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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 11, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Feb 11th to 18th

Guests Steve & Anne, Joan & Greg, Paul & April, Kate, Richard & Elizabeth, Kevin & Ruth, Tamara & Brey, Mike, Joe, Dave, Greg, Loralee.

Crew Capt Niall, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructor Aubri, Instructor Manny, Steward Latoya.

Water temp 80f

Air Temp 83f

This was our maiden voyage straight from dry dock in La Ceiba, Honduras where we did our utmost to make the boat shine like a bright new penny. We had 5 weeks in which to complete our projects and it is our happy duty to declare a very successful overhaul

Saturday By 7pm all but one of our guests were safely on board and enjoying a grand BBQ buffet from Chef Kingsley and with safety briefing and intros done all settled down for a good nights rest in preparation of a great week of diving to come.

Sunday We awoke to a windy but eventually sunny day on Grand Cayman. Our first stop was the shipwreck but now known as a “shipreef “ Doc Poulson. The visibility was in the 90ft mark and all had a very easy and smooth first dive. Eagle rays and turtles were the most notable creatures spotted along with schooling jacks and a large curious grouper. Kingsley served up a delicious subway Sunday lunch that was followed by well deserved Ice cream Sundays. Our next stop was a 2 for 1 divesite as Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor are close enough to dive as one. We had lobster and turtles and a free swimming Moray eel and a nightdive that produced several large lobster, another free swimming moral eel and an all but very brief but definite sighting of an Octopus.

Monday Our day started with the scent of blueberry and banana pancakes as we made the short hop to the USS Kittiwake for the first 2 dives of the day. We had this glorious shipwreck all to ourselves as the sun started to rise high in sky and make the 100ft visibility all the more real. We had a delightful eagle ray gives us a very close drive by and on the reef near by we had a very cool turtle encounter. Kingsley served up a mouth watering Mexican lunch as we made the run to the near by ship wreck of the Oro Verde. This wreck is actually more wreckage the wreck these days but all the twists and turns in the metal provide such great cover for all kinds of critters. We had a juvenile spotted drum along with lobters and channel crabs, we also sighted another eagle ray right under the yacht and a night dive that produced 4 large squid, several more lobster and a much more close encounter with an octopus.

Tuesday Our day started with a short run to Neptunes Wall as Kingsley served up a very tasty spinach and mushroom quiche for breakfast. Neptunes wall gave us good visibility and a very friendly turtle and yet another spotted eagle ray. We then made our way around to the north side of Grand Cayman and into the north sound for what is arguably the best 12ft dive in the world at Sting Ray City. We had a great showing from the rays and all seemed to love the experience. We then moved further east along Grand Cayman to a site known as Babylon for one dive on this very sheer and dramatic drop off that is adorn and encrusted with all kinds of coral life. With all divers safely back on board we put the compass on 76 degrees and set sail for Bloody Bay in Little Cayman.

Wednesday After a very smooth crossing from Grand Cayman we awoke to a beautiful Little Cayman sunrise and the prospect of the couple of days diving on world famous Bloody Bay Wall. First up was a couple of dives at Randys Gazebo and it was a great way to start our Little Cayman experience. We had visibility in the 100ft range with turtles and a passing eagle ray along with schools of jacks and a delightful gathering of painted file fish. Kingsley served up a food coma inducing Asian lunch that hit the spot. Most guests headed for the top deck and a quick nap as we made the short hop to 3 Fathom Wall for our 3rd dive of the day. A delightful swim thru out over the blue had all pleased and the hunt for little critters produced a yellow headed jaw fish with a mouth full of eggs. Last stop for the day was Bus Stop for a late afternoon and night dive. An eagle ray greeted us the minute we jumped in the water and another very cool swim thru took us out over the blue. Kingsley served up steaks that would give any New York steak house a run for its money and brought to an end a fantastic day of diving.

Thursday Leah Leahs Lookout wasour first stop on a day that produced flat calm seas and 100ft plus visibility. We had turtles and groupers and a sheer wall that just drop away and away. Kinglsey served up cheese burgers in paradise and they seemed to taste all the better sitting in the open air of the brightly new painted top deck. We then made the short hop to The Great Wall for a couple of dives before we made way for Grand Cayman. Freddie the Grouper was for sure the star of the show and posed proudly for selfies and portraits. All lines and ladders were up and gear stowed as we waved goodbye to Little Cayman for this week, the weather gods showed a least some favour on us in calming the seas enough to let us make the 90 mile hop and enjoy one of the true jewels of the Caribbean.

Friday After a very smooth crossing back to Grand Cayman we awoke to a flat calm ocean on the North wall of Grand Cayman for a morning dive at Hammerhead Hill. The visibility was easily in the 100ft mark and a gentle current made for a very cool dive. For our final dive we made our way round to the west side of Grand Cayman for a dive at Round Rock and again the visibility was in excess of 100ft and the swim thrus and caverns was a real nice way to end a very cool week of diving.

Special mention goes to Greg and Dave upon completing 100 dives while on board with us and also to Greg, Tamara & Brey for becoming nitrox certified and also to Ruth & Kevin for completing their Fish ID course.

The weather gods were in our favour and the marine did its part too but we had such a fun week because we had such a fun group of divers on board.

Until next week

Cayman Aggressor crew