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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 18, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Aqua Lung Week

Feb 18th to 25th

Guests  Jim & Renee, Greg & Carol, Pete & Barbara, Vernon, Richard, Kristin Frank & Jenise, Mike Alec & Jane, Trina, Joe, Carol & Tom.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st Mate Alan, Chef Kingsley, Instructor Aubri, Instructor Manny, Steward Oneil.

Air Temp 84f

Water Temp 80f

Exposure Protection 3mm wetsuit

This week was a special week for us on board the Cayman Aggressor IV. Aggressor Fleet have a valued partnership with Aqua Lung and every year Aqua Lung come to the yacht to show case their wares, exhibit their latest innovation and see first hand our guests using their brand. Richard and Vernon from Aqua Lung were very gracious of their time in helping guests understand their gear and also they very generously had gifts for all guest and crew and a photo contest resulted in the winner getting a free pick of some very nice Aqua Lung equipment.

Saturday It was 7pm before all guests were finally on board and ready for a true Aggressor adventure. All safety briefs and intros were done and folks got off to bed for well earned rest after a day of travel.

Sunday Our first stop was for a dive at the Doc Poulson Ship wreck for a pretty cool check out dive. This cool little wreck is close to the drop and a real nice cut thru the wall and out over the blue. We has a small turtle and an up close encounter with a spotted eagle ray. Our next stop was world famous Sting Ray City and we had a great showing from the rays both in number and behavior and a couple of folks got some colorful sting ray hickies also. Kingsley served up a subway Sunday lunch followed by almost sinful ice cream sundaes as we made our way out east to Babylon for a couple of afternoon dives before making the crossing to Little Cayman. Babylon offered sheer walls and 100ft visibility and a perfect send off for what was in store for us in Little Cayman.

Monday We awoke to a delightful sunrise over Bloody Bay and readied ourselves for a couple of dives at Randys Gazebo, we had turtles and eagle rays and groupers by the dozen along with a very cute nurse shark. Kingsley served up a mouth watering Mexican lunch that had us all in a dive/food coma. We then made the short hop up to Meadows for a couple of afternoon and a night dive. We again had turtles and groupers and yet another eagle ray along with a close drive by from a grey reef shark.

Tuesday We awoke to somewhat stronger north east winds than the day before so we headed to the south side of Little Cayman and a couple of dives at Blackies wall. We had several turtles and a sizeable grey reef shark along with a delightful juvenile spotted drum. Kingsley served up the best cheese burgers both sides of the equator while we made the short run to Grundys Reef for a couple of afternoon dives before we would make the return journey to Grand Cayman. Another spotted drum presented itself at Grundys along with a monstrous looking channel crab and a prehistoric looking scorpion fish. The weather gods decided to throw us a bit of a curve ball with some westerly winds so we made way for Grand Cayman before that weather arrived.

Wednesday A beautiful flat calm crossing put us on the USS Kittiwake for two morning dives and with our photo contest in full swing all divers were on the hunt for both the Aggressor Plaque and also the Aqua Lung plaque, the Kittiwake was surrendered to the ocean floor back in 2011 and it was all made possible by generous donations from all across the diving spectrum and beyond so the Kittiwake is adorned with plaques thanking all those involved. The expected weather change started to make its way at us so we made our way round to the north east side of Grand Cayman for a couple of dives at Babylon in relative flat seas.

Thursday We awoke to the wind still blowing but our eager group no less keen to dive. We moved around to the south east end of Grand Cayman for a couple of dives at Kellys Caverns. Swim thrus, lionfish and a nurse shark were the order of the morning. The visibility was very good and the seas seemed like they wanted to calm down. Kingsley served up a delicious Asian lunch as we made our way up the coast to Lighthouse Reef. The topography at Lighthouse is truly unique and was enjoyed by all. Very cool swim thrus and a turtles with a very well camoflauged scorpion fish were among the highlights and to top off the day we had a very cool octopus encounter on the night dive.

Friday Our final day of diving had sadly arrived but to finish at Pedros castle was indeed a plus, we did 2 dives here and the swim thrus and caverns were certainly a big hit. The visibility was in the 100ft mark and we had several lobster out walking around. The day and charter ended with deciding vote on the week long photo contest, Carol was a worthy winner among the guests and Kingsleys innovation was an easy winner among the crew. We all got very nice gifts from Aqua Lung and although the weather tried to push us around we had a great and varied week of diving.

Until Next Week

Cay man Aggressor Crew.