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Galapagos Aggressor III :


Log Date: Thursday, Dec 15, 2016
Entry By: Galapagos Aggressor Crew


*GALAPAGOS AGGRESSOR Captain’s Log * Dec 15th-22nd, 2016



Captain             Rufino Chele

Chef                         Rene Pinto

Instructors             Nelson Martinez/ Richard Vera

Steward             Winter Basurto


GUESTS: Gil, Hirokazu, Ben, Roey, Romeo, Ingrid, Stefano, Cristina, Robert, Peter, Paul, Werner, Jukka, Timothy, Karin, Larry



Thursday – Check dive at Itabaca Channel

Friday – Punta Carrión

Saturday – Wolf Island

Sunday – Darwin Island

Monday – Darwin & Wolf Island

Tuesday –Punta Vicente Roca

Wednesday – Cousins Rock


Thursday December 15th

This week, we welcomed aboard visitors coming from Israel, Japan, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, USA. We picked them up from Baltra Airport and the Itabaca Channel in the morning and headed out to a briefing and to get ready for our check dive.

*Air Temp. 73 F

*Water Temp. 70 F

* Visibility 5 ft

* Depth 30 ft


Friday December 16th  

On Friday, we had two dives in Punta Carrion north side of Santa Cruz Island. We saw sea lions, sea turtles, mobula rays, snapper fish, grouper fish and mola molas.

After them, we went on a land tour in Bartolome Island where we could see a volcanic and pristine landscape from the top of the walking trail.

*Air Temp. 73 F

*Water Temp. 64/57 F

* Visibility 50/80 ft

* Depth 100 ft


Saturday December 17th  

We reached Wolf Island to dive with Galapagos shark, hammerhead sharks, eagle rays, creole fish, jack, tunas, sea lion, sea turtle and grouper fish.

*Air Temp. 75 F

*Water Temp. 71 F

* Visibility 20 ft

* Depth 60 ft


Sunday December 18th  

On Sunday we went to Darwin, one of the most famous islands in Galapagos. Here, we could see hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, snapper fish, sea turtles, tunas and dolphins.

*Air Temp. 76 F

*Water Temp. 72 F

* Visibility 30 ft

* Depth 60 ft


Monday December 19th 

Around Darwin and Wolf we had other interesting dive times, in which we saw hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, snapper fish, sea turtles, tunas and dolphins.

*Air Temp. 75 F

*Water Temp. 72 F

* Visibility 30 ft

* Depth 60 ft


Tuesday December 20th

Going down south, at Cabo Douglas and Punta Vicente Roca, Tuesday gave us the chance to see other variety of the marine life: we could swim with marine iguanas, cormorants, sea horses, sea turtles and sea lions.  

*Air Temp. 78 F

*Water Temp. 65 F

* Visibility 63 ft

* Depth 90 ft


Wednesday December 21st

On Wednesday, after a night navigation going east, we could visit Cousins’ Rock. It was waiting for us with mobula rays, eagle rays, sea lions, sea turtles and barracudas.


Later on, we went to visit the highlands of Santa Cruz to see the famous giant tortoises: the Galapagos were peacefully walking around the place, in the wild.

*Air Temp. 76 F

*Water Temp. 73 F

* Visibility 40 ft

* Depth 80 ft


Thursday December 22nd


We finished our cruise with the satisfaction of a great week. Thanks again for joining us along the Galapagos Aggressor, we will be waiting for another visit when you wish to come back... and we hope it is very soon!


Galapagos Aggressor Crew