including a late afternoon and night dive in Sataya Reef.


Thursday 8th of December

Day 5 started in Shaab Sharm.Ring bells at 6 am and we anchor in the large and outstanding offshore reef of Shaab Sharm, 10 miles away from the city of Marsa Alam. The first dive is a boat to boat dive along the west wall and south plateau of the reef. The second dive is dedicated to dive the North/West wall. The wall hosts a large variety of hard corals, schools of banner red sea, black snappers, red sea groupers, moray eels and sea slugs. Time for lunch and we sail to Gota Marsa Alam. The afternoon and night dive are located in Gota Marsa alam with a large garden of corals and tall and colorful pinnacles. We score 4 dives today including a night dive.


Friday 9th of December

Day 6 started in Shaab Abu Dabab. Wind blows at 20 nods today and it is not possible to access the Elphinstone Reef. We spent the early and late morning dives in shaab abu Dabab. We visit the beautiful and large coral garden and dive a couple of swim throughs. Time for lunch and sail back to Port Ghalib. At 3:30 pm we arrive at the Marina. At 5 pm it is time for our Cocktail Party and celebrate our Diving Trip, the Iron and milestone Divers.


Iron Divers: Heribert

Milestone Diver : Heribert 800 dives

21# dives done this trip

Kind regards

Roberto D Ugo

Red Sea Aggressor