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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Tuesday, Dec 27, 2016
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew


Captains Log

Okeanos Aggressor II

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

27th December 2016

Water Temperature: 82F

Visibility: 80ft +


Happy New Year to everyone form Cocos Island Costa Rica, this week was our new years charter and delivered incredible diving, we started the week with a check dive at Chatham bay where we saw some hammerhead sharks, White-tips, giant manta ray and tiger shark, and that was just the first dive! Our guests couldn´t wait for what the rest of the week would deliver. We finished the first day with Manuelita Island which had very nice dives with hammerhead sharks and a tiger passing by.


Second day we did Punta María and Dirty Rock to start with and we had a couple of great dive, first one with Galapagos sharks showing up to the cleaning station and the second one had literally hundreds on hammerheads passing close by. Dirty Rock was definitely the highlight for the week with amazing dives every time.


Third day we dove Dos Amigos, the Big Island had the arch which is always full of fish and beautiful with a couple of Eagle rays passing by, and the small dos Amigos had black tips, Galapagos and hammerheads.


Fourth day we went to Alcyone and had an amazing school of jacks, there was jacks everywhere you would look, beautiful dive. For new years eve we had a great BBQ dinner and our guest had the chance to relax and welcome the new year!


The rest of the week, already in 2017, we repeated several times Manuelita and Dirty Rock along with other dives, they where so nice during the week that our guests wanted to come back! Hammerheads, tiger sharks and Galapagos made each and every dive exiting!


Both of our crossing to the Island where completely flat and pleasant, and diving was incredible all week long. We had a great week with guests coming from all over the world, Japan, Costa Rica, Norway, Greece, Philippines, Canada and Spain to name a few.


Thank you very much from behalf of the Okeanos Aggressor II Crew