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Log Date: Saturday, Dec 24, 2016
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log 24th -31st Dec 2016

Air Temp.  77-84+ F
Water Temp. 79-81 F
Visibility 40-100+ft

Captain David Patterson
Engineer David Millard
Instructor Alex Quint
Instructor James McKenzie
Instructor Marco Moroni
Chef Robert Carabia

Candace, David, Susan, Kathryn, Bill, Lance, Thomas, Katrin, Dan, Nicki, Lindsey, Sarah & Jason.

Sunday – Barracuda Shoals, Close Mon, Airplane Wreck
Monday – Cut n Run, Cut, Thru City, Tunnel Rock
Tuesday – Split Coral,
Wednesday – Primo Wall, Split Coral Head, Tunnel Rock
Thursday – Pillar Wall, Whales Tail Wall, Austin Smith
Friday – Blue Hole

Saturday December 24th
The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 13 eager divers onboard for a fun filled action packed week of diving around the Exumas and Eleuthera. Our guests arrived at Elizabeth on Bay dock to drop off their bags at the boat before exploring the wonders of Nassau. 4PM rolled around quickly which was the time to board the yacht.
Captain Dave and the crew then welcomed everybody onboard after which we delivered the welcome and safety briefing.
We then left the dock and cruised for 4 hours to the Exuma Islands. At around 11PM we were safely anchored for the night.

Sunday December 25th
Guests and crew awoke on christmas morning in eager anticipation of slipping into the inviting azure blue aqua to enjoy a christmas spent underwater. We decided to dive before breakfast on the ever popular dive site Barracuda Shoals. The shallow fish laden dive site is a wonderful place to begin a week long diving charter. The shallows are perfect for testing out new gear or reacquainting with old stuff that hasnt seen much action in a while.
Over the course of our two dives at Barracuda Shoals we saw Reef sharks, Nurse Sharks, Lobster and Stingrays as well as much much more. We also had fun playing with the Christmas Tree worms which was highly appropriate given that it was christmas day!
We then moved the yacht further inland to the shallow site Close mon. Here we completed one dive. The crew dropped the anchor extremely close to the island (hence the name close mon).
This site is very shallow but it has a lot of life on it. We were blessed to have a nice sunny day too so pictures and video were as vibrant as can be.  Schools of grunts, snappers, blue chromis, plenty of lobster and crab sightings made this a memorable dive for sure.
Next up we dived the Airplane wreck. We saw huge schools of fish hiding under the wings and the fuselage. We also explored the sea grass around the wreck looking for smaller stuff such as nudibranchs and shrimp.
We then enjoyed christmas dinner which was expertly prepared by Chef Rob. Once we had cleared up the salon and the dive deck we then moved the yacht across the Exuma Sound to Eleuthera. A little before midnight we arrived safely at our anchorage for the night in the relative calmness of Eleuthera.

Monday December 26th
First  up for us was Cut n Run. Here we got to dive the wreck of an old areoplane and a huge ships anchor. These pieces of wreckage sit on top of the wall. Guests got to explore the wreck and the wall over the course of our two dives here. We saw Reef sharks cruising in the blue, Moray Eels, Stingrays, Turtles, Hog fish and so many squirrel fish that we stopped counting. We then moved the yacht during lunch to our next site - Cut thru city. Here guests were able to explore the many swim throughs and canyon ways that we find here. Time was taken to explore the inside of the swim throughs where we saw many different species of crustaceans. The reef tops in the shallows were fish laden so we enjoyed the shallows before we ascended to exit the water.
Next up was Tunnel Rock. This shallow site was where we spent the rest of the day for our afternoon and night dive.

Tuesday December 27th
First up for us was Split Coral. This is a dive site where we get up close and personal with the sharks. Once breakfast was taken care of we hopped in to explore this awesome site. The sharks were pursuing the shadows below the boat, eagerly anticipating our divers presence in their underwater lair. Due to the fact that our fish attraction  triangle was in the water the sharks stayed with us for 2 full dives. The sharks cruised by our divers many times, giving us plenty of great picture opportunities.
Guests also explored the wall and the shallows of split coral which also proved to be very popular.
We then moved the yacht to Primo wall where we completed our post lunch dive. On this dive our divers saw Stingrays, Lobsters, sharks, Grunts and much much more.
We then ended the day cavorting in the shallows at Cave Rock. This underwater coral mound is home to plethora of marine life from large to small. Guests boarded the yacht after the night dive where they enjoyed a wonderful cup of hot chocolate with liberal helpings of Baileys.

Wednesday December 28th
We kicked the day off with a wonderful dive on Cobia Cage. The huge cage is suspended from around 90 feet and tops out at 15 feet. The thing is simply gigantic. It has to be seen to be believed.
The cage sits not far from the wall so our divers can check out the wall first then end their dive on the cage. Here we saw huge barracuda, snappers, Sharks, Eels and Groupers. We also saw various types of shrimp and crabs on the cage itself.
We then moved the yacht south to the next dive site - Monolith. This dive site gains its name due to the huge geological feature that juts out from the abyss. The top of the structure is teeming with life. we saw many different types of reef fish from small to large. We also saw stingrays, green eels, jawfish, hogfish and share cruising by in the blue.
Upon completion of the dive our divers showered off on the back deck of the Bahamas Aggressor and settled down to enjoy lunch. during lunch we crossed back over the Exuma Sound toward our next dive site of choice - Pillar Wall.
Pillar wall is a majestic dive site which affords us the ability to stay shallow or go deep. Guests cruise through the canyon ways which lead out onto the wall. cruising down the wall our guests see Turtles, sharks, rays and plenty of different species of reef fish. Guests board the yacht happy. We then moved the boat to the final site for the day - Madison Avenue.
We completed our afternoon and night dive here on this shallow fish laden coral mound. flashbulbs were popping at regular intervals as our divers captured those precious underwater memories.
once the night dive was completed we then cruised through ships channel and picked up a mooring on the leeward side of the island to rest for the night.

Thursday December 7th
We woke early to move the boat through Ships channel to the first dive site of the day - Dog Rocks. Breakfast was taken en route and a little before 8AM we were tied up at the dive site.
To say that this dive site didnt disappoint is an understatement. The variuous cuts and canyon ways kept everybody enthralled for a whole 3 dives! In fact we were going to stay here for 2 dives but we changed our plan and stayed for a third as the guests were enjoying it that much!
Over the course of 3 dives here we saw Turtles, Eels, Lobsters, crabs and a whole lot more to boot. What made these dives so special however was the fact that we saw a Whale Shark on one of the dives and on another we saw a Tiger Shark! This is very unique for us to see these animals one after the other. Divers were extremely happy with the diving her at Dog Rocks.
We then moved the boat south to dive the Austin Smith for the afternoon and night dive. Here we frolicked with the sharks and perused the wreck and surrounding reef areas to the max.
This was a fantastic day of diving that was enjoyed by all.
Once the night dive was completed we moved the boat through a channel in between the islands and we picked up an anchorage for the night.

Friday December 30th
The crew woke early to move the boat back toward nassau and to our final dive site of the week - The Blue Hole.
Here on the Blue Hole we saw the resident loggerhead turtle, Nurse Sharks, Schools of grunts, snappers and hogfish all cruising round the top of the whole.
This was a fabulous way to end our christmas week at sea.

We then motored back toward nassau and back toward civilization. Guests explored the wonders of nassau prior to enjoying our cocktail party on the sundeck.

Congratulations to our Iron Divers, Lindsey, Dan, Jason & Sarah

Congrats must go to Jason & Sarah too for completing their Advanced Open Water course onboard this week. Jason also completed his 100th dive while he was on this trip. Jason was busy this week as you can see.

The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!

Until The Next Time Safe Travels…

Bahamas Aggressor Crew