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Log Date: Saturday, Dec 17, 2016
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log 17th - 24th Dec 2016


Air Temp. 77-84+ F

Water Temp. 79-81 F

Visibility 20-100+ft



Captain David Patterson

Engineer David M.

Instructor AQ

Instructor Marco

Chef Robert



Kelli, Holly, Kate, Lydia, Jun, Frank, Shay, Leonard, Brandi, Jimmy, Miriam, Danyi, Kris & Petra



Sunday – Close Mon, Lobster no Lobster, Cave Rock

Monday –Hole in the Wall, The Kracken, Cave Rock

Tuesday –Cut N Run, Cut Thru City, Knucklehead

Wednesday – Split Coral, Primo Wall, Jakes Hole

Thursday – Cobia Cage, Monolith, Pillar Wall, Barracuda Shoals

Friday – Blue Hole, Periwinkle


Saturday Dec 17th 2016

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 14 divers onboard for a week of live aboard diving around the Exuma Islands. Once everyone was onboard we set off toward the night anchorage at Allens mooring. Dinner was taken en route and a little before midnight we stopped to rest for the night.



Sunday Dec 18th

We started the days diving off at Close Mon. This dive site gains its name because the crew must drop the anchor extremely close to the island. This also served as a fantastic check dive for our guests. The shallow bottom of around 20ft was ideal to test out new equipment or get used to old equipment that may have gathered a little dust since its last outing.

The reef here is abuzz with life, The shallow waters attract a whole host of marine critters. This varies from big Stingrays, Nurse sharks and jacks to the smaller stuff such as Lobsters, Crabs, Eels and smaller reef fish.

Our guests scurried around the reef taking pictures and video of these critters which; due to the great sunshine we had, made capturing these moments on camera a very easy one indeed.

Due to the tides here in the Exumas we could only complete one dive on this dive site. We then opted to dive Lobster no Lobster for our second dive.

This ever popular dive site has been a mainstay of our itinerary here in the exumas and its easy to see why. We have a healthy reef system thats teeming with life. Here we see Parrotfish, Grunts, Groupers, Rays and even another shark! The guests also busy themselves. After a wonderful dive on Lobster no Lobster we served lunch. Chef Rob made sure everybody was well fed with another fantastic meal. Once the galley and salon were cleared Captain Dave took us across the Exuma Sound to Eleuthera. After a 3 hour crossing we ended up at Tunnel Rock. Here we completed two dives, one afternoon and one night dive.

Over the course of the two dives we saw Squid, french Grunts, Dog Snapper, more Rays, lobster, crabs and shrimps!

After a great day of diving the guests enjoyed a nice glass of wine in the salon before retiring to their cabins for a restful nights sleep.



Monday Dec 18th

First up for us was Hole in the Wall. We spent two dives exploring this dive site to the max. Guests found the myriad of swim throughs that lead us out on to the wall. The swim throughs here are extremely colorful and we find an abundance of marine life living here. Channel Clinging crabs adorn the roof, we also see Arrow Head crab dotted all around. Guests also get some fabulous pictures of the Lionfish that live here. Although these are an invasive species they are great to take pictures of as you can get up close and personal with them. We also saw an Eagle ray cruising by us. For us to see this majestic creature fly by in the azure blue backdrop of the Exuma sound is simply exhilarating. We then moved the yacht to the the Kracken. We spent one dive exploring this shallow dive site with all its swim throughs and canyon ways.

Guests had a brilliant time looking in the nooks and the crannies for all the small stuff.

We ended the day on Cave rock where we completed our afternoon and night dive.

Over the course of two dives here we saw a plethora of Blue Tangs, Squirrel Fish, Snapper, Eels and also some wonderful sightings of the ever popular Red Tipped Sea Goddess.

After a wonderful day of diving our guests and crew decided to get a good nights rest in preparation for a full day of diving to come.


Tuesday Dec 20th

We started of the day at the ever popular Cut N Run. This dive site features the wreckage of an old aircraft as well as a huge ships anchor with chain. Back in the mid 80s when the Bahamas was infamous in the drug smuggling community pilots would crash land their airplanes into the ocean and load the drugs onto a waiting boat to be shipped around the caribbean. This is exactly what happened here. The wreckage and anchor sits in about 60 feet of water, just atop the wall.

Guests busy themselves over the course of two dives checking out each nook and cranny of the plane and anchor line. On the wall too we see huge amounts of black coral, whip coral, tube sponges and corkscrew anemones. Some guests also saw rays, Sharks and even a turtle! As we suspected, cut n run did not disappoint! We then moved the yacht to Cut Thru City where we completed our - post lunch dive. Our guests meandered their way through the various cut and canyon ways that make this site an ever present on our Exuma Itinerary. We saw huge Hogfish, big schools of Grunts, snappers and jacks as well as small stuff such as Nudibranchs, Shrimps and Garden Eels.

Guests ascended from Cut Thru City with smiles on their faces.

Next up for us was Knuckle Head where we completed our afternoon and Night dive.

This site is a great place to search for the smaller critters. We often find Pistol shrimp here and also Banded coral shrimp hiding in the sponges. The key here is to take it slowly which our guests this week did. On the night dive we saw the ever elusive Octopus but it was made all the more special as this was the dive where Brandi completed her 100th Dive! We made her a cake, quite literally! (see pictures for proof) :-)

After a spell binding day our guests relaxed on the sun deck with a nice hot mug of hot chocolate… With Baileys in of course!


Wednesday Dec 21st

We started Wednesday 21st December off in style at Split Coral head. This dive site is where we see many many sharks. We dropped our fish attraction triangle into the water and waited for the sharks to arrive. We didnt have to wait long. While our divers were suiting up we saw the sharks cruising by beneath the boat, eagerly anticipating our divers to come join them… How could our neoprene clad warriors resist! For most - the inviting blue of split coral was an invigorating way to wake up; couple that with being surrounded by 18 Reef Sharks and you will have a morning to remember for quite some time let me tell you.

The sharks crushed by our divers with the grace and elegance. Our divers flashbulbs were turning the deep blue hue of the mid morning dawn a vivd blanket of white as they attempted to capture the sharks at varying different angles.

Our divers had fun with the sharks for two whole dives after which we decided to hot foot it back north and dive Primo Wall.

This wonderful dive site is a fabulous place to be. The landscape alone underwater is enough to float many peoples boat but we also saw so much here that its hard to write it all down. As well as the many reef fish that live here we aw sharks, Rays, Eels, Turtle, jawfish and even a huge spiny lobster. What a dive!

Once our divers had showered off and we had prepared the bak deck to travel south Capt David took the Bahamas Aggressor to the ever popular Jakes Hole. The stories about Jake a varied and entertaining. Depending on who you speak to about it you get a different version of events. While we may not see jake here we do know that there is a hole - that we are sure of.

This shallow site is teeming with life. Over the course of two dives here we saw Grouper, Glassfish, Jacks, Octopus, Shrimp and lobtsers. The corals here at Jakes hole are extremely healthy too which is so very good to see.



Thursday Dec 22nd

We moved the boat early from jakes hole to the Northern tip to dive Cobia Cage. This dive site features an underwater cage that is suspended in midwater. The top of the cage is at around 15 to 20feet and the bottom is at around 85feet. This gives you an idea of the scale of the cage.

This dive site is always popular for seeing Speadefish and jacks - today was no different. We also saw a ton of other smaller stuff on the cage itself such as flatworms and arrow Head Crabs.

We then moved to Monolith where completed a beautiful wall dive in the serene tranquil waters of the Exuma Sound.

Once this dive had finished we crossed back over the Exuma Sound toward Highborne Cay and our next site of choice was - Pillar Wall.

Pillar Wall is a wonderful wall dive where we saw Rays, Sharks Goatfish, Parrotfish, Snapper and Turtles. Superb!

We then ended the day on Barracuda Shoals where we explored each coral head to the max. In the evening our guests enjoyed the Video that Crew member Dave millard had put together.


Friday Dec 23rd

The crew awoke early to move the yacht back toward Nassau where we ended the week. We decided to Dive the Blue Hole first where we bumped into our friend - The resident loggerhead turtle. We saw many Nurse Sharks alongside the usual Reef fish that swarm this dive site.

During breakfast we moved the yacht to the final dive site of choice - Periwinkle. This shallow fish laden dive site is a wonderful way to end the week. The fervent color and exuberance of the fish life here makes you happy - but leaves you yearning for more!


All too soon the engines rumbled into life and we motored back toward port. Our guests had a pocket full of pictures as well as memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.


Huge congratulations to Kelli & Miriam for completing their Nitrox Course onboard and also to Brandi for completing here 100th dive with us here in the Bahamas; Heres to the next 100 Brandi!


The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!



Until The Next Time Safe Travels…





Bahamas Aggressor Crew