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Log Date: Saturday, Dec 31, 2016
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 31 Dec 2016 - 7th Jan 2017

Air Temp.  77-84+ F
Water Temp. 79-81 F
Visibility 40-100+ft

Captain David Patterson
Instructor Alexandra Quint
Instructor James McKenzie
Instructor Marco Moroni
Chef Robert Carabia

Eric, Martha, Ana, Javier, Kurt, Betty, Karen, Don, Lucas, Spencer & Bodhi

Sunday – Flat Rock Reef, Barracuda Shoals, Primo Wall, Cave Rock
Monday – Cut ’N’ Run, Cut Thru City, Tunnel Rock
Tuesday –Split Coral, Monolith, Cave Rock
Wednesday – Cobia Cage, Hole in the Wall, Jewfish Wall, Madison Avenue
Thursday – Dog Rocks, Blue Hole
Friday – Periwinkle

Saturday December 31st
The crew welcomed 11 divers aboard the Bahamas Aggressor on new years eve in eager anticipation of an action packed week at sea. Guests busied themselves unpacking their dive equipment and settling into their cabins. Once everybody was onboard The captain and crew delivered the welcome and safety briefing. We decided to enjoy dinner on the dock as the winds were picking up which would have made eating a tricky challenge indeed.
Once dinner was over with we slipped the lines and cruised out of twin harbour and motored the 4 hours to the Exuma islands. We arrived at our anchorage at 0003 hours. Just 3 minutes into 2017!!
After a long day the crew went straight to bed to rest for a full day of diving to follow.

Sunday January 1st 2017
We started off our week of diving at Flat Rock. This shallow site is a great place to begin. Shallow in depth but with an abidance of fish life its a wonderful start to our week. Here we saw Sting rays, Barracuda, Lemon Rays and Reef sharks as well as the many reef fish that inhabit the the shallows. Due to the tides switching we were only able to complete one dive on Flat Rock. We moved the yacht the relatively short distance to Barracuda Shoals which is where we did dive 2. As well as seeing barracuda here, we also saw Yellow Rays, Reef Sharks, Moray Eels, Bluestriped grunts and Pork Fish. The health of the reefs here at Barracuda Shoals is great to see.
We enjoyed lunch in the relative calm of the Exuma Bank prior to going out into the sound in order to cross over to Eleuthera. With winds out of the east upwards of 18 knots we decided the best place to be was in the lee of Eleuthera.
After around a 4 hour crossing we ended up at Primo Wall where we completed dive 3. This wall dive was enjoyed by all. We explored the cuts and canyon ways on offer as well as perusing the shallows to explore for the small stuff.
We then moved the boat to Cave rock to complete our night dive. This shallow site is great for afternoon and night dives. Over the course of our two dives we saw Horse Eyed Jacks, Barracuda, Hogfish, Blue Tangs and much much more.
After the night dive our guests were treated to a delectable hot chocolate with Baileys. This rounded off new years day superbly!

Monday January 2nd
We kicked things off at Cut ’n’ Run. This wall dive features an airplane wreck and also a huge ships anchor with chain. This dive sites affords us the opportunity to dive on a wall site as well as exploring the more shallow reaches where the wreck sits. We completed two dives here. We saw Rays, Sharks, Eels, Parrotfish, Grunts, Shrimp, lobster and Crabs. Guests boarded the yacht after the second dive where they enjoyed a sumptuous lunch courtesy of our chef Rob Carabia.
After a siesta it was time to dive again. Next up for us was Cut Thru City where completed one dive. The swim throughs and meandering canyon was were a hit with our divers.  After this dive we moved over to Tunnel Rock for our afternoon and night dive. This shallow dive site is similar in topography to Cave Rock. Here we saw Channel Clinging crabs, Pederson shrimp, arrow crabs, Octopus, lobsters and huge amberjacks.
One of our guests Spencer completed his 400th dive on the night dive! way to go Spencer!!!!
Guests decided to grab an early night to prepare for the next day of diving to come

Tuesday January 3rd
First up for us was Split Coral where we dived with the Reef sharks. Our guests got up close and personal with around 10 reef sharks. Everyone got some magnificent pictures and video of these majestic animals. We completed two dives with the sharks prior to heading north where we dived Monolith. This deep dive is always popular with our divers and today was no exception. We saw schools of Goat fish, yellow tail snapper, mahogany snapper and a huge stingray cruising the top of the wall.
We then moved to the yacht to Cave rock where we completed our afternoon and night dive with the masses of reef fish that live here.

Wednesday January 4th
The crew woke early to move the boat north and soon we were tied up at the next dive site of choice - Cobia Cage. This underwater cage is suspended in the water column. It sits in about 90 feet of water and tops off around 15 feet. The sheer size of the structure is amazing. On this dive we see sharks, Schooling Spadefish and horse eye jacks, arrow head crab, Lobsters and Snappers.
We then moved the yacht to the next site Hole in the wall where we explored the many cuts and swim throughs on offer here. Guests see Barracuda, Rays and lionfish here amongst numerous other species of fish.
The crew then moved the yacht across the Exuma sound back to the Exuma islands. The next dive site was Jewfish Wall.
Guests were amazed at the sheer vertical drop off here at Jewfish wall, its amazing to drift over the blue and look out for the big stuff. As well as sharks our group saw grunts, snappers, Grouper, Filefish and many other species of reef fish.
We rounded off a fabulous day of diving at the ever popular shallow site - Madison Avenue. This fish laden dive site was a hit with the divers as they were able to get up close and personal with a vast array of ocean critters.

Thursday January 5th
We started the day off in the North of the Exumas at the wonderful dive site of Dog Rocks. This amazing site is a a favorite of the crew and guests alike. We explored the meandering swim throughs and canyon ways on offer here checking every nook and cranny as we went. We saw massive schools of Horse Eyed Jacks. Spadefish, Grunts and snappers too. The main attraction was the amazing channels and tunnels we find here. You can literally spend hours exploring them. After two wonderful dives we picked up and headed for the Blue Hole.
After rounding the yellow banks we tied up to the blue hole for the remainder of the day. Here we saw the huge Loggerhead turtle that resides at this dive site. We also saw sharks, Groupers, Snappers, Grunts, Crabs, Lobsters, Eels and much much more! We sstayed the night on the Blue Hole. After Dinner guests enjoyed the video that James had prepared for them.

Friday January 6th
We completed our charter with a dive on the ever popular shallow site of Periwinkle. This dive site is teeming with marine life of all shapes and sizes. We saw Stingrays, Parrotfish, Jacks, Angelfish, Eels, Seargent Majors, Grunts, Squirrel fish and many many more.
We then cruised back into the marina and were soon mixing back into society nicely after a week spent at sea aboard the Bahamas Aggressor.

Congratulations to Spencer on completing his 400th dive while on this trip, this was also Spencer’s 3rd trip on this boat and as ever it was a pleasure spending time with you spencer.
Congrats also go out to Eric who completed his 1000th dive here. We tried to get him out of his 7MM wetsuit for this dive but he was having none of it! Well done Eric, heres to the next 1000 my friend.

The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!

Until The Next Time Safe Travels…

Bahamas Aggressor Crew