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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Turks & Caicos Aggressor II (DR) :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 11, 2017
Entry By: Captain Amanda


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

Captain’s Log

11 – 18th Feburary 2016



Air temperature: 78° - 82°

Water temperature: 78° - 79°

Visibility: 30 - 80 feet





Engineer: ROB SMITH






Mike, Pilvi, Hugh, Mollie, Joe, Heather, Chris, David, Jesse, Christine, Tina, Daniela, Jan, Rasmus, Jonas, Mike, Theresa & Gary



Silver Bank, Dominican Republic


The guests are greeted with the option of cocktails and a lovely cheese platter. These eighteen guests are about to embark on an incredible journey that most will only ever dream of. Coming from all over the world the guests settle down to a scrumptious dinner cooked by chef Jess and get ready for a nice nights sleep before the excitement begins tomorrow.


At first light we depart for the Silver Banks. It is a long journey but we know there is a handsome reward at the end of it. We spend the day enjoying each other company, laughing and conversing as we make our way to humpback heaven. We arrive at sun set and enjoy some cocktail whales from the sundeck and hot tub. We enjoy another fabulous dinner and a good nights sleep dreaming about our humpback whale encounters that will occur the following day.


We start the week off with a bang! Conqueror found two sleepers and called predator over to enjoy in the fun. Everyone got there first in water whale experience within the first hour of being out on the water. The two sleepers finally awoke and left our groups in a hurry. Predator than encountered some gentle movers who slowly swam through the banks we swam with them and had numerous incredible encounters. As we came back for a delicious Mexican Monday everyone was a buzz about what a great morning we had, videos and pictures were shown and everyone anticipated the afternoon, and the afternoon did not disappoint! Holy smokes was there some incredible top side action! Pec slaps, tail slaps, tail lobs, breaching calves, breaching adults, and spy hopping, all of which were spotted numerous times throughout the afternoon. We came back and enjoyed a delicious cocktail hour with a signature Peach Fizz drink where we shared more pictures, video and memories. Everyone turned in early in anticipation of what tomorrow was going to hold.


Tuesday started off slow but picked up as the morning went on. Both groups got to follow some rowdy groups so lots of topside action especially peck slaps. We also both got to see some sleepers in the water though they did not cooperate just as we would have liked we did get to see some humpbacks up close and personal as they came to the surface for a quick breathe of air. We came back to TCAII for an awesome Barbeque that we got to enjoy on the sundeck as we watched whales swimming around us. The afternoon also did not both groups put in their hydrophone and listened to the 2017 humpback whale song. A song that is unique every year and though we did not find the “singer” that was singing his song it was still incredible to hear from the surface. We again found some more sleepers who became more of sleep swimmers, these two whales let us follow them in the water briefly before they decided to find go for a little faster of a swim. We got to see more peck slapping and tail lobbing which is always very exciting. We came back to enjoy cocktail hour with a signature Pink Minke drink where we talked about the day and relaxed in the hot tub. Excited to get back out on the water tomorrow!


The morning had lots of topside action for Conqueror and Predator. While Conqueror saw two whales breach at least six different times directly in front of them, Predator had a breaching calf that was constantly launching himself out of the water. Both boats had a potential encounter with a singer but were having trouble pin pointing exactly where the song was coming from. It was still amazing to hear the song come from the hydrophone. We returned to an excellently prepared Greek Feast for lunch and relaxed a little before the afternoon outing. When we got back on the water there was again tons of top side action! Breaching calves and two whales breaching like it was there job. They put on quite a show for Predator and they breached too many times to count. We had another encounter with a singer who again did not stick around but let his song be heard to everyone in the area. We returned to TCA II and enjoyed a fantastic Pina Colada before a scrumptious meal cooked by Chef Jess.


Thursday morning started very early for several guests on the TCAII. While fast asleep they were actually awoken by a singing whale that was positioned directly under the boat at 1:30AM. The song was heard through the hull of the boat and kept some of the guests smiling in their beds as they drifted in and out of sleep. We started the actual morning at 7:00 with a continental breakfast cooked to perfection by Jess. Unfortunately due some weather we remained on the main vessel for the morning but we still had a great time sharing videos, playing cards, and talking about whales. In the afternoon the weather finally gave us a break and Conqueror and Predator were off as soon as possible. We found a couple of sleepers in shallow water who hung out with us for the remainder of the afternoon. It was the perfect way to end our whale watching for the week! We came back and enjoyed cocktails and dinner. After dinner we watched the movie of the week put together by video pro Conor. Everyone enjoyed the evening and settled in to hopefully hear some more humpbacks in their dreams or under the boat while they sleep.


Friday started with our crossing back to Puerto Plata. Luckily mother nature was on our side and we had a lovely crossing back. Guest enjoyed the hot tub and drinks on our crossing back. Everyone attended the cheese and wine party and we reminisced about our amazing week in the Silver Banks with our new friends the humpback whales.