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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 03, 2016
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log              3-10 December     2016

North Andaman Sea

*Air Temp. 30c
*Water Temp. 29c
* Visibility 20m


Captain: Tui
Cruise Director: Patrick
Engineer: Pom
Second Captain: Rong
Deck hand: Hem
Chef: P. Phorn
Chef: Son
Dive instructor: Bank
Dive master: Itt
Steward: Jinny


Sunday – Koh Bon West Ridge x 2, Koh Bon North Reef, Koh Bon Bay, Koh Bon Bay
Monday – Koh Tachai pinnacle x 2, Tachai West, Tachai pinnacle, Tachai Reef
Tuesday – Richelieu Rock x 2, Torinla West Pinnacle, Torinla West,
Wednesday – Koh Tachai Pinnacle, Koh Bon, North Point, Breakfast Bend, Namchai Bay
Thursday - Christmas Point, Elephant Head Rock, Anita’s Reef, Deep Six
Friday – West of Eden, Sharkfin Reef


Saturday 3rd December 2016

Our guests arrived at around 17:00, we showed them to their cabins, set the gear up and enjoy the chef’s special of local Thai cuisine. We all had our briefing and started chatting and getting to know one another. Because of an oncoming weather front the captain opted to stay in the protection of the port for safety reasons.


Sunday 4th December 2016

The day started off in the protection of Koh Bon bay where we dived the whole day. We had crystal clear blue waters for the first two dives with hardly any current. Giant Morays were spotted all around the divesite, a couple of octopuses were right out in the open very well camouflaged and two Napoleon Wrasse were spotted. A Banded sea snake was engulfed in a coral head looking for something to eat. We varied jump spots and direction to see different angles to the site which worked out very well. A large school of Milkfish was spotted in the shallows. Bluefin Trevallies were in around the rocks looking for Glassfish to eat. Several varieties of Nudibranchs were crawling along the reef floor.


Monday 5th December 2016

The morning started off with two dives on Tachai Pinnacle with a large school of Chevron barracuda engulfing the divers from all sides. Lots of nudibranchs were on top of the rock mating and a few octopuses were also seen. The huge fan corals were swaying in the water making for nice footage for several guests. The third dive was a bit of an expedition since we dove on the West side of the island that isn’t dived very often. That turned out to be an excellent decision as the divers saw 4 huge Green turtles; big lobsters hiding under a coral head and a Giant Manta swam past! A large school of Batfish came close and a few fish stayed following the divers as they are extremely inquisitive. Dive 4 was back on the pinnacle in the hope of seeing the Manta ray once again. Unfortunately to no avail but there was hardly any current so the divers were able to really take their time and explore the beautiful site all around and follow the early evening feeding frenzy.

Tuesday 6th December 2016

The morning started off with Richelieu Rock. A large school of Pickhandle Barracuda were waiting for the divers along the mooring line. Lots of Bearded Scorpionfish were covering the rock some better camouflaged than others. 3 Cuttlefish were in a beautiful mating ritual and almost totally oblivious to the divers watching on. Tomato Anemonefish guarded their anemone with intensity and schools of snapper swam long the edge of the rock making it almost look like the rock was moving. Third dive was in the Surin islands going for a bit of an expedition. The captain knew of a “secret” pinnacle and the guests wanted to give it a go! Hundreds of Batfish welcomed the divers as they descended onto the big boulders protruding from the bottom. A few swim throughs and nice hard corals covered the boulders. The fourth dive was on Torinla West which was a nice sloping reef along the West side of Torinla island. One spot was littered in sea slugs and some big lobsters were spotted under coral heads. Thousands of fusiliers swam past in the shallows.  


Wednesday 7th December 2016

First dive was back at Koh Tachai pinnacle. A large curious Titan Triggerfish came close up to have a look at the divers. A large school of Blue Fusiliers came in from the deep making it look like an underwater river flowing. A Yellow Trumpet fish was swimming head down trying to catch small fish. Second dive was on Koh Bon pinnacle. The current was very mild and made it easy to navigate around the site and look at the beautiful yellow and purple soft corals covering the rock. A big school of batfish were out in the blue all facing into the light current. Some surgeonfish were in among them trying to blend in. The third dive saw us down in the Similan Islands at island #9 and North Point. The beautiful larger channel had a Great Barracuda lurking in it waiting for some prey to swim by. Anemonefish swimming in the surge above their anemone made for some very nice pictures as did the beautiful sea fans in the smaller channel. The fourth dive was at Breakfast Bend where Spotted Garden Eels covered the sandy area with a few Kuhl’s stingrays laying on the bottom. A few Hawksbill Turtles swam along peacefully in the shallows.  


Thursday 8th December 2016.

First dive was at Christmas Point. Red Fire Gobies were hovering over their hole and dived to shelter once the divers got too close. A big Napoleon Wrasse whisked by in the shallow and a few Tiger Cowries were in the cracks all over the divesite. Large Dogtooth Tuna swam in from the deep in search for food. Second dive was on Elephant Head Rock where there was hardly any current. The sun was up high and gave the divers excellent light throughout the whole divesite. Big eyed Trevallies and Black Trevallies were all around the big boulders and several Boxfish were on top of the rocks. The big swimthroughs were scattered in Snappers and Squirrelfish sheltering from the bright light. Two Egg Cowries were on a rock just right for the photographers. A juvenile Devil Scorpionfish was hiding in among the rocks on the bottom. The third dive was on Anita’s reef with a nice mild current pushing the divers on along the reef. A Stonefish was spotted in the shallows and hundreds of Garden Eels were scattered along the sandy slopes. A small Kuhl’s Stingray was sifting through the sand looking for food. The Cleaner Wrasse around the large Coral Head went at the divers cleaning their ears and any loose bits of skin along the legs and arms to their amusement. The last dive of the day was on Deep Six where some Porcelain Crabs were nicely in the open on an anemone. A few HUGE Dogtooth Tuna came in shallow out of the blue in search of supper. A Clown Triggerfish swam along the wall and several different types of Moray Eels were under rocks.  


Friday 9th December 2016

Dive one was on West of Eden where the mild current pushed the divers South. Some Purple Dart Gobies and Red Fire Gobies were among the bottom. A Spearing Mantis was spotted in the channel and numerous Squat Shrimps guarded the hole. A free swimming Moray caught the attention of the divers towards the end of the dive. The second dive was on Sharkfin Reef which was a great way to finish the trip. Crystal clear waters made for good visibility. Giant Moray Eels were all over the site and two White Tip Reef Sharks were swimming along the bottom. A small Cuttlefish was camouflaged along the bottom. At the end of the dive several hundred Chevron Barracuda circled the divers doing their safety stop as a farewell to a great week of diving in the Similan Islands.


Saturday 10th December 2015

Time to say good bye. We had a great week with amazing guests, Hope to see you all again.