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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Monday, Jan 09, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew


Okeanos Aggressor II Captains Log Jan. 9, 2017

Caño Island

Water Temperature: 84F

Visibility: 80 Ft

Our first trip this year to Caño Island was a complete success. We left the dock at 1 in the afternoon and after a smooth crossing we arrived to Caño Island. Early in the morning our guest got ready for their check out dive, this dive had a couple of turtles, White tip sharks and schooling snappers. We completed the day with two very pleasant shallow dives for our guests to get back on the water. Second day dive water was very clear el Faro was the highlight for this day as we saw plenty of schooling fish and barracudas as well as harlequim shrimp on the first dive. This day on our third dive we saw a Great Hammerhead up-close and personal.

Third day we went to the area of Bajo del Diablo where we there’s a big underwater mountain which allows us to do 4 different dives, all of them have amazing things to see, scorpion fish, schooling snappers, jacks and barracudas to name a few.

Fourth day we went for our weekly walk to Corcovado National Park, we always see a lot of animals and amazing plant diversity on this walk, but this week was special because we got to see a Tapir, this is the biggest mammal on Central America, it was incredible to see and all of our guests had the chance of seeing this amazing animal up close in its natural habitat. This day we had two very nice dives on el Bosque and Paraiso, the first one is very unique because it has a great amount of black coral, hence the name El Bosque (the Forrest). On our two last day highlights included a school of 8 mobula rays, schooling snappers, nurse sharks, barracudas and water visibility reaching 100 feet.

Thanks to all of our guests: Elizabeth, Linda, Cristina, T.K, David, Austin, Kim, Debbie, Greg, Gary, Yuri, Janet, Claire, Michael and Mark who made it a great week!