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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 24, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Dec 24th to31 2016


Guests   Kim & Ken, Robert, Greg, Jane, Lee, Tammy, Gabi, Maggie Josh & Jonathan, Fred & Mary, Sarah, Al.

Crew   Capt Niall, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Deckhand Oneil, Instructors Justin & Aubri.

Water Temp   80f Air Temp   84 to 86f

Exposure protection   Rash guard & board shorts or 3mm wet suit.

Saturday Our guests arrived with the Christmas spirit bringing sweets and treats to the crew of the Cayman Aggressor. Introductions and friends were quickly made as we set off to our first dive site of the week while Kingsley served up a scrumptious BBQ dinner with some special Christmas Rum Cake to follow. After a safety briefing the festivities began while guests rocked around the Christmas tree, splashed in the hot tub, and enjoyed a light show on the sun deck.

Sunday It’s Christmas morning and everyone was eager to get in the water! Santa had clearly visited Cayman and delivered us three Eagle Rays, a Turtle, a juvenile Spotted Drum, and a juvenile File Fish for our first dive. Guests returned to find Santa had also visited their cabins and left a present on their beds. After a snack and some sunbathing it was back to the water for dive #2 where divers explored the wall and swim through. For the afternoon dives we moved over to the Oro Verde where another Eagle Ray, all kinds of Eel, a Turtle, and even an Octopus! We opted for a dusk dive instead of a night dive so spirits could be enjoyed with Kingsley’s gourmet dinner of Crispy Roasted Duck followed by Cherry Pie. The night wasn’t over yet though- more Christmas fun was had late into the night on the sun deck enjoying fireworks being put on all over Grand Cayman.

Monday Our Detroit Diesels roared to life just as the sun was beginning to rise over Seven Mile Beach. As we motored to our first dive site, the blueberry and banana pancakes were sliding off of Kingsley’s grill onto the plates of our eager guests. Dive #1 at Neptune’s Drop Off provided a refreshing wake up and gave everyone a chance to work off some of yesterday’s incredible meals. During the dive, we were greeted by a Spotted Moray Eel, Turtle and a Tiger Grouper receiving a much deserved manicure at a cleaning station. Kingsley pulled out all the stops with a Mexican feast for lunch as we moved to our next site, or better yet, two sites in one: Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor! Following a much deserved siesta, Kim and Ken spotted a Scorpion fish as the rest of the group continued touring the dive site. A friendly turtle dropped in for a visit and stayed with the group for several minutes, quite comfortable with our presence. Also spotted were a Green Moray, Lemon Ray, and a pleasant little Blenny. The Night dive brought with it, even more excitement as a free swimming Green Moray was sighted, a Slipper Lobster and an Octopus! The returning divers were greeted with hot chocolate and hot towels as they excitedly chattered about the creatures.

Tuesday Yet another beautiful, breezy day greeted us here in Grand Cayman. After charging up with some Eggs Bennies we were ready to go for our first site, Round Rock/Trinity Caves. Divers enjoyed practicing their finest buoyancy through the labyrinth of caves and swim throughs and were rewarded with sightings of Turtles, free swimming Moray Eels, a Spotted Drum, and many more creatures. When divers returned for lunch we made our way over to Governor’s Reef where we would be for the afternoon and night dives. Smiling divers returned with tales of massive Rainbow Parrot Fish eating their lunch, a Splendid Flatworm crawling along the sand, a Nurse Shark and some Turtles cruising by, a shy Flounder burying itself in the sand, and even a Reef Octopus for the night dive. Upon returning from the night dive Chef Kingsley had a table set up with all the diver’s Cheesecakes that they had opted to save and enjoy with their hot coco’s and Baileys before heading off to bed.

Wednesday We awoke to the sizzle of sausage and French toast as Kingsley had already been hard at work in the Galley. After everyone’s favorite meal it was time to dive! The Ex USS Kittiwake was waiting for us- peaceful and yet untouched by other divers. Thanks to an early splash time we had the wreck all to ourselves for the first dive and only shared it with a few other divers and a Turtle for the next. Along with visiting the resident Moray Eel, posing for a picture or two in the recompression chamber, and manning the crow’s nest and ships wheel divers also found time to explore the reef and wall of to the ships port. Our wreck exploration made everyone quite hungry so it was back to the boat for some “Cheeseburgers in Paradise”. For the afternoon and night dives we motored over to a site know as Angelfish Reef. Our diver’s theory on naming a site after an animal was proven wrong as not a single person returned saying they didn’t find an Angelfish- in fact some even saw the elusive juvenile Queen Angel! The night dive was even one of the trip favorites for some with a beautiful show was put on by an Octopus for Tammy and Gabi. With hot towels and hot chocolate in hand divers settled down to log dives and chat about the day before calling it a night.

Thursday For our last full day of diving we made our way down to the Southwest point for a site called Eagle Ray Rock. After checking out the wall and several swim throughs we decided to search for some Eagle Rays. Instead we found Eels, Snapper, Lobster, and a juvenile Spotted Drum. It wasn’t until the last 5 minutes of the dive that Robert managed to spot an Eagle Ray in the distance, luckily he decided to stick around for the next dive too. After tucking into some of Kingsley’s famous Curry Chicken and having a quick rest we had arrived at our next spot all the way on the Northwest point of the island, Bonnie’s Arch. Visibility was stunning at the arch and divers were greeted by a feeding Hawksbill Turtle feeding on a sponge. Everyone also enjoyed looking for all of the macro life on the top of the mini wall- with a small Decorator Crab covered in tunicates being the highlight. After all the day’s diving it was time for Thanksgiving dinner and a show.


For our final 2 dives on we visited a famous old Cayman favourite “Devils Grotto”. The sunrise was bright and colourful and a breakfast of waffles and sausage made for a great start to the day. The Grotto was as popular as ever with large schools of tarpon and the majestic atmosphere of long cavernous swim thrus. It was a big day for Josh & Jonathan whom both completed 100 logged dives and even bigger for Sarah with 700 logged dives. And so came to an end yet another fantastic and safe week of diving here on the Cayman Aggressor 4.

Our Capt’s cocktail party was had the back drop of a dynamic sunset as all talk turned to the next dive trip for our happy guests and with Aggressor Fleet growing bigger all the time there is such wide and varied choice.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor IV Crew