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Log Date: Saturday, Dec 24, 2016
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Log Date: 24th – 31st Dec 2016

Entry By: Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Air Temp: 86F

Water Temp: 83F

Visibility :60 - 100 ft



Captain: Johnathan

Engineer: Sam

Cook: Eddie

Dive Master - Mo

Crew: Richard O

Steward: Georgie



Mi, Fei, Ma, Bin, Mantos, Frank, Mr Li, Wu, Jie, Shawn


Dive Sites

Sunday – Namena – South Save a Tack main reef, Mushrooms 1, North Save a Tack wall, Namena Isl.

Monday – Namena – Chimneys I and II, Schoolhouse, Kansas

Tuesday – Wakaya – Manta Rock, Wakaya island shore

Wednesday – Wakaya – Lions Den, Yellow Wall, Blue Ridge, Gau - Anthias

Thursday – Gau – Anthias, Nigali Pass, Village Visit Somosomo Village

Friday – Gau – Jims Alley, Gau East Wall


Saturday 24th Dec

We welcomed onboard a group from China, did our safety briefing and departed from the jetty at 1332 hrs and headed straight for Namena Marine Reserve. Weather was calm with Se’ly winds 10 kts. We dropped anchor at Namena Island at 2400 hrs.


Sunday 25th Dec

Merry Christmas was the cheer of the day. First dive was a checkout dive at South Save a tack main reef. Everyone got their weights and buoyancy sorted before we went for the main dives. We then moved to the North save a tack wall which had it’s schooling trevally, barracuda and sharks galore. Current wasn’t strong so soft corals weren’t as puffed up as it should have been. The whole week turned out to be very little current if any at all which was very strange. We then moved back to South Save a tack and did Musrooms I and II with all it’s beautiful soft corals and fans. We did a night dive at Namena Island.


Monday 26th Dec

From our Namena island anchorage it was anchor aweigh and headed again for South Save a tack passage where dived Chimneys I and II. Soft corals were out but the visibility wasn’t as good as it should have been because again there was no current when it was supposed to be ripping in. We did see two mantas barrel rolling feeding off of the SSAT wall. We later moved to School house in the NSAT where we saw a couple of hammerheads and the resident schooling fish. We later heaved anchor and had dinner and headed South to Wakaya.


Tuesday 27th Dec

Wakaya island with it’s lake flat waters in lullaby bay was a beautiful sight after a rough beam seas crossing from Namena. We did two dives at Manta rock with the mantas of course and then moved across the passage to hole in one where we did our third dive. The winds and swell started to pick up so we went back to the comfort and protection of lullaby bay and did the afternoon and night dive in the protection of the island. Scorpion fish and nudibranchs were the order of the day.


Wednesday 28th Dec

We spent another day at Wakaya hoping to pick up Mi’s bag which didn’t arrive with her on Saturday. Her bag made it to Fiji but unfortunately missed the domestic flight to Wakaya Island..Aaaargh the frustrations of travel… We then started off with Yellow Wall where we saw a hammerhead then later a couple of mantas at Lions Den and Blue Ridge. Since Mi’s bag didn’t make it we packed up early and headed to Gau island. We did a after dinner dive at Anthias Avenue which was a hit for everyone.


Thursday 29th Dec

We did the morning dive again at anthias since it was such a good night dive then moved to Nigali passage with all it’s sharks and schooling jacks and Red vampire Bass. We did two dives here and went to Somosomo village to get our Fijian dinner cooked in the Lovo or underground earth oven. Everyone toured the village and danced with the locals doing Meke’s (traditional Fijian dance) and then retired back to the Fiji Aggressor for a scrumptious Fijian cooked dinner


Friday 30th Dec

Beautiful sunny and calm morning we did our last two dives at Jims Alley and then the East Gau wall with all it’s hard coral gardens and soft corals. We lifted the skiff and headed for Suva after which we had our afternoon cocktail and presented Iron Diver medals and certificates before everyone headed out for dinner.




Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Capt. Johnathan Smith