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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 04, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

March 4th to 11th

Guests   Mike & Lynn, Barbara & Mark, Hans, Frank, Jim, Tim, Michael, John, Rocky & Marcia, Bobbie, Rebecca, Zach, Matt.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st Mate Alan, Chef Kingsley, Instructor Aubri, Instructor Justin, Steward Oneil.

Water temp 78f

Air Temp 80f

Exposure Protection 3mm wet suit.

This week we had a true international flare on board the Cayman Aggressor IV with guests from as far afield as South Africa, Australia, Germany and a cross section of the United States of America.

Saturday By 11pm and after a couple of delayed flights we finally had all of our guests safely on board.

Sunday We awoke on the ship reef Doc Poulson and although we had bright sunlight the weather gods were intent on sending us some very strong winds. We did 2 dives on the this cool little wreck and had turtles and eagle rays to keep us company. Kingsley had the whole group happy in a culinary sense with a delicious lunch followed by ice cream sundaes. The afternoon and night dive was spent at Lost Treasure were we had more turtle encounters, several lobster and a cool visit from a friendly nurse shark.

Monday Today the weather gods were serious and sent us winds of up to 40knots. We tied to a very secure mooring at the USS Kittiwake and then tied a 2nd rope as security. We spent our day exploring this fine shipwreck and the near reef and drop off. We had so many eagle ray encounters that we lost along with turtles and grouper and schooling jacks. The wreck of the Kittiwake offers a varied choice of photo subject, masts and engines rooms, companion ways and propellers. On our last dive of the day we spent our entire safety stop of about 10minutes hanging under the boat at 20ft watching an eagle ray feeding in the sand another 25ft below us, all in all it was a good day of diving and even though the winds were high and the ocean was a scape of white caps everybody had a great diving experience and still had a wonderful dinner of stuff pork tender loin to look forward too.

Tuesday Our day started with a little less wind but still in the 30knot range and it didn’t affect the eager will to dive in our happy group. Our first stop was Neptunes Drop Off for a couple of morning dives. We had pretty good visibility that was in the 80ft to 100 range with little or no current. We had an eagle ray sighting and a passing visit from a green turtle. Kingsley served up an especially tasty Italian lunch while we made our way to Angelfish Reef for a couple of afternoon and night dive. Turtles, lobster and yellow headed jaw fish were the order of the afternoon and a night dive that produced lemon rays and lobsters and a somewhat angry turtle that seemed to what to charge and bump into some of our divers.

Wednesday We started our day with the sweet scent of French toast drifting warmly from the galley as we made our way south to Eagle Ray Rock for a couple of morning dives. The visibility was not as good as the day before but it did not hamper the mood of our happy group. We had a nice turtle encounter and a cool swim thru to entertain us and then came back on deck to taste Kingsleys cheese burgers in paradise. Our afternoon was spent at Governors reef, a dive site named because it sits just a short distance from the resident of Her Majesty the Queens emissary, the Governor of the Cayman Islands. We again had a couple of cool turtle encounters along with a passing Eagle Ray and a huge lobster. The diving day ended with a night dive that produced lobster, nudibranchs and the star of the show was not one but two Octopi out hunting and feeding.

Thursday The weather gods seemed to want to send us a less wind today as we headed to Round Rock and Trinity Caves for a couple of morning dives. The swim thrus had everyone enthralled as we weaved in and out of one crevice after another in the company of Eagle rays and turtles. Kingsley served up a truly delicious Asian lunch as we headed a short ways to the wreck of the Oro Verde for a couple of afternoon and a twilight dive. The Oro Verde produced several schools of fish from snappers to grunts and jacks along with several lobster and a free swimming moray eel, we had a delightful find of adult and juvenile spotted drum and even a yellow headed jaw fish with a mouth full of eggs.

Friday We awoke to much less wind than the weather gods had been sending us and the aroma of waffles wafting from the galley. Devils Grotto was the chosen spot for the morning dives and it was enjoyed by all. The swim thrus and tarpon are always a big hit and the visibility was easily in the 80 to 100ft mark. Kingsley served up a delicious cordon bleu. The afternoon was the usual hive of activity for both guest and crew in different in different directions, the guests getting ready for the journey home and the crew getting to go back out for another great week of diving.

Until Next Week

Cayman Aggressor IV