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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 17, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

Dec 17th to 24th


Guests   Michael & Ann, Marcelo, Jim, Lee & Chris, Devin, Belinda & Megan, Mark & Shelly, Susan, Natalie, David, Zak, Doug, Fred & Susan

Crew   Capt Alan, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Stewardess Latoya, Instructors Justin & Aubri.

Water Temp   80f Air Temp   84 to 86f

Exposure protection   Rash guard & board shorts or 3mm wet suit.

Saturday Another exiting week in store here in Cayman, Chef Kingsley winning hearts his first BBQ meal, with the best Ribs in the Caribbean. After our safety briefing and introductions it was time to get some rest in preparation for a great week of eating and diving.

Sunday Our first dive site was the Ship Reef of the Doc Poulson, this small tug boat makes a wonderful check out dive and has plenty of life on and around the wreck. A juvenile Queen angel fish was spotted close to the reef, Garden Eels are abound here, out on the wall a Hawksbill turtle was seen feeding on a sponge. On the second dive we cruised out along a swim thru out onto the wall, amazing schooling fish here, Creole wrasse, purple reef fish and a school of horse eye jacks all swimming towards us. After a delicious deli style lunch we moved to a site called Oro Verde. This wreck is a diver’s delight, originally sunk next to the wall but with time and tide it now sits converged on the reef at 50ft of water. An eagle ray was feeding in the sand and several of our guests attempted to ride the bikes that are on the wreck. At night this site comes alive with critters, channel crabs, several lobsters, a midnight parrot fish and bloodworms galore all on the wreck. After hot chocolate and baileys, and of course hot towels, it was time to call it a day.

Monday It was another beautiful sunny day here in Grand Cayman. First up on the dive schedule was Neptune’s Wall- a gently sloping wall with some dramatic drop offs encrusted in soft corals. After a hearty breakfast we splashed in at 8am to wake up the reef, not much to our surprise it was already bustling with massive rivers of creole wrasse, schooling durgon, and blue chromis everywhere you looked. There was also a green moray free swimming around the group and a gaudy clown crab tucked into the reef that delighted macro photographer, Jim. When we got back to the boat Kingsley had prepared us a delicious Mexican lunch which resulted in a well-deserved siesta for most. For the afternoon and night dives we tied up to Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor where divers combed the shallow fingering reef to find yellow stingrays, juvenile queen angel fish, a free swimming peacock flounder, a lined flatworm, and a fingerprint cyphoma. Still full of energy divers stayed up to enjoy some wine and beer while exchanging stories from the days dives before dropping off one by one to bed.

Tuesday We started our engines to a gracious sunrise over Seven Mile beach, our destination was the Ex USS Kittiwake, sunk in 2011 this wreck has been made diver friendly and is in shallow water at about 60 feet. This dive is a photographer’s dream, with several highlights where Magazine cover shots can achieved. Our free t-shirt goes out to Devin for returning with a photo of the Aggressor plaque. Other critters spotted were the studded sea star, massive parrot fish, and a tiny juvenile Angelfish hiding on one of the chains. Chris and Lee were even fortunate encounter two Eagle rays, feeding in the sand. Next up was Angelfish reef, where our resident Nurse Shark Fin was waiting for us. Several turtles were also seen as well as a free swimming Green Moray, school of reef fish and of course our eagle eye Zak spotted an Octopus on the night dive. As guests reminisced over the day’s diving, and enjoyed Chef Kingsley Surf n Turf dinner, it was clear everyone had a great day onboard the Cayman Aggressor IV.

Wednesday We began our day on a crew favorite- Round Rock and Trinity Caves. Lucky for us we had the wall and swim throughs to ourselves and took advantage of exploring all of the caves. True to form this site was exploding with life- four turtles were spotted, some even hung around for some breakfast, moray eels, a couple of juvenile spotted drum, a four eyed hamlet, and even the elusive masked hamlet! As we moved the boat to the next dive spot, Governor’s Reef, everyone enjoyed some of the best Cheeseburgers in Paradise that Cayman has to offer. The burgers didn’t slow our divers down one bit- they were out and gearing up for the afternoon before the bell even rung! For the next three dives of the day divers were entertained with spotted eagle rays feeding in the sand, 15 or more lobster tucked into the reef, a yellow stingray, patches of yellow headed jawfish, a slipper lobster, and an octopus for the night dive! And what perfect day wouldn’t be complete without a gourmet dinner, glass of wine, and some stargazing..

Thursday With the wind still blowing strong and the seas still big around the south side of Grand Cayman we cruised back to a spot called Caribbean Club Sand Chute which is located close by the USS Kittiwake, the caverns here are very impressive, leading out to the wall we spotted a Turtle feeding on a sponge, next a moray eel swimming along the wall. The schooling fish here are impressive, horse eye jacks, blue hamlets and blue and brown chromis in abundance. Our marco divers returned with photos of a four eye hamlet, a perfect shot of a Secretary Blenny and a Diamond Blenny.  After a scrumptious lunch of Asian delights we were ready to splash again, next up was Bonnies Arch. This is a classic dive, the corals here are amazing, sea fans, sea whips, tube sponges and barrel sponges are plentiful, perfect for our wide angle photographers. In the sand our critter spotter Doug found a Goby station with at least 50 living there, our resident turtle was also seen gliding through the group. Next up was Lost Treasure for an exciting night dive. Several squid, lobster, numerous slugs and flat worms and of course a Caribbean reef octopus feeding along the reef. Another fun filled day of eating, sleeping and diving.

Friday Divers were sad to see the last day of diving finally arrive but didn’t let it get them too down. We spent the morning on Devil’s Grotto, a Cayman finale tradition, and had some of the best dives of the week. Scorpion fish, lettuce leaf sea slugs, mantis shrimp, sting rays, and a young nurse shark were some of the critters spotted. When we got back it was time to start breaking down gear and preparing to pack. Some guests did some shopping and explored George Town for the afternoon while others hung around the boat until the Captain’s Cocktail Party where snacks were served, guests were recognized for their achievements of the week and a champagne toast was offered.

That concludes our week here in Cayman, well done to Fred for finishing up his wreck diver course, to Dave for completing 500 Dives, Susan for completing 100 dives, to Natalie for doubling her number of dives this week. Thank you to all our guests for making this a safe and fun week aboard the Cayman Aggressor. From all of us here in Cayman, Merry Christmas and safe travels home.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor IV Crew