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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Tuesday, Dec 06, 2016
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew



December 6, 2016

Average Water Temperaruture   26C

Average Visibility   75

Termocline between 24 C

Crew: Cap Mauricio, Chef Jairol y esteban, Enginier Miguel, Steward Jorge, Driver Carlos y Marvin, Dive Master Anibal.


Guests arrived at 1 pm and after a welcome cocktail served by our bartemder Jorge, safety and general briefing was given and all guests started to relax before the sailing to the island.

On our first check dive in Chatham Bay, lobsters, white tips, galapago sharks, and tons of white tips, were all over. Fantastic dive and perfect to start the diving week.

Our second dive was in manuelita, on the deep side. Manuelita is very well known because it offers of all you want to see in cocos, Our third dive of the day, was also there and the visibility was incredibly clear .

On the second day, punta maria and dirty rock were our choices.In puntamaria when we got to the cleaning station we found at least 5 galapagos swimming in the cleaning station and with visibility again,was amazing, the water temperature was 26 degrees.

Our second dive was dirty rock,a huge school of red snapper, hammerheads, turtles, whiet tips, really really a schoking dive with all you can imagine.

We also dove our first night dive this day and guests were amazed of all the life that you can get to see in cocos, it’s really incredible!

Then viking rock and pajara were our next choices, beautiful and calm dives with lots of life and great visibility together with warm water, made our divig day, just a perfect day.

Dos amigos pequeña and grande were also dove by the end of the week.

The huge arch in dos amigos grande was so beautiful with all the marble rays swimming on top of our heads and the great viz on all dive sites, made a beautifu diving day,


So, as usual a great diving week!

Thanks to all our guests for being so easy going, really hope to see you all back again.



Okeanos Aggressor II crew.