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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 10, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Dec 10rd to 17th


Guests   David & Megan, Eric & Morgan, Adam & Tanya, Marty & Kelley, Steve & Ursula, David Mc, Lionel and David N. Crew   Capt Alan, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Stewardess Latoya, Instructors Justin & Aubri.

Water Temp   80f

Air Temp   84 to 86f

Exposure protection   Rash guard & board shorts or 3mm wet suit.

Saturday We had all our guests aboard by 5pm so we pushed off the dock and motored to our first dive site: Doc Poulson. After a delicious BBQ cooked by our famous Chef Kinsley we conducted our safety briefing and introduced crew and guests, after all that it was time to call it a day.

Sunday Our first dive of the day was at the Wreck of the Doc Poulson, an old Japanese Tug sank in the mid-eighties, nestled in 50 feet of water, a perfect place for a check out dive. The swim through next to the wreck leads out onto the west wall, and is covered with life. Next up was the wreck of the Oro Verde, a ship reef that has the most amount of marine life along Seven mile beach, our resident Moray Eel, Eagle ray and Nurse Shark all showing up for our Dive. The night dive here is sensational, Mid night Parrot fish, Channel crabs and feeding Arrowhead Crabs, Afterwards with hot towels and hot chocolate with baileys, all our guests were happy with a great day of diving.

Monday We awoke to a beautiful sunrise and the smell of bacon and pancakes- no better way to start a Monday! Our first dive of the day would be on the USS Kittiwake, a former submarine support vessel that has been refitted into a diver’s paradise. Our divers explored all the ships ins and outs thoroughly but only David Mc and David N came back claiming to have found the famous Aggressor Fleet Plaque. Many others did however see a very tiny juvenile spotted drum, a very large porcupine fish, a spotted eagle ray, and some very active studded sea stars crawling around. For the afternoon and night dive we moved over to Governors Reef to be awed and entertained by stingrays, turtles, lemon rays, balloon fish, and even the normally nocturnal octopus during both dives! After a quick nightcap and splash in the hot tub divers headed off to bed, satisfied and weary from another full day of diving.

Tuesday Our Morning site here on the Northwest coast of grand Cayman was Round Rock/ Trinity Caves, a classic site with caverns, Caves and Crevices, an Eagle ray was spotted by many feeding in the sand, sitting perfect for photo and video. On top of the pinnacle a school of Horse eye jacks swan effortlessly in circles. Next up was Bonnies Arch, quite often a favorite among our guests, the Arch starts at 30 feet and is coral encrusted with sea whips, fans, sponges and critters, such as a Head shield slugs, Pigmy file fish, and a Lettuce leaf slugs. Our final site for the day was Lost Treasure, and Spanish Anchor which dates back hundreds of years. Two hawksbill turtles and a plethora of schooling Wrasse all getting ready for the night. The moon rising over Seven mile beach and the smell of steaks on the grill made this dinner special, the night dive was rather eventful with Crabs, Lobsters and two octopus dazzling our group with heir flamboyant dancing, another world class day of diving here in Cayman.

Wednesday We started our engines before six am and cruised around to the north wall to a site called tarpon Alley, looking over the edge of the wall into the deep abyss is breathtaking. Next up was our old favorite, Stingray City, with 100 plus visibility and plenty of rays to go around, it was the best fun to be had in twelve feet of water!! Ursula returned with the biggest hickey and was rewarded with a free stingray city t shirt. During our Cheese burger lunch with cruised all the way to Babylon for what is the most talked about dive site on Grand Cayman. The visibility 100 feet plus and the pinnacle was alive with fish activity, Blue and grey Chromis, Snappers and Purple reef fish were in abundance. The night dive produced three Octopus, several channels crabs and two Neck Crabs. This was the best night dive for many of our guests.

Thursday We woke up to calm seas back around the West side of Grand Cayman, our first site was Neptune’s drop off, where the wall starts at 55 feet and gently slopes all the way down to the deep. With little or no current we kicked gently down to wall to explore the reef, hiding under a coral head we spotted a Scorpion fish camouflaged perfectly, a Pigmy file fish was seen on a sea fan and a Juvenile Cow fish hiding in plain sight. Next up was Angelfish reef, a shallow reef dive with the wall in swimming distance. Our resident Nurse Shark Fin decided to join our group and even surprised Megan with a gentle encounter, he stayed around for most of the dive swimming back and forth making sure everyone got to experience the gentle friendly shark. Our dusk dive was to be the perfect way to see this sight change from day into night. The usual suspects were seen several moray eels, large lobsters and again an octopus spotted by our eagle eye Eric.  

Friday A dawn dive was plan for this morning, with all our eager divers ready to splash by 6:00 am, it proved to be one of the most popular dives of the week. With strong winds picking up motored up towards Caribbean Club Sand Chutes, and explore the reef, nestled next door is the Ex USS Kittiwake which was also a favorite among our guests. Finally we stopped at Angel fish reef for an easy slow paced swim around this colorful reef, several Turtles were casually eating part of a sponge while our divers were taking photos, all in all a perfect way to end our week.

Another wonderful Charter here in Cayman, well done to David N for completing 500 dives, also to David and Megan, completing 200 and 100 dives respectively, Well done to Eric and Morgan for completing their Advanced open water diver course, a special thanks to all our guests and crew for making this a safe and successful voyage.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor IV Crew